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Hi, first time posting an art here (and first message on this forum also ^^).
I'm happy to join your community.
If I am not posting my art well, please feel free to tell me it.

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I still have a lot of work on this art. Moreover, it's near my first time drawing with color, I have many things to learn ^^.
My advice would be to simplify the color scheme. For comparison, Diancie has only white, gray, pink, and a little bit of yellow. The lime green band on your king looks a bit out of place, and in my opinion the gems should all be the same color. I'm not an artist though, so feel free to disregard this lol.

That said, this is really cool! I'm excited to see how you will build on this.


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I made some supporting art of my porcelain crab!

I drew these sketches to get a better sense of how this design looks when it has to stand, move, and pose in different positions, which in turn helps me figure out how to better draw the main design. Hope you all enjoy these sketches, too!


A little late to the game but I wanted to do a western-inspired living sandstorm pokemon. I liked the idea of using a covered wagon as a bonnet, but also of having dust devil tornadoes as legs for a little buffalo guy (defs would love to include the gemstones more on mr buffalo, instead of only the hooves). PLEASE drop me some suggestions and comments. I want to get better at refining my designs. So, here are some real rough drafts:



Sorry, I thought anteaters were real
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I wish I could say I've been hard at work churning out tons of fresh ideas here, but I've been both busy and also hit a bit of a snag with art block this time around, but here's another brain dump for now. Figured I always found nautiluses pretty neat looking, and could see one being converted to terrestrial living pretty decently, so I did this:

Idk why I made it a dwarf miner, but it happened and seems to fit weirdly enough. This beastie spends its time burrowing deep underground, chipping away with its modified tentacles resembling pickaxes, adding precious stones to its horde both in and on its shell. When it needs to make a speedy maneuver, it is capable of withdrawing completely in its shell and spindashing outta there with its diamond spikes, effectively acting as a diamond saw lol.

I'll continue drawing up more stuff while i can, but I haven't settled on anything im super happy with really.

mmmm monkey

Based on how monkeys use tools, and since they can use tools, i thought of giving it a pickaxe, and also partially based it on gnomes. It is also based on a Lion Tailed Macaque, which are known for having giant beards. Speaking of, its beard holds diamonds inside of it, throwing them out at threats. Its feet resemble miner boots, and gold handed tamarins. Its helmet is a large stone cracked in half, with the headlamp resembling a diamond. Its pose is close to the Worker trainer class in BW.

Diamond Storm: Gemstone mining is a job that is in many countries. And those countries also feature primates quite often. Which, putting them together, leads to a monkey that mines gemstones. Ironic, since many primates do steal valuable items. With it storing diamonds in its beard, it can easily throw them out at foes.

Water Absorb: The beard is made out of mud, which leads to it easily absorbing water. Some species of primates are known to use mud for various purposes. Peruvian ones are known to even eat mud to help with stomach issues. Mud itself is made partially of water, which would allow it to absorb water.

Ground Type: Ground type Pokémon are all very different. But every "mud" based attack (Ex: Mud Shot, Mud Slap) and Pokémon (Ex: Mudsdale, Swampert) are ground type. On top of this, due to it mining gemstones, which are rocks, ground typing is good against rock.
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Final Submission

Main Design:

Supporting Material:

Elephant Bird that may or may not be an actual elephant, chosen due to flightless birds feelings appropriate for a pure Ground-type with a strong leaning toward physical stats.
Eats soil and sand. Excess minerals crystallize in its mucus, which it covers itself with. Dangerous sneezes, as shown above.
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Final Submission

