Fresh's Team

Balenced All Around Team.

Hi, im Fresh, ( my trainer name lol) im an experience team builder and i like to be unique, and put all the tools i can in creating and building an effective team.
i look more at team synergy, what if's, type back up, who can help who do what, and how can this move or ability effect not only my pokemon but the opponents as well.

Lead- (Cannibis)Torterra
252 ev's: atk and def
Ability- overgrowth
Stealth Rock
Wood Hammer

Support 1- (NurseFlex) Lanturn
252 EV's: Spa and Hp.
4 Ev's: Spd
Item: leftovers
Ability- voltage
Volt Switch
Confusion ray

Sweeper 1- (Fresh) Salamence
252 Ev's: Speed and Atk
Ability- moxie
Dragon dance
Dragon claw
Fly ( for getting around )
Fire Blast

Sweeper 2- (Paublo) Magmortar
252 Ev's: Spa and Spd
4 Ev's: Speed
Item- life orb
Sunny day
Fire blast
Thunder bolt
Focus punch

Support 2(AuntJamama)Miltank
252 Ev's: Def and Speed
Ability- thick fat
Item- sooth bell
Brick break
Heal bell
Milk drink

Wall- (Phycomere) Dusknoir
252 Ev's: Spd and Def
Ability- pressure
Pain split
Willo wisp

Thats my main team.
Torterra- lead with rocks and tanks lead.
Lanturn- is what like to call " the bulky bridge" with volt switch and gives my sweepers chance to set up through status effects
Salamence- ( my favorite pokemon) is an attacking addict for the exeption of fire blast ( which is really for ice and steel types) and demolishes whole teams if set up properly.
Magmortar- changes the weather boosting his fire blast and salamences fireblast and along with life orb hes a wall destroying machine.
Miltank- heals the team of status and tanks more used taking set up sweepers.
Dusknoir- stalls and annoys everything. Also my spin blocker.

Been using this team for a while now. Couldnt really replace no one with 6 gen pokemon seeing it would be an Unbalence team( in this teams case). Comment and tell me what you as the rater think. And dont hold back any opinions.

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