Project CAP Teambuilding Competition - Week 5: Priority (Building)


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artwork by the phenomenal and generous Swiffix! OP adapted from OU/UU teambuilding competition threads
Welcome to the CAP Teambuilding Competition! This will be a weekly competition that you can join at any time. Each week, there will be a core, set, theme, or Pokemon posted, and then you will post an importable of a team featuring the given concept! This should look like a condensed RMT; a post will require an import and description of the team/teambuilding process to count.

This project will be broken up into two phases: there will be 5 days to submit teams, followed by 2 days of voting. The winning team will then get put into the hall of fame with their team on display for anyone to see! Submissions will be SV CAP unless stated otherwise, but oldgens may be featured so that you can show off all sorts of different teams!

Rules (read these first):
  • Entry submission: Post team in the thread itself with an explanation and easily identifiable import.
  • Disputes / Copying: If your team entry has the same Pokémon and similar move sets to an earlier entry, it is subject to disqualification. Disqualifications will occur on a case-by-case basis depending on how similar the two teams are. If anyone tries to abuse this by reserving an early post in the thread for their entry, please bring it to my attention and they'll be disqualified.
  • Discussion and team changes: One part of the process is to have discussions about the teams and the core, so suggestions of improvements to submitted teams are allowed and encouraged. In the interests of fairness though, I'd ask that any suggestions don't involve anything more than minor set changes, and that if you've already submitted a team you don't change the Pokémon in it. Basically, just be sure that you're happy with the team before you send it in.
  • Voting Phase: The voting system used is the Ranked Pairs format, the same format we use for polls! To vote, you basically order your options like this: C>B>A>D, like this A>B=C>D, or like this D>C, assuming there are 4 team options (A, B, C, and D). If you choose not to vote for all teams, the last team(s) will be assumed to be last and valued equally if more than one got left out. If you have any questions about this system, by all means, contact me. You are not allowed to vote for your own team.

Feel free to write as much or as little as you want in your submission (although one-liners are discouraged). At the least, please make sure to convey some brief idea of how the team works or your thought process behind building. Here is an example submission:


Meow Kril Spikes
This is a very standard balance team that aims to get hazards up and apply pressure with Meowscarada + Krilowatt, ideally resulting in a Ceruledge sweep late game. Meow is the team's speed control, forming a great VoltTurn core with Krilowatt and knocking Boots so that hazards are more impactful. Its synergy with Ceruledge is also pretty strong as it can double on many of Ceru's answers like Garg and bulky Waters, sometimes even forcing them to Tera which makes Ceru far more threatening. Ceru is a strong wincon in its own right but is arguably more important as a defensive tool for the Jumbao/sun matchup. Libra/Argh/Venom is just a standard defensive core; Libra spins and beats Ghosts, Argh sets Spikes and is a great anti-HO tool, Venom is the rocker/Ground immunity/general pain in the ass with Fighting+Flying coverage. Tera Fairy Meow is for Rev (Argh/Venom should beat after losing Spell Tag), Water Libra helps vs offensive Waters/Fires like Kril and Sub Dirge, Water Venom is great vs weather.

You don't have to follow this format exactly, you can structure your submission however you want as long as it's easily readable. With all that said, let's get to building!


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Week 1: Starters
:sv/smokomodo::sv/caribolt: :sv/snaelstrom:

Hey everyone, welcome to the revived CAP teambuilding competition! For those unfamiliar with how this project works, every week I'll give you a specific Pokemon, theme, core, or set for you to build around, and then we'll all take a vote on which team is best! Make sure to read the OP for the full rules. Building will last five days, followed by two days of voting. Deadlines for building should always be Fridays 11:59PM and voting at Sundays 11:59PM GMT-5 (or just any time before I post the next round...)

What better way to kick off this project than with our starter Pokemon! All three have seen uncharacteristically high viability in Gen 9, either as a result of buffs or favorable meta trends, so let's let them shine in the spotlight before Home support sends them back down to UR. Just to clarify, you don't need to build with all three on the same team; any one of them will do. I look forward to seeing what y'all come up with!​


En Aften Ved Svanefossen
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:sv/orthworm::sv/iron moth::sv/hatterene::sv/roaring moon::sv/caribolt::sv/iron valiant:

Caribolt is an almost required pick on HO due to its access to strong spin, meaning that you don't lose that much momentum by spinning, and its raw power, letting it break the tier's Unawares. Orthworm sets up sub for the rest of the team to go crazy, but don't feel like you need to lead it; it is often best to try to counterlead your opponent's attempt to counterlead worm. Iron Moth is the mandatory Jumbao check, Hatterene provides extra hazard control as well as a way around fat, and Roaring Moon + Iron Valiant breaks pretty much every other archetype. This Valiant is particularly teched to beat Amoonguss and Clodsire, but the more standard tera electric tbolt + psyshock/shadow ball also works well if you feel the team struggles too much into Gholdengo.