My design is based on a mix of different thorny devils and horned lizards, as well as a gold rush bandit.
It has an ore-like crusty layer for camouflage in caves and mines, and the tips of its fingers and toes are pressured into diamond-like points which it can fire out at unsuspecting trainers. Thorny devils have a way of transporting water through their feet and skin into their mouth, and Ive taken that idea a bit further with bullet hole-esque indents on its body that can absorb water attacks when hit.
Im very happy with this submission, shoutouts to the gesbiga folks and everyone in the chat that gave me feedback with the face, and everyone who supported the galarian version in astro cap lol

some supporting art to come
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download (20).png

prob the last thing I'll make for this. I thought, why do we need this to be an animal? Because it can drink water? Then I thought... what are some non animal things that absorb water? Welp, a sponge can! So here is the dirty sponge man! Now tell me that it doesn't get water absorb, it's a sponge... THEY ABSORB WATER
Final Submission


Mr Camel here is based on Bactrian camels (the two-humped kind!) and gets it’s flourishes inspired from middle eastern cultures, especially Arabian and Turkish Sultans and Palaces. This fella as such is a massive jerk, and a spoiled rich royalty. It uses its giant neck to assist in its physical prowess. And its diamond storms come from the mystical power of the water crystals on its humps. As they are on the humps; they double as storage devices for water and energy.

Supporting Material:


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We are at the point in the CAP process where the next stage up is Secondary Ability. After Secondary Ability Polls end, CAP art will conclude 48 hours after. As a reminder, make sure you make a legal Final Submission post before then! The rules for final submission posts can be found in the opening post here.

In particular, please be aware of the image restrictions on the final submission image. The maximum allowed size for a Main Design image is 640x640, and these restrictions for your submission apply to the original size of your image. Resizing the image through the forum's Image embed function will not affect your image's original size. Your submission will be disqualified if the original size of your image exceeds these limits! If you need any help, please reach out to a CAP art mod.
Final Submission

Finally! the frog!
I've been dwelling a lot on what to do with this fella, but i figured i really didnt had anything mayor to add to the desing (maybe some spikes on the head?) but im very happy with how it came out, and i hope yall like it as well :3

The desing is mostly based on rain frogs (especially Breviceps Macrops), which are really weird (and frigging cute) species of frogs that live in south/west african drylands and other dessertic areas, they have really round body, unlike most frogs, they cant normally jump, they cant swim, dont have a tadpole stage (they are born as froglets), tho they still love to get humid and seeing how every other frog in pokemon is either water type or has an ability that absorbs water, i think that works quite well as an explanation for water absorb :3
And similarly to those rain frogs, they usually get covered with sand on they humid skin, but in this case it gets gems (that it produces trough diamond storm) stuck and it works well as a protection!
Plus, beign a frog i think is perfect for some other moves like Power Whip.

Its also loosely inspired by the Beelzebufo, a massive toad that lived in Madagascar, tho that only affected as it is also a big toad/frog

in Other biological aspects, females are much larger than males, i dont think thats gonna need a gender variant sprite but its nice to have in mind!

Supporting Material

a few dumb drawings in Paint of my frog in various precarious situations

And with that, im finished, hope yall like my frorge and i wish all of you, good luck in the art polls!

(edit: i added a black border to the gems cause it hides imperfections better lol)
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I wanted to use out of this world inspiration for my mon creating this Saturn alien. Utilizing the crashed Cassini satelite this diamond composed beast from Saturns storms takes over to surge through the land. Forming a lance and shield from It’s satellite body, gives access for Swords Dance, Shift Gear, T-Wave. While it’s self improving body makes use of Recovery And water resistance of the weather for Water Absorb. All while taking Offense in utilizing its diamond bodice for shattering Earthquakes, Diamond Storms, and even its pulled back pony for a powerful Powerwhip! It travels space for justice amongst the weak as once it was too. With its newfound strength, it wants to help and protect your team.
DS WIP.jpg
Final Submission

Marcman24 Final submission.png

Thank you a lot XenonHero126 for your feedback, I took time to think, to look at official pokemon designs and I finally agreed with you, I realised that every color used may have a reason to be in the design. Then I spent a lot of hours to make this final art and I'm quite happy with the result for near the first time I seriously do a colored art.
Every submissed art here are very nice and it is really great to take part of this adventure ! Good luck to everyone for polls.


