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Resource [HELP NEEDED!] Wikipedia article - Pokémon competitive play

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Smogon University is officially mentioned on Wikipedia, with two citations included, cementing its importance as the premier Pocket Monsters battling ruleset!

Unfortunately, this Wikipedia article is written from a casual standpoint, and does not adequately reflect either (i). the competitive scene, or (ii). the standards of Wikipedia. In lieu of investing the effort myself, I have decided to post this here to request help -- lots of it! We are going to need to completely rehaul this article if we want it to be a sufficient exposition to this beautifully complex world of 8-dimensional chess. One bit of background about myself, I am a casual Wikipedia editor, and have been for about a year, but simply put, I could not handle this task alone. Please, anyone interested in this project who can lend a hand - it will be much appreciated! For the sake of maintaining the integrity of this public source of knowledge, as well as providing some dignity to this community. This will serve as a legitimizing resource for years to come, and so it is important that we create the best possible article we can!


Banned deucer.
beautifully complex world of 8-dimensional chess.
I don't understand why people say this.

Chess is a game that involves a group of specialized pieces moving around a grid for strategic formations.

Pokemon's competitive format (especially Singles) is more like rock-paper-scissors since it's mostly psychology and luck to switch into a paper to beat a rock and then get baited into staying in on scissors.

Games like Yo-Kai Watch 3 fall more within the realm of chess since it's a game where a group of specialized monsters are moving around a grid for strategic formations. You could say the same for SRPGs like Dragon Quest Tact as well since grid movement and formations are part of the gameplay like how chess actually is. I wouldn't even argue Pokemon is like checkers.

That said, they could have at least brought up that competitive Pokemon has been around since near the beginning with the 1997 Nintendo Cup.

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