Fries's Commissions Thread (And Other Stuff)

So today I decided to go the complicated route and do a bunch of hatching for this piece, and while I think it came out really nice, that was at the expense of my right ring finger. Anywhosal, enjoy the tank dragons...

Darktober Day 26 Connect.png
Patch? Like a pumpkin patch? How about a cactus patch! I was originally going to draw Shiftry for this prompt, but there just so happened to be another Grass/Dark type mon who is literally the "Scarecrow Pokemon". Anyways, enjoy the spiky mans...

Darktober Day 29 Patch.png
Welp, it's almost that time of year again. That time of year where I can look back on the things I made in a combination of pride and disgust. No mater, we are almost done. Enjoy the rainbow man...

Darktober Day 30 Slither.png
Okay, so it's done! This year was very fun, and I am overall way happier with this Inktober set than the last two. many more drawings I can look back at and be proud of.

Today's piece is Mega Absol, and the prompt's meaning for this piece really stems from how it can predict disasters, thus it can avoid Risks, y'see? Anyways, I think it's kind of clever and I am super duper proud of this one. So enjoy the winged dog fox thing!

Darktober Day 31 Risk.png

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