You've been here since I joined Smogon and it really wont be the same without you. I understand why you are leaving and even if my heart wants you to stay, deep inside me and for your own good and future I'm convinced that leaving is the good decision.

Best of luck in life, I will really miss you.

We will try to win PSPL so you stay for as long as possible.:toast:
Thank you for doing so much for Ubers community. You'll be missed. Best of luck with your life. :)
SWEEP :'''( wish you the most success with your stuff in life, i am in the middle of a move rn and have a new job starting next week so i feel u.........and ill be waiting

We will miss you, Sweep.
Thanks for being a great tier leader, you are a nice player and person to look up to. We haven't talked as much but you never ignored me when I have a question or when I wanted host PotW.
I wish you the best, good luck in life!
Sweep, I knew I was good at Gen 5 Ubers, but I didn't think I was THAT good, so it's nice to know that you considered me a rival. If you ever show up on PS again, please, if you feel like it, fight me in a round of Gen 5 Ubers, just like old times ('v' )

Also, I'm fairly certain, given that most people here end up haxing you, that I am pretty much the exception to that rule, meaning you haxing me XD.

Well Sweep, so long, and thanks for all the Gen 5 Ubers matches ;~;


send cup noods
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i'll miss having you around to bitch about things, such as jrp, about! )wabe)


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Its not easy to give up something you've been are part of and cared about for quite a while. I applaud you for that. We will all miss you but glad you were able to get your priorities straight. im sure your replacement will do great in your place so good luck out there man. Don't forget about us!


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Thank you for your contributions and leadership, you've done a great job and I wish you the best of luck moving forward.


I'm jus Here for da memes r wateva dem shits called
ill miss u big daddy.. even though i already quit too hehe

love u c:
Good luck in your future activities, as we get older, and grow from playing as [those of us who started early] as teenagers and eventually becoming adults, we take on more responsibilities IRL and many other things take on much more importance than competitive Pokémon, so it can become difficult managing everything, I’m with you there haha. It’s been fun playing you in uber tournament matches over the years [Unfortunately I could never get a clean game =P, but it’s all good], I’m sure we’ll still be seeing you around every now and then but thanks for leading ubers these past few years…or however long it’s been?

Our tier unfairly got a bad reputation during this past SPL [but I mean…if you look at uber seasonals the good players consistently won despite the huge power gap / primal groudon, SPL missed out seeing some high level ubers matches with players like level, hack, gunner, lacus, etc and not just the deo-s+ darkrai ho spam we all know and love] but obviously not your fault, shit happens but things will be more promising in the future I believe. Also shout-outs to omastar rain teams, STONE EDGE MISS VS LUGIAS, and last turn critical hits / misses.

That is all, have fun ^^

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