Tournament Anything Goes Ban Happy Tournament (Won by baconeatinassassin)


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won against default0, gg
banlist was knock off, zygarde, yveltal and knock off

banning calyrex-shadow
banlist is what it says in the OP, I believe blissey should be in there bc you never gave me a 2nd ban before you played.
Always remember to check OP for bans or risk getting dq'd, the OP is official ban list.

skimmythegod gets activity win

Mbouchon & Bread Sandwich get coin flip wins (proof in ag roomlog if anyone really needs it)

skimmythegod Mbouchon Bread Sandwich give me your bans in the next 24 hrs or I will randpoke it. You can't battle until a 2nd ban is chosen or that game will not count.


Round 3
Ballfire  vs  lotiasite
jerryl309  vs  Archiiiie17
Shivam3299  vs  Bread Sandwich
Tic-Tac-Toe Guru  vs  skimmythegod
Mbouchon  vs  baconeatinassassin
WSun1  vs  Fc

Round Deadline is Sunday, October 24 at 11:59 pm GMT-4
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