LC Gen 6 replays!

This is my first time posting in the LC Subforum, I've recently gotten into this metagame , and I have some good replays from the IP room tours to share with you all. Enjoy!

1. vs Cyndequil :-
^ Above user is cool :)
Both of us bring very similar volt turn teams, resulting in a very close match where i have to hit all of my High jump Kicks.

2. vs Dentrighost:-
Above user is also cool lol. I had a bad record against Dentri in the two games I played against him before this so I decided to bring a counter team. Blizzard spam master race so on and so forth. One of the key moments I think was when I managed to remove Foongus' Eviolite. I thought I had the game wrapped up pretty nicely then to be honest. :)

3. vs FlareonZ:-
Again a tight game coming down to the wire :) gg fren.

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