Tournament CAP + Almost Any Ability (CAAAP) - Finals [Won by Atha]


Banned deucer.
/challenge Almost Any Ability@@@ +Argalis, +Arghonaut, +Astrolotl, +Aurumoth, +Brattler, +Breezi, +Caimanoe, +Caribolt, +Cawdet, +Chromera, +Coribalis, +Colossoil, +Crucibelle, +Cupra, +Cyclohm, +Dorsoil, +Duohm, +Electrelk, +Embirch, +Equilibra, +Fawnifer, +Fidgit, +Flarelm, +Floatoy, +Jumbao, +Justyke, +Kerfluffle, +Kitsunoh, +Krilowatt, +Malaconda, +Miasmaw, +Mollux, +Mountaineer, +Mumbao, +Naviathan, +Necturine, +Necturna, +Nohface, +Pajantom, +Paleo Wave, +Persistent, +Plasmanta, +Privatyke, +Protowatt, +Pyroak, +Rebble, +Rebound, +Revenankh, +Shadow Strike, +Smogecko, +Smoguana, +Smokomodo, +Snaelstrom, +Snugglow, +Solotl, +Stratagem, +Swirlpool, +Syclant, +Syclar, +Tactite, +Venomicon, +Venomicon-Epilogue, +Vile Vial, +Volkraken, +Volkritter, +Voodoll, +Voodoom
  • We are running the structure of a 48-player tour.
  • There will be some first round byes to allow for substitutes.
  • Matches are assumed to be best of 3, where you are allowed to agree to best of 1 in the early rounds (the OP said top 4, but due to the structure this will become top 6). You must post proof the Bo1 was agreed to ahead of game time or I'm coin tossing your series.
  • Replays are REQUIRED.


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Round 1

Basedburner  vs  Atha
spoo  vs  King Billu
Wes8888  vs  Snak
JayHeaven  vs  Mr.Bossaru
DuckeryDoodle  vs  Codename C.A.T
DerpyBoi  vs  Zetalz
adem  vs  D2TheW
txitxas  vs  avyrie
TheCounterTeamer  vs  Da Pizza Man
CallMeDrippyT  vs  Brambane
Clasmia  vs  Aggrometaile
IBM  vs  martinvtran
SunMYSER  vs  reachzero
BasedWhat?  vs  Darkrai Retribution
PociekMociek  vs  Amamama
Eggs  vs  The Number Man
oaklies  vs  Astra
DeepFriedMagikarp  vs  MagearnaTheBoss
RICEMAN  vs  ItsChew.
sneakyjeans  vs  shnowshner
Amberr  vs  Bye 1
Darek  vs  Bye 2
snake_rattler  vs  Bye 3
The Dragon Master  vs  Bye 4

Deadline: June 13, 12:00 AM GMT -4.
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