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Final Submission

Temporary File 4.png

It's a porcelain crab!

  • Ground-type: Crabs are associated with seabeds, which are often sandy.
  • Ground-type: Earthenware is associated with Ground-types, such as with Claydol and Golurk.
  • Ground-type: It uses sand as padding on the palanquin.
  • Water Absorb: Crabs are associated with water. E.g., Krabby is a Water-type, and Crabrawler gets Water-type moves.
  • Water Absorb: Porcelain is often used as a material for water-holding vessels such as teapots and vases. The original translation of the ability is "Water Storage", which is a clear match against this inspiration.
  • Serene Grace: With its rounded, white shape language and elegant aesthetic, this design is similar to existing designs that have Serene Grace, such as Togekiss and Blissey. In addition, tea tends to be associated with peace and serenity.
  • Stats:
    • Weights + BST: Compare this Pokemon's stat weights to those of Pokemon with similar builds:
      • Metagross: (70, 70, 90, 95, 130, 135), BST 600
      • Volcanion: (70, 80, 90, 110, 120, 130), BST 600
      • CAP 31: (65, 70, 90, 105, 120, 130), BST 580
    • Offensive stats: With its four, large, spade-like tarsal claws, this design has similar design elements as designs like Metagross and Excadrill.
      • Metagross: 135 Atk / 95 SpA / 70 Spe
      • Excadrill: 135 Atk / 50 SpA / 88 Spe
      • CAP 31: 120 Atk / 65 SpA / 90 Spe
    • Defensive stats: Pokemon based on ceramics/glass are weighted towards being specially-defensive.
      • Claydol: 60 HP / 105 Def / 120 SpD
      • Nihilego: 109 HP / 47 Def / 131 SpD
      • Polteageist: 60 HP / 65 Def / 114 SpD
      • CAP 31: 70 HP / 105 Def / 130 SpD
  • Diamond Storm: I drew this design with the conceit that it would have Diamond Storm in its arsenal. The emphasis on Diamond Storm is key, as I felt like I needed to explain why it would receive Diamond Storm, when Power Gem was so commonly distributed. Thus, I focused on the trope of porcelain = extravagant and paired it with a similar material in the form of crystals.

  • Body shape:
    • Resembles a small critter being carried around in a palanquin mech a la the Spider Tank trope.
    • Has tiny folded arms for personality. Coincidentally, this also matches the Badass Arm-Fold trope popular in giant mecha animes.
    • Inspired by lifeguard towers.
  • Shape language:
    • The smooth curves on the carapace:
      • Makes design look sandswept, like dunes.
      • Resembles ripples.
      • Discourages hard edges, which may imply Rock-type more than Ground.
    • Four legs, four faces on the palanquin, and four gems on the "necklace" make the design look balanced and stable, befitting common Ground-type tropes.
    • The upward-pointing dome shapes and downward-angled curves support a stable-looking design.
    • In contrast to the rounded shapes used in the majority of the design, the design has sharp tips where gems are. This integrates into its physically-attacking nature + emphasis on diamonds, which are typically cut into angular, crystalline shapes.
  • Colors:
    • White:
      • Color of porcelain
      • Matches white of real porcelain crabs
      • Color that best helps with staying cool on a hot, summer day
    • Orange:
      • Color of clay
      • Painted on design like porcelain paint
      • Matches orange of real porcelain crabs
    • Yellow:
      • Color of sand
    • Green:
      • Contrast to warm colors
      • As a cool color, evokes aquatic themes (think oases) without implying Water as a typing
  • Palanquin:
    • Looks extravagant to befit Diamond Storm
    • Shaped like teapot lid
    • Vaguely inspired by Arabic architecture
  • Head:
    • Eyes: Inspired by cuttlefish and a previous iteration of the design, which was inspired more heavily by treasure (including the dollar sign)
    • Head gem: Resembles teapot lid handle.
    • Mouth: Shaped as to imply the body is hollow, like a vessel.
    • Antennae: I just think they're neat!
    • Necklace: The gems on the necklace balance out the palanquin and legs visually.
  • Legs:
    • Shaped like exaggerated crab legs.
    • Four large legs was the most I can get away with without making the design look too crowded.
    • Patterns on legs match contour of legs, like those of real porcelain crabs (example).
    • Sparkles on claw tips draw the viewer's attention towards them first and foremost.

