Tournament Anything Goes Team Tour II - Won by Based Department (Skarph, Icemaster and Fardin)

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Welcome to the second Anything Goes Team Tournament. The tournament is open-signups, so the teams are picked among yourselves! Teams consist of three people each, so please choose wisely! Here are the general rules:

  • The tournament consists of teams of 3. Every team must have a captain. The captain must sign up on the thread, choose a team name, and tag their two teammates for the signup to be valid. Substitutions will not be accepted after the tournament commences. It should go without saying, but inappropriate team names will not be tolerated! I'll shuffle the order of the players on a team each round.
  • This tournament will be single-elimination. I will cap the number of signups depending on who many sign up, but the cap will be a number like 8, 16, or 32.
  • Battles are best-of-one, standard Gen 8 National Dex Anything Goes (Natdex AG) or Gen 7 Anything Goes (USUM) format. Formats are 2x natdex 1x usum and player slots will be locked on signup (the user in natdex slot 1 will play in that slot for the entire tour, the user in the usum slot will play usum for the entire tour etc.) Max number of teams for this tour will be 32 and signups will end on Sunday/Monday next week
  • You will also have a week to complete your battles, and extensions may be arranged if the situation calls for it. Replays are required.
  • General tournament guidelines
  • How to schedule
Please use this as a template when signing up:

Team Name:
Natdex 1:
Natdex 2:
Otherwise you can sign up as a free agent, and have someone else pick you!

Good luck and have fun!

1. I just got driver don't ban me for making this team: A Bread Sanwich, Kaitlyn, Tic-Tac-Toe-Guru
2. The Fun Gang: Unicorns, The Bomb, Satanic Beast
3. 3D is Overrated: PinkDragonTamer, Andyboy, Sitonai
4. 3 Natdex Mains: birds30, Nevelle, Geysers
5. The 2-1d: I Eat Snoms, Shinda, War Penguinz
6. Doesn’t Play Natdex: Shivam3299, fc04, cromagnet
7. We used to be relevant we SWEAR: Pigeons, Catalystic, PurpleGatorade
8. no stall: ADF Test, Wsun1, BaconEatinAssassin
9. tbd: Chloe, GL Volkner, MZ
10. バンドリ!: Ainzcrad, Aloopuriza, PA
11. No Fucking Evolve (NFE): Monsareeasy, Hys, Quagg
12. The Yeeting Intimidators: arifgoku, velvet, Frogger1387
13. The Based Department: Icemaster, Fardin, Skarph
14. Signed Up 4 Likes: 64 Squares, byronthewellwell, Skysolo
15. we can’t really play: Infinite Misery, arifin, Raj.Shoot
16. AGency: Praise luccarism, Metalkarp99, Arichwal
17. When we have an 300 mk exam coming up ahead: jerryl309, Discoii, Lithe Haze
18. Free Agent Team 1: Commander Drex, fropy, ag is ass
19. Free Agent Team 2: Lotiasite, Lysandre-Pyroar2020, Kira Uzumaki.
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