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When hovering over the active mon on your team it shows a mix of the correct information for that mon and information for the mon the opponent has out. It shows their name and type, and their hp percentage, but your item, ability, moves, and current hp/max hp. This doesn't actually give you any information you shouldn't have, so it doesn't really matter but it's a bit odd to look at.
Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 2.13.59 PM.png

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Ignore spectators seems to be persistent regardless of whether I disable it or not. Once I get into a new battle, it'll be turned back on even if I turned it off in the previous. This is especially burdensome when doing help tickets.

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - CHAT (CLIENT) though I myself cannot recreate this anymore (DaWoblefet)
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I've recently noticed a major issue with the PS! Teambuilder that, for whatever reason, only manifests itself on the desktop client. For whatever reason, on this version of PS! exclusively, it will not allow you to add more Pokemon to teams created outside the current app session. Additionally, boxes revert to teams after ending a session (though this may be intentional, I haven't confirmed that.)

Teambuilder with 2 Pokemon on PS! Desktop Client:
Teambuilder with 2 Pokemon on Opera GX Browser:

I've also noticed a bug where if you create a team in one session, you have to Import/Export the entire team and press "Save" or else it reverts back to its last known form. This doesn't apply to the session the team is created in, and again, the issue is absent in the web version.
How to reproduce ("add pokemon" button missing):
  1. On PS! client, create a team of less than 6 Pokemon
  2. Close and reopen PS! client, go to the same team you just created (if the second bug didn't delete it)
  3. The "add pokemon" button should now be missing. You can still add Pokemon by directly manipulating the team's *.txt file, though this gets annoying and I'd like it fixed despite that
How to reproduce (import/export bug):
  1. On PS! client, create a team in any format with any amount of Pokemon
  2. Close and reopen PS! client.
  3. Go to that same team and change any/all Pokemon in some way
  4. Close and reopen PS! client again
  5. Go back to the exact same team. It will have reverted to its original form.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4, but this time after modifying your team go to "Import/Export" and immediately press "Save" before restarting the PS! client.
  7. Your team should now have actually been saved after the import/export workaround.
hope these steps help and I also hope that everything can get fixed in a future update.

Thanks for reading this entire post,
--CatzRule81 (PS! alt: CatzRule18).

BUG STATUS: FIXED by MacChaeger (actually this time)
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Z Grass knot (Bloom Doom) is incorrectly depicted as 100 in gen 7 and gen 8 battles on showdown.

It should be 160 base as documented on serebii; https://paste.ee/r/mvJ70; Showdowns “!dt grass knot command” correctly document it as 160 BP as does the showdown calc.

However in battle it is documented as 100 BP and certainly doesn’t do 160 base power damage. There’s also a discrepancy of 100 BP on the smogon description of the move: https://www.smogon.com/dex/sm/moves/grass-knot/.

I spotted a bug: Hoping to see it fixed.

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It's currently not possible to change the format of a team, as the dropdown to change it doesn't exist:

Checking the console gives this error:
Browser here is Chrome.

EDIT: this is working for me now

BUG STATUS: FIXED (hopefully, thanks for the report in case it comes up again)
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Not sure if this is a bug or not or if this is the right place to post this, and it’s really not a big deal lol but retroactive highlights seem funky.

Current highlight list (everywhere): hip ants
I also have highlight when name is said in chat enabled, yet when I reloaded after a dc (having received both highlights prior to disconnecting), this was what PS showed me:

Manually adding “pants” to my highlight list caused the second message to highlight retroactively after reloading.

Just wondering if this was intentional or not, I think its just that anything actually in your highlight list can retroactively highlight, but the setting to highlight on your own name cannot.

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - CHAT (CLIENT) (I think this is client) (DaWoblefet)
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I found a visual glitch, when Zacian took out my dusk mane I clicked on my dusk mane and it showed Zacians stats and said Zacian but it had my dusk mane's move set and base stats it like mixed them together. here's the screenshot and here's the replay if you need it.



Edit: So I got curious to see if it would happen again and it did, Then i was like does it only work on dusk mane? So I tryed other pokemon, it did the same thing, here are the screenshots.






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Apparently Knock Off doesn't proc when the user faints from recoil, as seen in turn 18 of this replay( Replays - Pokémon Showdown (pokemonshowdown.com) ). Is this a bug or not?

