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Which format do you want for the 3rd Legacy Slot?

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Name: Justified Joe
Relevant Social Media:
Formats played (please state the actual format names): Can play the SWSH slots S7/9 or S12 and SV Regulation C
Bio: Historically consistent draft league player in SWSH and SV . Recently went 3-3 on the Runner-Up Zui Zoruas in Smogon Winter League. 3 Recent Grassroot topcuts in Regulation C and strong IC finish and ladder tour results . Active in discord servers!
Name: Orangex733
Relevant Social Media: (9*_*)9#2264(disc), @ orangex733 (twitter)
Formats played (please state the actual format names):2023 Reg C, 2022 Series 12
Bio: T4 Seniors 2022 Liverpool Regionals, T8 Seniors 2023 Liverpool regionals, T4 Seniors 2023 EUIC. Also won 3 vgc draft leagues, never missed playoffs in any draft leagues.
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Name: Killua
Relevant SM: Killua_vgc and MonfernoBro#2557
Formats: VGC 2020 (Series 5), VGC 2021 (Series 7/9), and VGC 2022 (Series 12) and SV Regulation C. No experience prior to these gens so prefer not being fielded there although I wouldn't mind learning old formats
Bio: Cut a lot of online SV tours (can check twitter for specifics), went 3-1 for DMV in USPA this past season, qualified for each Players Cup I've participated in. Can discuss more in dms if desired
Name: Dinomite
Relevant Social Media: @Dinomite_55, Dinomite#8099
Formats played: VGC 2020 Series 5 to present (Best format: VGC 2022)
Bio: 58th (5-3) Liverpool 2022, 269th (5-4) EUIC 2023, I play consistently and I'm usually available for practice and games. I'm known for using weird teams to good success (notably Kyurem and Iron Thorns at the tour's above). I may not be the best but hey at least that makes me cheaper :P
Name: Danetty
Relevant Social Media: @NMDanetty, Danetty#3346
Formats played: VGC 2021 Series 10-11, VGC 22, All of the SV Formats, played some Ultra series at other team tours.
Bio: 5-1 in SCL, topped the ladder multiple times, played in winter league, played in NPA, topcutted and won some locals here in milan, top 64 Bilbao (5-3)
Name: JMOdri
Relevant Social Media: @JMOdriVGC on twitter, JMOdri#6529 on discord
Formats played: VGC 20/21/22, Reg C
Bio: Top 8 Bilbao SPE (VGC 22), Top 8 Utrecht SPE (Series 2), Top 32 EUIC (Reg C). Not the most consistent player in draft leagues (3-4 record in NPA this year) and i won last Winter League with the Kilowattrels (3-2 record).
Relevant Social Media: SplattedByRobin on Twitter, ROBIN#7665 (Discord)
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 23, 22, 21, 20, 18, and have some experience in 15 and 13.
Bio: I am mainly a SD VGC draft league player, but I do have some results playing in online tours. I’m considered a very strong player in VGC draft, and I have a decent knowledge of older formats thanks to draft. I’m looking to expand more out of draft league, so please give me a shot.
Name : Jarshall
Relevent Social media ; Twitter : Jarshall02 Discord : Jarshall#1639
Formats : VGC 2023
Bio : Started playing during spikemuth in that time I was apart of the OPAL league winning team. At my first regional went 6 - 3 at Liverpool followed by 5 - 4 at EUIC. Recently was a part of Kyoto Kingambits. I will be an active member in the discord and willing to grind at anytime!
Name: Jenkins
Relevant SM: lastnamejenkins#7484
Formats: VGC22, VGC23, some 20 and 21
Bio: T128 Orlando, some grassroots cuts (2 cuts nino ff in S2, t4 wide league 5 in SWSH), 17th 2022 Japan Nats qualifier. Always looking to improve and meet folks.
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Name: SeaSoil
Relevant SM: @SeaSoilVGC
Formats: swsh s10 through sv reg c, no preferences
Bio: While I haven't been able to go to live events since San Diego, where I brought dogshit and underperformed, I've been playing some online stuff and doing pretty well, including a hatt series top cut among a couple of other results. Here to work hard and game harder
Name: Jude Lee
Relevant Social Media: @maGicaUraVGC on twitter
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 18, 19, Series 7-12, Regulation A-C
Bio: I practice vgc a lot and i like to perfect my play on certain teams and stick to them throughout the season. I won a lot of online tournaments throughout the last 2 years, including a Victory Road tournament, as well as building teams for people who achieved great IRL results
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