AG Anything Goes Ladder Tournament VI - Cycle 2 Signups

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Re: throwing
Shortly before the deadline for cycle 1, EntryHazardous forfeited multiple games at preview on their ladder alt, impacting the final rankings. Upon consultation with a tournament director and the AG forum staff, it has been determined that the rankings will stand, as this action does not appear to have been taken as part of a coordinated cheating attempt. EntryHazardous will, however, be disqualified from the remainder of the tournament and infracted.
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  8. Aglt6gcp Metros - 1770
Should any qualified player be unable to play, the highest-rated players who didn't qualify, June, who had 1799 in Cycle 1, and Hydro84 who had 1758 in Cycle 2 will be backups.

1729is56time was found to be boosting with multiple accounts and as such is disqualified from the tournament and banned from the 2023 AG Tournament circuit and will be infracted.
lasombralegendaria ghosted in a ladder tour game and as such is disqualified from the tournament and will be infracted.
ZorryCafé ghosted in a ladder tour game as such will is disqualified from the tour and will be infracted.

tagging Theia for infracts

Congratulations to the qualifiers! The playoffs will start soon!
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