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Art by me

Draw this in your own style!

If you've ever drawn anything, you have a style (kinda). Style is mainly the way you like to create form in art. Hence, anyone who has a pencil and paper is allowed to participate, because they have some sort of style. Skill level doesn't matter, I selectively pick out who trades with who to ensure that everyone feels like they've gotten something nice. If you're not confident in your style, this video linked below may help you out with the process:

TLDR: If you don't feel confident in your style, know that style is fluid, every artist, even your favourites have constantly changing styles.

Here's how the event works:
- Type 'in' to join

- I, the host will reach out to you through a Smogon conversation, where you'll submit an artwork you've made (you don't need to make something specifically for this event, just anything you've done before)

- The art pieces must be Pokemon, or Pokemon-related. If your interest isn't in Pokemon, I can most likely work something out for you, so still feel free to enter 'in'.

- After this, you will in return receive someone else's submissions, and draw it in your own style within 3 weeks (The time may be extended if necessary)

- Please keep these anonymous so it’s a surprise for everyone!

Drawing in your own style means no matter what piece you get, you can do it digitally or traditionally. If you like to use certain saturations in all your pieces, you can do that in your piece. DTIYS isn't directly copying, but trying to portray an artwork you see with your own preferred techniques.

Excited to see what'll be coming up, but most importantly hoping you guys have fun

Signup deadline: March 30th
Submission deadline: April 26th
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