BW Cup VIII - Round 1

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jperds mes cheveux jsuis lmeilleur numéro 10
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requesting activity, my opp didnt answer to my schedule and never reconnected after he signed up


Banned deucer.
Act, me and my opponent were scheduled to play today but he didn't answer my messages. The proof is on their profile
Captain Funk  vs  Doppelsoldner - no response from opp
Drivetacos  vs  sss_ten - no reply back.
Greentea570  vs  Probopaslll - no response from opp.
Nick.see  vs  Darkstars880 - inactivity from opp.
RealJester  vs  maiw - no reply from opp.
GaryTheGengar  vs  agenS - agens missed schedule + didnt respond back after a reschedule option by gary.
akshathat  vs  3d - no reply back from opp.
Mazinger  vs  Bellyman007 - no reply back from opp.
257m  vs  Trosko - trosko stopped replying after rejecting a specific schedule while 257 further contacted asking if they are available for other days.
Kadiro  vs  Firedrake725 - no reply from opp.
The Dovahneer  vs  ADF Test - no reply from opp + claim act.
jschneider69  vs  swag god - no reply from opp.
K-12] The Madchine vs  Ophion - claimed act win + opp missed scheduled time.
SiTuM  vs  BingusVGC - no reply from opp.
Salty team water  vs  Void - no reply from opp.
reymaki  vs  3clocks - co reply from opp.
Blui  vs  Inder - inder stopped answering while blui continued to see what time they could play at for the weekend.
Itader  vs  Hollow Soul - claimed act due to no activity.
Max_at1  vs  Pohjis - no reply from opp.
Icemann  vs  r1dude - no reply from opp.
Iguana  vs  Skyrio - claimed act due to opp missing scheduled time.
So Noisy  vs  fatty - claimed act due to opp missing time.
lhce628  vs  SuperEpicAmpharos - was given the win.
CamiloTD  vs  Punny - inactivity from camilo.
eblurb  vs  ab2trappy - no reply from opp.
Spl4sh  vs  Maybca☆〜ゝ。∂ - claimed act + opp stopped responding.
Fluore  vs  Balomogon - no reply from opp.
obii  vs  reyscarface - act claim + scheduling situation on obiis side.
Xlez7  vs  Jimothy Cool - one put more effort to schedule as the other missed the first week to contact.
5noodles  vs  Fivesallround - no reply from opp.
Auspexel  vs  SoulWind - no reply from opp.
Churielix  vs  fanchris21 - no reply from opp.
ollyhinge11  vs  Rahulnim - inactivity.
Balto  vs  LaMount - inactive from mounts side.
MetPlaz  vs  Snak - no reply from opp.
Sabella  vs  Lialiabeast - lia stopped replying after another questioning arose from sabella for scheduling.
Magyarország  vs  Feaniix - no contact from opp after scheduling.
Leo  vs  DeserK - leo scheduled dates and times but deserk lagged a bit on responding twice.
urrgh  vs  Vandosaurus - inactive.
bb skarm  vs  Ruds024 - no reply from opp.
august  vs  VyoletRayn - there was no response back from rayn.
Melle2402  vs  Puffy's mom - complicated scheduling from puffy, no specifics with availability mentioned until days later which confused melle. Didnt answer back until after deadline on playing from melles last message.
Permission Slip  vs  iKeepAglokLikeAcop - no response back after some time.
tjljt  vs  Sharow - no reply from opp.
sensei axew  vs  johnace - no reply from opp.
Nezloe  vs  FottemGaming - no reply from opp.
KeldeoCrowned  vs  T___Darknight___T- inactive.
Dababy2  vs  Urmom333 - no reply from opp.
fabwooloo  vs  Pav1up - no reply from opp.
SOM/05  vs  IcyGas52 - act claim + missed schedule.
omicorio  vs  nonfoolnonfish - omi had missed scheduled time after scheduling with their opp, asked for extension after deadline but they had 2 weeks to get this done.
Rasenpou’s Meal  vs  FU SHUN HA - no reply from opp.
orijyn  vs  Blox - no reply from opp.
Uta The Clown  vs  LeCehlou - no reply from opp.
Yert  vs  Raymario Pokénic - no reply from opp.
Skelly10  vs  M Dragon - no reply from opp.
Joga  vs  BlazingDark - joga became inactive after some time.

Cherbou  vs  Anish_44 - no contact

JimmyLeSimplet  vs  LTNShadow - no contact

Cow_24  vs  Rosa cakes - no contact

WildfireTP  vs  dapperkid - both had contacted but didnt further continue to try and left it at a standstill.

SheelValia  vs  bbarkar - no contact

JohnR011  vs  CreepRow - weird scheduling, there weren't any specific times at which any agreed to play. It was simply scheduling such as "play rn, play weekend" sort of thing. Creep also messaged back but that was minutes before deadline.

Devyansh g  vs  Kidswillrule11 - no contact.

GT9  vs  dawn to the dusk - no contact.

JustTwoBeans  vs  Dhamx - no contact

Dflo  vs  Samqian - no contact.

r2 soon
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