Playoffs Grand Slam IX Playoffs - Finals [Won by Santu]


is a Past SCL Champion
PUPL Champion
lost, ggs

this was my first time making it so far in any individual tournament ever, and i was nervous that i was not going to be able to be consistent enough to make it anywhere substantial. i was really disappointed in my finals perfomance, i basically choked both uu and lc super hard when i had pretty good odds of winning both. im gonna attribute that to nerves bc i definitely felt that wasn't my best showing. i regret that for sure, but don't let it take away from santu's amazing run. congrats man, you were the better player.

i want to thank some people that i would've never made this far without
Expulso - from round one of all the opens, you were supporting me, gassing my wins, giving me teams, giving me tests, giving me confidence. i could hit you up anytime for ru nu and lc tests and it really helped me throughout the whole tournament. i couldn't have gone anywhere without you, thanks bro
tlenit gum - i had no teams for slam at all and you guys really pulled through with the pu juice, especially tlenit, having never even spoken to me before, went through all my builds and helped me make them how i wanted, and making pu fun and interesting for me. thank you both a ton
rozes - i haxed you out of nu open and then you immediately turned around and started to help me, giving me advice as well as teams that carried me through the tour. thanks buddy
odr - you really came through in finals with an ru team when i was struggling to build anything decent, as well as looking over my teams for other rounds and giving me encouragement. sorry i couldnt do the team justice, but thanks bro

sorry if i forgot anyone there were a lot of people who helped

finally shoutout to everyone who cheered me on this tour, whether it was gassing me to make me less nervous or giving me advice on how to keep my head on a big stage (still working on that one), you guys made it really fun to play and gave me the encouragement i needed to keep going, much love

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