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Here is the DOU C&C QC team for reference. These are the people who're going to check your analysis to make sure they're correct and up to standards. If you want an analysis stamped, ask them!

C&C Leader
C&C Moderator
QC Team
Trial QC Team

Note that we'd love to have more active and knowledgeable members on the QC team! If you have good knowledge of the DOU metagame and are eager to help out, go and check analyses that are currently in progress! We do notice users who provide consistently high quality contributions to help out other writers, and if you keep it up we may ask you to join the team and help from a more official standpoint.
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I am stepping down from Doubles OU C&C Leader, and Doubles OU C&C as a whole will be shutting down for a bit due to lack of Quality Control members, available moderators, and overall motivation.

During my time as C&C Leader, I'm glad I was able to not only publish more quality analyses than before, but also help the section in other ways, such as the DOU C&C Guide, the all time DOU C&C Tracker, and creation of the AM QC Team and with it tutoring prospective members. I'm sorry my motivation and work ethic dropped quite a bit recently, and with little reason to believe it will be coming back any time soon, it's time for me to step down.

Memoric will stay as DOU C&C Leader and work on reopening the section when the time is right. Thank you for initially bringing me onto the QC Team and leading the section with me. I know one day you'll help reopen the section even better than where I left it.


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I am stepping down as DOU C&C Leader.

This second run being a leader of this section has been fairly interesting, I suppose. I initially accepted the invitation to join only as a leader that focused on solely the writing aspect, noting that I was and will be busy for college at the time. While I was liking being able to enjoy Smogon without any responsibility, I had to answer the call—after all, I could never say no to a friend.

Though it took some time and there were some speedbumps along the way, I was finally able to do good to what accepting that invitation stood for. Now, we've just finished having just about every ranked Pokemon an analysis. More importantly, this section doesn't have to rely on jaded ole me to be at the helm—I know full well that there have been areas where I've been lacking, but what makes a community like ours great is that we can rely on each other to build something amazing. I was the person who could step up then, and now, I know my place as someone who empowers those who can do greater for the sake of the community at large.

I will still be a part of DOU C&C QC and staff, hanging around to deal with loose ends and helping with Gen 9 that's just around the corner. emma will be leading DOU C&C in my stead, alongside zoe. I am certain that, with their joint leadership, they will be able to do the DOU community proud!
With SV being released, I have elected to step down from Doubles OU C&C Leader as I do not have as much time nor motivation as before to do the section justice. Thanks for all the fun and good luck with Generation 9.
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