BW Cup VIII - Round 1

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we were supposed to play on sunday but my opp never showed up for playing and also doesn't seem to reply for rescheduling
Calling Activity
My Opponent missed 2 scheduled time and not responded form last 2 days (proof in his Wall)
(i'm still trying to do it in next 4 days , will update if we battle)
Giannis Antetokommo-o over YoshiPichu7

New Matchup:
Highv0ltag3 vs Giannis Antetokommo-o

Activity Post. My opponent vanished from smogon

New Matchup:
TheAprilFool vs Mushfiq

act, opp hasn't responded
first dude.png

BIHI vs Gochan

[K-12] The Madchine over SupremeLord3

New Matchup:
[K-12] The Madchine vs Ophion

Samqian over Sailorgreatest

New Matchup:
Dflo vs Samqian

Knocked out the remaining subs and will make a further post tagging all inactives or those who have yet to contact.
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