CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Submissions

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Final Submission


A combination of "Diamond" and "Mound".

Pronounced: "DAI-mownd"
IPA: daɪmaʊnd

Diamond for the chosen forbidden fruit Diamond Storm. Mound can be a synonym for hump, and camels are known for their humps. Mounds are also part of the ground, and sounds similar to ground, which ties in to the ground typing. Diamond and Mound fit quite nicely together due to similar letters.


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You have 48 hours to make your final submissions! Make sure to follow the template as shown in the opening post to avoid disqualification.
Final Submission


Corruption of “Taj Mahal” + haul (which can mean haul as in a haul of treasure, or haul as in physically moving something)

EDIT: forgot pronunciation. Pronounced like “Dodge A Ball”
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Final Submission


A combination of "Karat" + "Camel". It also sounds like Caramel which matches the Pokémon's color.

Pronounced: " KAR-uh-muhl"
IPA: /kærəmɛl/
Final Submission


A portmanteau of "Dromedary" (camel type) and "Dome" (as in Middle Eastern architecture/referencing a camel hump)

Pronounced: "DRAH-maw-dohm"
IPA: /ˈdrɑːˌmədoʊm/
Final Submission


A portmanteau of:

"Silk" referencing the Silk Road a historic system of trades between middle east, and asia, popular for the usage of horses and camels as means of transport

"Gem Silica" a blueish gemstone which is very valuable and specially rare

and "Malik", meaning king in Arabic (specifically a king or sultan from a non islamic country)

Pronounced: "seel-CAH-mah-LICK"
Final Submission


Caravan + Almas, sounds like Camel

Pronounced: KAL-mah-van

A caravan is a trade expedition, which often used camels and traded gems. Almas is the arabic word for diamond. I think Calma sounds similar to Camel.


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Final Submission


"regal" + "camel"

Pronounced: "ree-GAM-ul"
IPA: ɹiˈɡæməl

I'm not 100% satisfied with this name, but I haven't thought of anything better yet!
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