Project Anything Goes Frontier! [on Hiatus]

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O' hallowed moon, take fire and scorch my foes!
Name: PainoGaming
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (-5)
Who am I gonna lose to: Icemaster if I cant beat or battle guard (my prediction was spot on wtf)
Discord#: Paino#9407
Frontier Members challenged, battle outcome and replay
icemaster, 'loss like a noob, literally got 6 turned swept like breugh
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are you bored yet?
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hello! i'd like to make a quick announcement.
Icemaster has decided to step down from this project and Nevelle has been picked as his replacement! Here's how the updated Elite 4 looks like:

Galar Dex Anything Goes - Guard
National Dex Anything Goes - Nevelle
USUM Anything Goes - BaconEatinAssassin
ORAS Anything Goes - Fardin

congrats to Icemaster on his stellar 29-3 record and good luck to all the challengers and the elite 4!
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