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Double Elimination Tournament Brackets

Hi, I am a driver in the OverUsed room on PS. Recently I've been doing Double Elim Tours and realized the bracket isn't implemented in the standard way. The main example is that let's say person A and person B play in r1 of winners and person B loses. Now let's say person A loses in r2 of winners and person B wins r1 of losers. The PS makes it so A and B play in r2 of losers, which isn't the standard.

Winners R1:

Losers R1 and R2:

Would anyone be interested in this to be fixed/modified? And if so how may I help. I know this is the smallest of issues but yeah. Ty :)


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I brought this up to PS like 2.5 years ago. If you choose to take it on, good luck!

Jsyk, the correct order for drops to losers is the following (these are not seeds, read numbers top to bottom such that the person who lost the uppermost match of winners is 1 and the person who lost the lowermost match in winners is 8. The order listed is the order you'd read them in losers.):

Normal (12345678)
Reverse (87654321)
Half-Swap (43218765)
Reverse Half-Swap (56781234)
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