First RMT of the new generation. hopefully better than lest year!
this is a screens offense team (very original am i right) that i spent the past few days building, with some revisions now that palafin was banned.
first ill start off with the defensive core of the team

this is a standard spdef wall with good defensive typing to twart the fighting and fairy types types switching in to ting lu. unaware is a pretty good defensive ability that allows it to hold off annihilape, but im debating putting counter on it to fully KO it before rage fist can power up. it also has a strong stab with minimal investment in EQ, with haze to help out its team and reliable recovery in recover.

this is the Physdef side of the defensive core. although it doesnt have a reliable recovery option, it has a phenominal defensive ability in vessel of ruin. this ability has half the spdef power of an eviolite, an item that is required on almost every NFE pokemon. this makes it a no brainer for the psychic types switching into clodsire. on top of its already great physical bulk makes it a great wall to help the team deal with these offensive threats.

The utility

the standard screen setter/pivot of the generation. its amazing ability in prankster allows it to put up screens before attackers can knock it out, combined with receiving a pivot move that further reduces attacks from opponents allowing me to switch into my breakers or set up sweepers to wreak havok on the opposing team. it also has taunt to help shut down annihilape before it can bulk up, resisting rage fist and taking neutral before light screen from drain punch.

this rapscalian has nearly been banned from the OU tier, and now i intend to abuse it to its fullest. being a normal type, it can switch in on ghost moves like dragapults shadow ball or the previously mentioned rage fist. along with packing an amazing ability in regenerator and great utility moves like rapid spin, taunt and the ever OP shed tail, made it an obvious choice for the team

The offensive Core

Lokix is the wallbreaker of the team, with its powerful tera boosted axe kick, and tinted lens first impression and sucker punch makes it able to tackle almost anything with help from snarl. it also has Stab U turn off 499 atk making it a powerful way to gain momentum. it also has valuable ground resistance and psychic immunity, helping itself switch in from some carful maneuvering.

this beast has been on my eye ever since terastelization has been a thing. with no viable STAB options, it seemed that i could give this mon the last push it needs to shine. with the mix up of tera ground or normal for EQ and Espeed respectivly, and a great BST, ability, movepool and the like have made it my personal favorite late game cleaner of the generation (exept armorouge, that thing is the goat)
open to any advice, and wondering how good my thought processes were when building
If you are running a screens team, I would suggest more offense, especially since you also have cyclizar. I would replace Clodsire with a strong special attacker, like specs pult or scarf chi-yu. Also I don’t know what your ting-Lu set is but I would recommend earthquake, spikes, stealth rock, and whirlwind

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