NOC Fire and Ice (9-2-2 Multiball) [won by town]

vote panicstation

you want to post gifs in the chat? >:(
Early RVS vote. Changes it almost immediately.

You fucking would. The problem is that LOLIS don't provide anything to the discussion, and detract from the actual plot of the show, appealing to a lower brow. You gotta keep it Real around here
Early clash with shubaka.

besides, i'm pretty sure i lynched PS for his LOLIS comment, and then got distracted and lynched someone else for their stupid comments
More joking around about PS.

i'm they/them but go off
i hate buddying amy in our first game together in years but she's right on so many levels that i'm about to catch the dropkick and slam dunk you

PS swooping in with a one liner is In Character but NAI, can we get some Meat in here? dusk's reads are like sucking marrow out of yesterday's stewed bones, so weak even i could've come up with them

standby for disking full town reads from urs truly
First real thought about PS and it's a NAI.

In order of scumminess:

1. CaffeineBoost - high activity for a front half, fell off as soon as pressure came on. Might be cooling down because of high volume/low content and current trends are anti-that, but the night day is still young
2. Duskfall98 - the reason we started talking about LOLIS is because Dusk dropped an LOL I'm Scum statement, and spent the rest of Early D1 trying to defend it and meme around it. plenty of interaction with PS, could just be riffing, could be a repertoire to be susp of.
3. Panic Station -
4. Waterlily3 - meme'd, also LOLIS, but listens to kpop and has Jisen as pfp so i'll lynch her later.
6. Sultan of Skook
7. OM - literally confirmed and AFK'd. OM git gud
8. Fenrir Aesir - confirmed, tagged TBZ, and oneliner'd texas's elucidate comment while also sucking up to Shub/Dusk/Amy. Might just be low effort town.
9. Texas Cloverleaf
10. U-Turn Out - confirmed, two vote posts and asked for elaboration. got that elaboration almost 24 hours ago at this point. U-Turn Out git gud
11. heuryalone - low volume/high content comparatively. doesn't like class clown Panic Station, and seems to be the target of quite a bit of ire. not quite sure where the ire is actually coming from, literally why
12. Ampharos - high volume/high content, making reads that feel In The Box. That's not Inherently wrong, but throwing a vote and Then finding the reasoning feels off. Especially when it's halfway to hammer, and you spent long enough riffing and meme-ing to throw meme votes around first. however, notice that i'm still putting her at like, most townie. I don't like her play style but i don't think it's mafia, i think it's just Bad Town :P
13. Shubaka17 - me, player of pokemon, catcher of poison types, and slayer of Gen 5. my pronouns are they/them u assholes.

I need to go do some errands and should be back in like 40 minutes, but this will get re-posted with everyone and more in Depth stuff
Interestingly, PS is one of the few that's not elaborated on.

no, and also rude
Still clashing with PS.

Sultan of Skook if you want your vote to count make sure to bold it, I only found that because i iso'd you lmao
This post is a good look. For context, I had tried to vote PS, and shubaka would have no reason to call attention to that if they were paired with PS.

Tier 1: Scum Reads
1. CaffeineBoost - has returned to the thread and done really Nothing to remove suspicion and doubt. had a hot fast and heavy interaction with Dusk to try and limit one falling after another like the two dominoes they are, pencil the two of them in as a scum team from me.

I'm not going to begrudge you a read, but i'm going to hit on this read because,,, seriously? idk, strikes me as a mindset when people change from an opinion i agree with that's scummy and when people change to one i agree with that's townie, except with two people who know they need to be friendly. now townreading OM by pointing out a previous game where CB (self) was scum. Yuck.
Panic Station -

the Heury wagon confuses me still, and the focus on a prior game is less than ideal. Asking for links to other games irks me, and i don't think there's a single post of his that rings as Town Scum Hunting. WIFOM says why would a mafia member skyline himself so heavily so early, but i'll trust my gut to say he's >:(

the quickreads he dropped seem to point at, what, me/Amy one maf, OM/Heury other maf? sure i could see me/Amy being a maf, Amy came out the gates and townread me, and I continue to townread her, but at time of this list Amy hadn't even confirmed in thread yet, and OM had (and still has) just confirmation in thread.
3. Duskfall98 - the reason we started talking about LOLIS is because Dusk dropped an LOL I'm Scum statement, and spent the rest of Early D1 trying to defend it and meme around it. now has plenty of riffing with both PS and CB that I can't be surprised if 2/3 flip scum and the third manages to hard carry to lylo.

this is just one example of throwing posts into the wind in an effort to dilute the conversation, and i'm getting the vibe that it's probably half of TBZ, Dusk, and CB's posts.
4. Waterlily3 - meme'd, also LOLIS, but listens to kpop and has Jisen as pfp so i'll lynch her later. I'm confused on your timezone WaterLily3 , you were active for plenty of yesterday, but then haven't posted for nearly 12 hours. Like, you straight up said you're
so where's the activity that would be there on a saturday? lmao received some slight backpush and hasn't reassessed a strategy yet i suppose.
5.Thunder~BALLZ - god i hate your playstyle. I'm probably irrationally over-analyzing your play as scummy bc of it, but then we also have times like

when you haven't voted since RVS. Sure, the vote is on CB, but you provided such BS reasoning that I can't stand by it.

but then the below quote makes me doubt myself, and is why you're outside the top4 and WL is in the top4.

Tier 2: Inactive MFers
6. Texas Cloverleaf - memes and one liners abound. i've only played with TryHard!Texas, but allegedly this is the new Texas. not the worst player i've ever seen (was it Whydon? Flyhn? someone actively disrupted discussion even as villager and it was super aggravating) but not what I was hoping for
7. heuryalone - very little content or volume now that I look back at it. I suppose past-game-meta would allow one to scumread Heury off of this, but it's not enough to convince me. NAI either way, heuryalone git gud.
8. Fenrir Aesir - still super low volume. the post about this being a hype PL still rubs me wrong, but maybe it's just FanBoy!Fen. Defends his own and UTO's low effort this game, possible Idle!Villagers both of them, but if one flips then the other is bound to also. For five posts, provides better reads than most people above him on this list.
Tier 3: Townier than most
9. Sultan of Skook - are you new? i've never seen you before but that doesn't mean ur new, i just don't read this forum as much as i used to. Just put out a decent read list, but could use some substance beyond brief thoughts. 13 brief thoughts in one post is better than 13 posts of it, but try to flesh em out more please.

flesh out your scum reads, you have three inactives as scum, and then one
10. U-Turn Out - still low content, but similar to Fen in that he provides decent content in few posts. Town reading Amy and Amy's town reads is yuck, but maybe game really is just that easy.
11. Ampharos - giving town reads and defending them, which leaves room for improvement. two town reads doesn't make someone scum, but it does deflect heat when it's 2v2v7. if this is scum Amy, then we're in for a long game :/
12. OM - decent analysis from early game considering he AFK'd. no lock yet, but hard town lean in my eyes.
13. Shubaka17 - long posts take literally hours, i think i'm done with those for now. future posts will be limited to correcting people using my wrong pronouns, and lynches.
Quite a high risk place to put a scumpartner, another good look.

I mean i've got paragraphs worth of isos, idk where your content is meme boy
Again clashing with PS. At this point, a bit too consistent for a scumpartner

Conclusion: shubaka is a civillian.


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Why Waterlily? They don't appear to be particularly compatible with the scum teams, the fire one especially
They were independently scummy and their push on me makes no sense I washed pushed by literally both the scum flips I'm obvtown

They are never escaping Poe with the way they played so decent lynch

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