Project Anything Goes Player of the Week #4: Velvet

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Welcome to Anything Goes Player of the Week! In this series, I will be interviewing accomplished and respected Anything Goes players in the community. You will be able to ask questions and interact with these players by commenting in this thread. Interviews will be limited, but I am open to suggestions on Smogon or Discord. Have fun! Thanks to cromagnet for conducting this interview this week!

:Tyrantrum: Velvet :Latios:

Most known for

Managing for AGPL

Favorite Pokemon


Where did you get your name from?

I based my name off from velvet cake, but the name itself was taken already so I went with blood out of a whim. Recently got it changed to just velvet which I like overall.

How did you get in to competitive Pokemon?

I got into competitive around 2014 on PO and got into BW OU until XY came about is when I went more into the Ubers meta and slowly moved to AG when ORAS came by.

Favorite and least favorite generation of AG?

My favorite is definitely USUM as it allowed me to be more creative along with it being the gen I got more into AG. I enjoy making teams paired with under appreciated mons in the meta and love seeing other people create something in the meta like for example, psy-spam being introduced in the meta really brought enjoyment to me and a lot of users. My least favorite has to be National Dex AG. The meta for me felt so limited and sort of boring as I could not really have a variety of teams when I have to worry about the same mons being used whether if it’s threats or checks.

Thoughts on the current state of the Natdex metagame?

It is a pretty limited meta in terms of variety in teams, not much to say about it really. I am mostly just waiting to move on from it once the new AG format is introduced. I will continue to play it since there is not much else I am good at besides that.

Are you excited for the switch to Galar dex with the Crown Tundra DLC?

I am very excited for the new meta, I can't wait to build more teams on the new meta and I am very curious to see how a meta without arceus would be like so it can be either good or bad in the long run. I'm looking forward to see what kind of typing the fusion for the new mythical Pokemon Calyrex will be and how it will effect the new meta once it comes out along with the regis.

Favorite playstyle to use?

Balance, I am always used balanced teams in most of my AG games from seasonals to ladder. I am able to use HO as well as Stall, I just prefer balance overall.

Favorite game you've witnessed?

Definitely pdts first ag game this gen

What are your favorite moments from the big AG tours this year?

Stresh's first week loss from timer was something to see, but aside from that my favorite moment was managing over the Arceus team (my own). I've had good experiences and moments with the players on the team and the atmosphere was very friendly among each of us. As well as reaching semis in AGPL when being ranked last as a whole team and ranked last based on players in each slot, I had fun those short weeks.

What was it like managing in AGPL this year? Would you do it again?

I was nervous to manage a team for AGPL early on before the draft started but after experiencing so much with my team I have to say it was probably the most enjoyable times I've had in my ag career. I was and still am happy to see that we made it as far as we did and I am proud to have managed an amazing team. Thank you again to those who helped me during AGPL, you know who you are. I would like to manage again, but at the same time I think it's nice to give us others a chance if they are interested but who knows!

You have been a member of the AG community for a while; how do you feel about the evolution of the metagame over time?

I like that the Ag meta has grew more throughout the years, especially the community. When I first joined there weren’t many users who chatted in the room itself, but instead stuck with just laddering. Ladder has had some activity but grew naturally as newer gens came about. One thing I really liked in particular were that more tours are being made in the room rather than back then when there was no room tours so it had less discussions, but it made sense since there were not too many users.

Do you look up to any other AG players?

I really look up to Guardsweeper, he put so much effort in the forum side of the National Dex section including AG. The knowledge he has for Ag along with other natdex formats makes him a really respectable user in my opinion. I’m looking forward to what he brings out in this coming DLC batch of the new meta.

Any advice to new players looking to get started in AG?

Just have fun in the meta, don’t take it too seriously.

Finally, can you provide us with a team of yours and explain it?

:Arceus-Water: :Arceus-Dark: :Rayquaza-Mega: :Groudon-Primal: :Arceus-Fairy: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane:
(Click on team for import)

Basically it’s a defensive dusk mane dragon dance team, pretty standard overall but gets the job done when in gameplay. I’ve used swords dance dusk mane until recently Nevelle had used dd dusk mane vs me in a room tour and I thought that it was pretty smart of using dd it get the speed rather than attack, so I went with that route. Enjoy the free team :x

Thank you for your time, Velvet! Feel free to ask questions in the thread below!
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hey velvelvelvelvelvelvelvelvelvet

1. How much do u regret not buying urself in ndpl
2. Which is the most trash mon?
3. Which is the best player on the site across all tiers
4. Ur most satisfying victory?
5. If u wre the ag tier leader (tho ice and chus are doing it greatly) , what major changes would u like to make?
hello jerryl309

1. Favorite Mega
Mega Heracross

2. How is it like hosting Roa?
I like it a lot and wouldn't have known what to do if I hadn't gotten help from Jayi tyty

3. Favorite food
Milk Rice / Rice Pudding

4. would choice band ho-oh be good in Galar?
I think people will continue to use boots over choice band, but it isn't bad. Definitely worth trying out.

5. why is natdex ladder so boring?
Because I can't use vivillon anymore
hello Archiiiie17

1. How much do u regret not buying urself in ndpl
I didn't mind being out from doing matches in ndpl since I was a bit busy outside of the PL, but the matches I've seen were fun to see.

2. Which is the most trash mon?

3. Which is the best player on the site across all tiers
Aethernum <-

4. Ur most satisfying victory?
I have two cool games that I enjoyed: - lc open (later rounds) -the match that won me aglt

5. If u were the ag tier leader (tho ice and chus are doing it greatly) , what major changes would u like to make?
I like the way how things are going as they are right now, there's nothing I would change. If anything I am excited to see what things Chloe will do/bring for the newer meta coming in 2 days.
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