Tournament AGTT III - [Won by i had a gf. I WON MIX AND MEGA OPEN INDIVIDUAL TOUR]

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Round 2

Wurmple Gang Fr vs 69% crit chance
SS: DoggoMan vs Ballfire
SM: BoticeMehSenpi vs Snoms
ORAS: EpicInfernape vs velvet

dont eat an apple so doctors are not jobless vs i had a gf. I WON MIX AND MEGA OPEN INDIVIDUAL TOUR

SS: The gaming attack vs Fc
SM: Shivam3299 vs WSun1
ORAS: rahul_3301 vs keys

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky vs everyone agreed for sure
SS: lotiasite vs AyMoosay
SM: Kate vs Satanic Beast
ORAS: chlo vs zioziotrip

We’re bringing full pass vs Nerd Gang
SS: Trade vs Swastik
SM: Farce Of The Death vs Rhmsitb
ORAS: Highlord vs skimmythegod

No Shaymin Losin vs Training in the Mountains with Sensei Dave
SS: Tic-Tac-Toe Guru vs BasedWhat?
SM: Android #06 vs Stone_Cold
ORAS: Skarph vs Basedburner

Zacian Waifu vs bye
SS: Icemaster vs bye
SM: blce vs bye
ORAS: StitChuu vs bye

(Proof of Pairings)
Placed one member from each team on smogon bracket maker to make pairings easier. (had two errors but that's fixed now)
If you have any questions pm me on Smogon or on discord at velvet#0286.
Deadline will be Sunday August 29th at 11:59pm GMT-4.
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ok so one member from a team has been banned recently DoggoMan EpicInfernape, luckily there was an extra sub so you will have a new teammate who can be placed into your team. Your new teammate will be BoticeMehSenpi.

Wurmple Gang Fr: DoggoMan, BoticeMehSenpi, EpicInfernape.

Your win will still be counted but next week depending if you win, lmk if y’all wanted to mix things with your slots and such. Talk it out together.
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