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, recoil doesn't prevent knock off's effect from happening. its specifically effects like rough skin and rocky helmet, like in the replay. (Dawn of ares)
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In this game (https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8vgc2021-1233979511), when Weezing is KOed mid-turn and Neutralizing Gas is deactivated, Rillaboom's ability Grassy Surge activates before a +3 Speed (Dynamaxed) Tapu Koko's ability Electric Surge, with no other field conditions such as Trick Room in play. This means that abilities did not activate in order of Speed after Neutralizing Gas deactivated, which DaWoblefet tells me is a bug.

BUG STATUS: FIXED by aviettran
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Hello, in this game, my opponent was able to see i had a Zoroark, without i used it, without damages taken, just when i sent him to the battle. I told it to Mia, who said i can post it here.
Illusion works based on the Pokemon in the 6th slot. So, in Random Battle, Zoroark is set to the level of the 6th Pokemon to make it effective. Dedenne was in the 6th slot in your battle. You swapped Dedenne and Genger, putting Gengar in the 6th slot. Thus automatically revealing you have Zoroark due to its level being different to Gengar. Not a bug; you simply didn't consider how Illusion works.
All my teams got moved to gen6ou_____ in the pic I attached I alr changed the top few teams but I have over 300 teams so if there's a quick fix to this i'd appreciate it over having to put them all back myself



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Apologies for not grabbing the screenshot cause I’m on mobile at work, but Dynamaxed Weather Ball in the sun lists the name of the move as Max Strike when selecting a move even though its effects, move description, Max Move effect, and damage are all correct. Not so much a bug as a tiny textual oversight.

found it in this game, even though it’s not too helpful cause I didn’t actually get the moves screen grab, but shows that when my Dmaxed Cherrim used Max Flare, everything was still working right. The move was just listed for me as Max Strike with a red move box and the correct description.


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I was in a NU roomtour and I watched a battle from the outsider perspective and as soon as the battle ended, this message popped up:

Not sure if that is normal or not, but I feel like that's a lot of messages telling me the same thing 3 or 4 times.
PS: I assume the replays where hidden in that NU Roomtour, but regardless, this shouldn't pop up that often, If I'm correct.

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I noticed that when you dynamax now, it changes the typing of max guard to the typing of the original move it's derived from. Is that intentional? I've heard conflicting reports about whether this is intentional or not, so I'm not completely sure if it's a bug or was made to be like this on purpose.





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For the longest time, I haven't been getting any battle sounds from the web client version of showdown. I am using chrome and have made sure that the tab and game sliders are not muted. I went to the site on both firefox and my phone browser with the same account and they both game me battle sounds. I have had this issue for about 2-3 months hoping it would fix itself with no luck. I can't really post a screenshot of the issue as it is sound related, but I hope I can receive some assistance with this.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, fixed by the user hard refreshing
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Umbreon in [Gen5] ubers- uses its BW move learnset, not its B2W2 moveset (give a level 22 umbreon confuze ray, will get error saying it cant learn it when in B2W2 it learns it at level 17, this is because in the OG BW it cant learn confuze ray until level 29, but the meta of [Gen 5] ubers- is B2W2

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In recent days I've gotten these links staying in on my profile, despite not quitting out of the battle rooms shown in the screenshot. It can be as long as it wants, and I have no idea why it happened. I'll also note I've taken 2 losses from the ladder after opening the browser for no reason at all. The links are gone, but the bug still stays there so I'll eventually take another loss after posting this. Anyway screenshot belo to showcase me having the link to the battle, but it doesn't show up at the showdown tabs..
Skjermbilde 2020-12-05 kl. 16.14.36.png

BUG STATUS: FIXED by Annika I think? idk
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So I tried to use /nick [my name] with an emoji, which didn't work. However, the strange thing is, when I subsequently posted in a chat (Lobby), I was blocked from messaging because my username apparently "Contains emojis, which this room doesn't allow." even though the emoji wasn't visible in my name at all.

I am guessing the server believed I had an emoji in my name, albeit not being displayed in my name.

BUG STATUS: NEEDS MORE INFO, particularly the emoji attempted to be used; I can't reproduce with a boat (⛵) (DaWoblefet)
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[ Context video ] Weird "d" glitch In teambuilder. It is the same on every Mon, except the illegal moves list because of different learn sets of course. Move also doesn't work in [gen8] custom game. [ Context video ]

BUG STATUS: NEEDS MORE INFO, the replay doesn't work and this is apparently a teambuilder glitch anyway? (DaWoblefet)
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