BW OU How much damge could this team do

I have a team like this:<br />
Infernape: Flare Blitz, Close Combat, U-Turn, Earthquake holding Choice Scarf
Heracross: Megahorn, Close Combat, Shadow Claw, Earthquake holding Focus Band
Latios: Luster Purge, Psychic, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Soul Dew
Salamence: Dragon Claw, Draco Meteor, Fly, Fire Blast, Choice Band
Sceptile: Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm/Frenzy Plant (undecided), Protect, Dragon Claw, Choice Band
Blaziken: Sky Uppercut, Flare Blitz, Brave Bird, Earthquake ,Expert Belt

Is this any good for real, or just on paper?


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I'm pretty sure that Subject 18 said... 'Try posting in the rmt forums. Just read the rules before you post.'

When making an RMT please follow these simple rules:
#1 Don't post incomplete teams;
#2 Have at least three lines of information about each pokemon;
#3 Only make one new rmt per two weeks, additionally don't "bump" your team more then once;
#4 Use a readable format (PO or PS importable are good) and layout (no annoying fonts, colors etc);
#5 Make sure your team is competitive (no troll teams etc), also make sure to have tested it before making an rmt.
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