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(art by Albinson)

Anything Goes Frontier
Welcome to the Anything Goes Frontier! In this exciting tournament, the trainers face some of the best Anything Goes players in their strongest generation. The one who manages to beat all 4 without losing two games is crowned as the Champion of the AG Frontier!

  • You will get one attempt per 2 weeks to challenge the frontier.
  • Per attempt, you get two lives in total to try beat every member of the Elite 4 - you may lose to one elite four and carry on (if you beat them next game), but if you lose twice you fail the current attempt.
  • Sign up for each attempt you want to challenge the AG frontier. Your challenge will expire automatically 2 weeks after your sign up post.
  • The battles will be a Bo1 by default. However, a Bo3 will also be allowed if both players (Elite 4 member and challenger) agree to do so.
  • Elite 4 members will play at least 5 challengers every week. If the challenge is oversubscribed, battles will be queued, please be patient!
  • You need to report your wins / losses in this thread by editing them into your post. Editing in replays here is mandatory, and preferably right after your games. If you forget to do so, the frontier or the host is not responsible for any conflicts which may arise later on.
Other General information:
  • Scheduling may be done over Smogon or Discord. This isn't an official tour and you can't call act on an Elite 4 member ._.
  • Please understand that every E4 member has to play nearly 5-6 games a week and it may be exhausting for them. If you feel like an Elite 4 member is ignoring your battle requests then try to battle some other members. Additionally, you need to approach the Elite 4 to schedule your battles.
  • Towards the end of the attempt (2 weeks) - if you haven't lost your games and have already defeated the other E4 members, then message me so I can request the remaining E4 to formally schedule with you.
  • Smogon Banned and New accounts will not be allowed to compete in this tournament.
  • If there are any general queries then please feel free to ask me.

Introducing Anything Goes' Elite 4:

Galar Dex Anything Goes - Guard

- Anything Goes Tier Leader and one of the best current Gen 8 AG players.
- Finished with a combined record of 9-1 in AGPL and AG Snake.
- Generally an innovative and consistent player overall. Guard edit: lies

National Dex Anything Goes - Nevelle

- NatDex Council Member
- Performed well in multiple AG tours
- Had a 3-1 record in AGPL and managed the Sinister Shadow Riders in AG Snake Draft

USUM Anything Goes - BaconEatinAssassin

- Seasonal Winner and AG Ladder Tour Finalist.
- #1 seed and finalist of Circuit Playoffs.
- USUM SSNL Winners Finalist

ORAS Anything Goes - Fardin

- AGPL 2 winning manager and 2 time AGTT winner.
- Excels in all four generations of AG.
- Extremely consistent player with stellar tour runs and records in multiple AG team tours.

*elite four members may change as we progress further into the tournament*
Guard: GMT+1

Icemaster: GMT+0

Bacon: GMT+11

Fardin: GMT-5

Nevelle: GMT-7

Records and Replays:


Guard: 7-9
Icemaster: 29-3
Bacon: 11-3
Fardin: 16-5
Nevelle: 0-1

W vs Ainzcrad
W vs A bread Sandwich
W vs A bread sandwich
W vs yandre
W vs Rotten
W vs yandre
W vs Cielbakasan
W vs Frozoid
W vs AgentKeval
W vs Lotiasite
W vs Skysolo
W vs Zesty43
W vs Fc
L vs Maxomega
W vs Geysers
W vs agentkeval
W vs Nevelle
L vs Zesty43
W vs painogaming
W vs Jerryl
W vs pichus
W vs Nomz
W vs Mbouchon
W vs hgssanta
W vs hgssanta
W vs Satanic Beast
W vs Satanic Beast
W vs Discoii
W vs WSun1
W vs Wsun1
L vs Geysers
W vs Arctic
W vs Ciel
W vs Ainzcrad
W vs rotten
W vs geysers
W vs Wsun1
W vs Wsun1
L vs Geysers
W vs Maxomega
L vs Zesty43
W vs Shivam
W vs Nevelle
L vs Nevelle
W vs PurpleGatorade
W vs NB402141
L vs Dockiva
W vs Ryenix
W vs PG
W vs pokemh
L vs satanic beast

Signup Format:
ATTEMPT #<number>
Name: pichus
Timezone: GMT+5:30
Discord#: pichus#8988
Frontier Members challenged, battle outcome and replay:
Champion Hall of Fame:


oras sm galar natdex

Galar natdex sm oras

Good luck to everyone!
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Name: I Lack Cranium
Timezone: GMT-5
Discord#: WSun1#7725
Frontier Members challenged, battle outcome and replay:

edit: got 2-0d' by fardin in oras; lost to a 100% accuracy guillo in game 2 lol

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fly high
Name: Nevelle
Timezone: GMT -5
Discord#: Nevelle#1875
Frontier Members challenged, battle outcome and replay:

ORAS vs. Fardin (L)
ORAS vs. Fardin (W)
Natdex vs. Icemaster (L)

i rlly thought ice would bring double double ho-oh again ;;;;;
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Name: Geysers
Timezone: GMT-7 (oras sucks)
Discord#: Geysers#6331
Frontier Members challenged, battle outcome and replay:
beat guard gg
lost vs fardin (oras sucks)
won vs fardin (oras sucks good god this game was terrible)
lost vs ice I guess

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