Tournament HPL 3 Semifinals

ggs Ruiners ... Had a great fun in this rounds. Sadly we didnt make it to the finals but alas its all (winning/losing) part of the game.

A big shoutouts to my team So Noisy Plunder Leafium Z style.css Opnoob 598 Call me PK Mattorr Is Cute Thetwinking DC DerpyBoi Shaun | CCGeek RuthlessDragon6 Eledyr for the great effort and we all proved wrong in the prediction (most of them predicted ironfists will get last place). Without y'all this never happened. Thanks for being in my team and i had a great fun filled preps and support. Hope we form together again and we winning the next year for sure :blobwizard:

Once again thanking the host for giving me opportunity to manage a team and bear all those idiotic questions and helped me in this tour :psyglad:

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