Da Pizza Man

Pizza Time
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:Pincurchin: :Caribolt: :Hawlucha: :Iron Valiant: :Iron Leaves: :Pawmot:

This is about as basic of an Electric Terrain team that you can really get. Caribolt + Hawlucha + Electric Surge mon are a tale as old as time, and CM Iron Valiant massively benefits from being able to hold a different item while still being able to get the speed boost. Iron Leaves is about the only thing that is sort of interesting on this team, and it was mostly chosen here just due to how strong of a type Psychic is at the moment (It also helps out a bit with dealing with Clodsire, as not having to bring out Hawlucha to deal with it is always quite nice). Also, Pawmot is here because the team needs a way to revive Pincurchin whenever it's down when it needs to sweep. I usually prefer having Leppa Berry on Pawmot just because I often value having the ability to revive multiple mons, but if you want to, you could change it's item to Focus Sash.
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:caribolt::skeledirge::ting-lu::iron valiant::gholdengo::snaelstrom:

Despite having two CAP starters, the team was built around only Caribolt.

So once I had Caribolt, first thing to do was to patch up its weaknesses against Jumbao and Dragons. Skeledirge is for Jumbao, Ting-Lu helps against Roaring Moon and also provides hazards for the team. What I have so far is pretty weak to Walking Wake, so I threw in an Iron Valiant. Gholdengo is the resident Steel type and is good against non Knock Off variants of Prologue. Finally, I noticed I was weak to Equilibra, so Snaelstrom fills in the last slot. It wasn't until later that I realized I had two starters (technically three). Every mon on this team is above B+ on the Viability Rankings though I don't really expect Ting-Lu to stay that way.


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:sv/great tusk::sv/dragonite::sv/volcarona::sv/snaelstrom::sv/garganacl::sv/iron valiant:

Gonna submit one of my own! Didn’t have time to build something original this week so just submitting this squad that I passed to fakee around the middle of CAPCL. Sort of an offense/BO hybrid, basic idea was to stack bulky setup sweepers which gives an offensive team like this a lot more flexibility (though obv at the cost of initial firepower). Snael + volc are great at spreading status to gradually wear stuff down and pave the way for a sweep later, namely dnite if you can land wisp or toxic on argh, or sd valiant if you can wear down dirge. SD snael is a little inconsistent but sometimes it really does just win games by itself. Team always felt pretty good in tests, try it out


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Team C by Brown4Sides is the winner this week! Congrats, your team will be added to the hall of fame.

Week 2: Hisuian Zoroark

Walking Wake stole the thunder from the two other drops, so let's see what y'all can do with Hisuian Zoroark! Zoro has been relatively unexplored in CAP despite some really cool SPL usage, so I'm hoping for some creative and inspired teams this week. This mon is either incredibly fun or incredibly rage inducing depending on who you ask, but either way, I'm sure we'll get some interesting submissions!​
:miasmaw::great tusk::zoroark-hisui::iron valiant::orthworm::plasmanta:

I originally built this team around Miasmaw, not Hisuian Zoroark. Zoroark here provides a Rev check, though that might be outdated with the nerf it'll probably get. Great Tusk more like Great Glue, providing hazard support for Miasmaw and just being a good ol' Ground. Booster Energy Iron Valiant is cracked, you can never really go wrong with adding it on an offensive team. Orthworm is great here, giving this team a Steel type, a Stealth Rock setter, and most importantly, Shed Tail support, which pretty much everything on this team appreciates. Lastly, Plasmanta provides a Prologue check.


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:meowscarada::orthworm::iron valiant::zoroark-hisui::miasmaw::kingambit:

Not the most serious team but wanted to submit zoro offense so here we are. You can illusion yourself as most members of the team pretty safely, eg valiant draws in dirge which gets bopped by shadow ball, gambit lures in argh, etc. Team is pretty good at drawing out teras from defensive mons for other wincons to then exploit. Again not the most consistent/serious squad but it’s fun, think zoro definitely has more room to be used on HO in cap


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Little late posting the next round, but congrats to Brown4Sides to winning again with Team A! The team will be added to the hall of fame whenever I get around to it.

Week 3: Encore
:sv/astrolotl::sv/scream tail::sv/azumarill::sv/iron valiant:

With strategies like Encore spam HO and Scream Tail wishpass taking over OU, it'll be fun to try our hand with them in CAP! This week, the only requirement is that the team features Encore on at least one of its Pokemon, so anything from Astrolotl to Dragonite to Pachirisu is fair game to build around –– though, you'll probably have more success with OU viable Pokemon. Now, let's get into the submissions!​

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