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BW2 Ou team
Hi!I start playing competitive battles starting from gen 6 but already studying about competitive battles in gen 4.I have finished countless gen 6 battles but have began to take interest in gen 5 OU.So i have made a team.

Gastrondon@Lum Berry
-Earth Power
-Ice Beam
Ability:Storm Drain
252 Sp.atk,252 Def,4 Sp.def
Gastrondon is my counter of the extremely popular rain teams.Also pairs well with heatran,my another team member to handle sun teams.Gastrondon laughs at water types and also checks ground types pretty well while heatran can easily check grass pokemons that gastrondon can't touch.Scald is boss as it can burn scizor easily ruining it.Earth power for stab and benefits from special attack boost.Ice beam for dragon types and also works against a predict grass switch-in.Recover heals off 50%HP making gastrondon more difficult to stop.

Heatran@Air Ballon
-Lava Plume
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power Ice
-Stealth Rock
Ability:Flash Fire
252 Sp.atk,252 Sp.def,4 Def
My check for sun teams.Also has synergy with gastrondon.Lava Plume is good as always with stab and an incredible 30%burning chance.Earth Power has great coverage with lava plume and pratically seen on every heatran set.HP Ice is good as ever for the dragon types being locked in outrage.SR cripples many pokemons of the metagame.

Terrakion@Choice Band
-Close Combat
-Stone Edge
-Quick Attack
252 Atk,252 Spd,4 HP
I acutually wanted to use keldeo as a rain counter but i just like gastrondon better.And i found another musketer terrakion.2 stupidly good stabs as well as high attack and spd makes me to sure that terrakion is the pokemon i'm looking for.He is my choice of fighters and my revenge-killer.Close Combat hits stupid hard and checks a lot of pokemons.Same with stone edge.X-Scissor is just a filler while quick attack is priorty.Band terrakion is stupid strong.

Celebi@Life Orb
-Leaf Storm
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power Ice
Ability:Natural Cure
252 Sp.atk,196 Spd,70 HP
Celebi is not only another rain counter but also a solid counter to rotom-w and gastrondon which my team have some problems.I also want a solid check to fighting types and decided to run offensive celebi.Leaf Storm is devasting with a massive 140 power.Psyshock for blissey.Earth Power is good for coverage.HP Ice is for dragons and generally a filler.

Garchomp@Choice Scarf
-Fire Blast
-Stone Edge
Ability:Rough Skin
252 Atk,252 Spd,4 HP
Scarf garchomp is the fastest among the dragons allowing to outspd many pokemons.Despite being slower than both keldeo and terrakion,garchomp is still faster than most scarfers including the ever popular ScarfMoxieMence.EQ has stab and ground is an awesom offensive typing.FB for coverage against skarmory,forrestress,ferrothorn and scizor,OHKOing 3 of them while doing a fine amount of damage to skarmory.Outrage is good,everyone knows.

-Rapid Spin
-Stealth Rock
-Gyro Ball
252 Sp.def,252 HP,4 Def
I want a spinner and i find forrestress.He is not boss but he can set-up SR and rapid spin which i really appreciate.Sure,donphan can do that too but he lacks the important typing that forrestress has.Not to mention volt switch and gyro ball.Donphan is also helpless against both gengar and jellicent while forrestress can gyro ball gengar and toxic jellicent.What?Toxic over volt switch?Yes,right volt switch is cool but i'll only use forrestress for spinning and setting hazards and when i'm doing that the opponent should already use a counter.(It's not weak to pursuit either).And volt switch is almost always last because of forrestress' spd and most attacks that targets forrestress are probably fire blasts(heatran likes them with flash fire).

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