Tournament DOU SV Home “No Johns” Kickoff Tournament [Won by Yoda2798]

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Signups are now closed.

Round 1 has begun! Due to the uneven signup size, there are some byes in r1.

How to schedule. Please schedule ASAP.

PLEASE NOTE THAT LANDORUS, URSHIFU, AND SPECTRIER ARE ALL LEGAL FOR THIS ROUND, and can be validated in the builder & used w/o a challenge code.

Memoric  vs  Neblina
tyo  vs  PurpleDolphin
Hugo  vs  waffle2O2O
Éric  vs  Frixel
zoe  vs  LoSconosciuto
Nudisto  vs  IdkAndIdc
Yoda2798  vs  Commander Beta
LordDoesOtherStuff  vs  Fluore
Voltix  vs  Fangame10
PikaSpark  vs  MZB
PigWarrior19  vs  eragon11145
sir jelloton  vs  oh the guilt
SMB  vs  GenOne
maretusbasement1  vs  qsns
Nido-Rus  vs  Z Strats
Farfromani  vs  Mr.Bossaru
Ruby4  vs  txitxas
bage1  vs  smudgerox
Feyy  vs  Concept Everything
Actuarily  vs  giove97
Yukan  vs  Gasz
Greedy_eb  vs  SuckyLucky
Akaru Kokuyo  vs  Bye 1
Licenciado Pan  vs  Bye 2
sundays.n_sundaes  vs  Bye 3
Xrn  vs  Bye 4
PandaDoux  vs  Bye 5
paolode99  vs  Bye 6
Terekusai  vs  Bye 7
Sanjay das  vs  Bye 8
raf  vs  Bye 9
AIRedzone  vs  Bye 10

The deadline for this round is Friday, June 2nd at 10:00GMT -4.
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