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[22:23:03] Zarator find EM or someone else to do Raging Shore NM reffed by you

Apparently zarator wants me to take Elevator Music and himself to referee and leave you two in pieces?

zar should confirm this is the case if it is the case before you two send teams. Otherwise never mind (and delete this post or something).

inb4 i jumped the gun by a longshot
Chapter 10, Part 2: Through the Eyes of Madness
I ran...

I could do nothing more, I don't really recall how long it took me, I just knew I had to get to the core of the shrine before Mewtwo released Armageddon upon the world. The Ebdomadarium...were they real? Everything seemed to point to their existence, but I think part of me did not want to believe it. I would have been happy, never knowing this would come to pass. To be truthful? I preferred the ignorance to the harsh truth.

At length, expecting a fight, I stopped. I used my portable PC device to recruit a better team to deal with the threat. I honestly don't know what I was thinking, picking that many fighting types. I suppose I just followed the pattern: If the Regis were the guardians, then I had only one left to finish.

I ran...

I ran, as fast as I could to beat Mewtwo to the Orb, to stop his mad plan. However, I think I knew, somewhere in the black recesses of my mind, that Mewtwo was completely right.

There was nothing I could do to stop him.

Inviting Dogfish44 to Shrine of the Old Gods: Heart of Madness (Hard Mode)

EDIT: Also taking the Quest The Reforging of Gygax
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Frosty: approved but next time please use the General Thread for such claims

FROSTYEDIT: Oh shoot sorry. I was insanely tired and posted on the first thread I could find <_<;.
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Do any decently experienced raiders out there want to give Raging Shore Hard Mode a whirl? It should be much more manageable with the Boss' HP drops and I need something to do while I let everyone else scout the new expansion haha. HINT: it's a pretty good way to bump up your rep with Bright Hope also. PM/VM me if you're interested.
It's close enough, if not already past time. Taking on Central Processing Normal Mode with Avnomke. I won't be taking the Programmer's Job, because I already have before (unless I can do it to get extra rep, in which case I will take it).
Looking for a partner to do CP Hard (Duck) Mode. Have a really good team with support and offense in mind, just need someone with a single decent support mon, a powerful fighting type attacker, and a couple mons that can cycle between fire/thunder/fighting moves.


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I, uhh, probably have the mons you're looking for but next to zero knowledge on raids. If you're looking for a partner that you'd likely have to coach through a good portion of it, lemme know.

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