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If I'd like to submit an HTML application, do I need to follow some format? I cannot seem to find it
After submitting a few articles the other day and seeing them on the Article Approvals, I checked there today and found nothing. Is this normal or did I mess up somewhere?
When will the answers for the Puzzle Page be posted? The article said the deadline was yesterday. IIRC, SwedishBiscuit asked this a few issues ago. In fact, none of the answers have been published for any Puzzle Page after the first one.


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Why is the new 'article workshop' forum accessible by guests? Isn't it supposed to be private? (The Media HQ one)
Not everyone uses the main forum page. I only browse the "Competitive Discussion" forums, so there's literally no point for me to check the main forum page. But thanks for being a dick about it anyway.

Even then, a sticky would have been nice.
lol bro way to edit in an insult after I see it. I don't see how it was dickish at all seeing how it was fairly self explanatory to most people to check the new forum and we dont need to make a sticky simply to accommodate your needs. Please stop acting self entitled in this thread, it's not the first time and I know some staff members are fed up with your attitude towards some issues.

Why is the new 'article workshop' forum accessible by guests? Isn't it supposed to be private? (The Media HQ one)
Article Workshop is basically the new The Smog, Media HQ is the new Article Workshop. Media HQ is the forum thats meant to be hidden from the public.

I'm going to lock this thread since a new one for AW forum should be opening up soon and I don't see any more constructive posts coming out here. If you guys got anymore questions and the thread still isnt up, feel free to shoot me a PM.
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