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Programming Digimon Showdown: Cyber Battle

Interesting to see a different take on the "digimon showdown" thing

There's already a "digimon showdown" meta on Azure already but it's doing it differently
Digimon Showdown: Cyber Battle is Live!

Come join us at https://digimon-showdown.appspot.com
Join our Discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/cQHMSmr
We're currently using the test-client, so please make sure to copy ALL of the data and paste it to login using your PS account. This wont be a problem in the future as we move out of test-client.

Battle with Digimons using the Pokemon battle system you're familiar with, same rules, type effectiveness, and moves etc. The Digimon's moves,typing and ability are all carefully chosen to reflect their lore in the anime and games.

Signature Moves:
All Digimon have one or two custom signature moves. These moves are chosen based on the Digimonstory: Cybersleuth games. They all have high damage and powerful secondary effect, but low PP, so use them wisely! Check them out in the team builder.
Signature moves are added automatically during battle, so you don't have to add them to your move slot in team builder.

Battle Modes:
Currently all battle are singles. There are:
  • Random Battle (Digimon's level are adjusted according to digivolution)
  • Rookie: Rookie Digimon only
  • Champion: Champion or below
  • Ulitimate: Ultimate or below
  • Mega: Mega or below
  • Ultra: All Digimon are usable
Tiers and Digimon:
All main Digimons from the Adventure and Tamers anime are included.
The tiers are similar to Pokemon-Showdown, Except it is divided according to the Digimon evolution instead of usage stats. All Digimon in a tier has the same base stat total(BST). It goes as follow:
Rookie: 310

Champion: 410

Ultimate: 510

Mega: 610

Ultra: 710

Plans for the future:
  • Gradually include all Digimons in Cyberseuth
  • Option to choose between 3D Models and 2D sprites.
  • Add double and triple battles
  • Custom animations and crys for signature moves.
  • And much more!
Updates will be posted on this forum and our discord channel.
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