Supporting Material

SketchesSize comparisonOn a neutral backgroundWater AbsorbFull-Res
Temporary File 4.png

Thanks to the following people for additional feedback! AmamamA, Explosion Badger, Gloopy Bloopy, Golurkyourself, Mos-Quitoxe, MrDollSteak, Nemmy, NoahIOTJ, Sunfished

Good luck to everyone submitting this time around!
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Final Submission

Earth-dwelling root creature based on wire rock/crystal trees anyone can craft. It's a Ground type since it mostly resides underground as the root system of the tree on its back. And because of that and the lichen that grows on it, it has Water Absorb so it can soak up water from the surrounding area to sustain itself+the tree. With that and the soil+minerals it feeds on in the ground, colorful rocks/crystals grow on the tree, explaining why it can use Diamond Storm.

There's not much I can say on what kind of creature it's supposed to be exactly since I didn't really have one in mind; I just wanted to draw some weird, noodley limbs :V if anything, it looks pretty close to a lizard or gecko of some sort, but it could be whatever you want it to be honestly.

Supporting Material
CAP31_supportingArt1.png cap_slap.png
A bunch of doodles, some showcasing its weird limb anatomy and how it looks when planted in the ground. It's mostly a quadruped, but can stand on its hind legs when needed. Bonus art of it smacking Zeraora based on that one memey image I thought was funny since it has large hands for smack'in ya :V

Thanks to everyone on Discord for their feedback, especially for picking lichen over moss and deciding the color of the rocks/crystals!
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Final Submission


A neat little dragon-turtle-inspired desert tortoise! It has the treasure-hoarding tendencies of dragons and other big scary monsters and can also use its treasure to draw in greedy prey. GL in the polls everyone!

Supporting Material

A full-res image of the tortoise.

The female gender variant of the tortoise. Only males collect and show off their treasure.

The rough size of the tortoise.

Some sketches of the tortoise using some attacks on the optional/required list.
Final Submission
CAP 31 Small FINAL.png

It's a Blast from the Past! Presenting my design for CAP 31, a Spinosaurus whose sail doubles as a diamond-tipped sawblade!

  • Dinosaurs and dinosaur-like features are often related to ground type pokemon (Garchomp, Krookodile, Groudon, Rhydon/Rhyperior).
  • Bones are also commonly related to ground types, namely in the form of the Cubone line and their related ground type moves, such as Bone Club and Bonemerang.
  • Some ground types are based on aquatic creatures who "swim" through sand instead of water (Hippowdown, Garchomp, Krookodile)
  • Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus, a spinosaurus species found in egypt, ties Spinosaurus to Egypt's relationship to sand and sandstone.
Diamond Storm
  • Diamonds-tipped sawblades
  • Aside from their teeth, Spinosaurus fossils are known for being extremely rare-not helped by the fact that one of the few partial skeletons found was destroyed in WWII.
Water Absorb
  • Spinosaurus was an amphibious creature, living and hunting both on land and in water
  • Spinosaurus' skull and lifestyle heavily connects it to modern day crocodiles, further emphasizing its connection to water
  • Spinosaurus, a large carnivorous dinosaur known for both its distinctive sail and its amphibious qualities.
  • A Diamond-tipped Sawblade
  • Pattern on the body resembles a ribcage fossil, with the part on the sail resembling fractured sail vertebrae
  • Pattern on the body also resembles workers vest, with this, the kneepads and the sawblade sail coming together to somewhat form a tough construction worker motif
Full Image:
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