Tournament Anything Goes Team Tournament IV - Won by Jackolotl


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Many congratz to Jackolotl team - the greatest AG team in this tour. This was a crazy experience for me, my first AG Team Tour and im very proud of my team. I would like to give special shoutouts to my Vietnamese friends and others for accepting my invitation to play with me in this tour and believing in me. Although this is the 1st time we have played together in a Team Tour but we made it to final : ) Thanks for carrying me. :blobthumbsup:
chemistry noob : You were the first person that came to my mind when i wanted to join AG team tour, also the greatest SS AG player i have met. Fun fact: chemistry noob hasnt lost to anyone in Gen 8 AG in this tour. You were the one who almost brought our team to the final and made winnings look easy. Sorry for making u feel depressed, i just cant beat them :( :psycry:
LogOffNow : When i was looking for a Gen 6 AG player, luckily you showed up and accepted the invitation. Thanks for playing that meta and u were the greatest help in building my gen 7 AG team for this tour. Something has popped up in your real life and that might affect your battles but hopefully it's not too bad and you'll get over it soon :woop:

Yanki Ken : Thanks for helping me test the teams and accepting a substitute for LogOffNow for 1 week even though you didn't get a chance to play your match because we already won lol. You will have a better chance to show your skills in the next tour, I'm sure.. I know how good you are lol :mad:

Pokemon Trainer 596 : My friend, I really want to say thank you for helping me check things and filter out my horrible ideas before all my battles. You're the only one cheering on my team but ye, sry for not winning this tour :( :row:
Nhanttt : shoutout to myself for playing not too bad in the whole tour ( i guess?). Sry team if i made u guys feel depressed
Thanks Cromagnet for holding a funny tour like this and sorry to others ppl if i was being rude or something.
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