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Hello AG players, I have a quick announcement to make.

pichus is resigning from her AGTL position after leading AG for around 9 months. Those of us behind the scenes know how dedicated she's been in making the best decisions, creating resources, hosting tournaments and has acted as a key figure in the community and room for far longer than that. I'd like to thank her a lot for her contributions up until this point.

In her place, Guard will lead AG alongside me. He's extremely dedicated, active in producing resources and has great judgment. He's always taking initiatives to drive AG forward, he'll be a great leader and I'm looking forward to what he will do!

Thanks for all you've done pichus, and congrats Guard!


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I would like to personally thank pichus as well. Your welcoming and supportive behaviour towards me as a newcomer played a very important part in me ultimately investing so much in this metagame. You have shown consistent and admirable commitment to AG for several years, and I’m certain this metagame wouldn’t have been the same without (you just had to invent Assurance Zacian-C ;-;). AG has taken great strides into the right direction under your leadership; I can only hope to live up to that legacy.

Thank you!
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