Tournament AGPL IV: Week Three

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Basic Rules to Follow
  • Remember that you must follow all rules found here.
  • You must schedule using Smogon VMs, as it is the easiest way for me to determine scheduling and activity for activity calls. If you are not able to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so that they communicate that to me or the other manager for potential substitutes.
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag me, the opposing team manager, and all players involved to make sure that everyone is aware. Players that have already played in a given week, or were already subbed out, cannot be subbed in the same week.
  • Any incomplete matches at the end of the week will be subject to an activity decision.
  • Replays MUST BE posted here so that we can keep track of usage stats (and all get to watch some awesome AG games of course!)

Streaming Sky Serpents (3) vs (5) Spheal Ordeal

SS: baconeatinassassin vs lotiasite
SS: Trade vs Crunchman
SS: kythr vs Dr. Phd. BJ
NatDex: FatFighter2 vs Nevelle
USUM: The Strap vs Andyboy
USUM: Alkione vs Alpha Rabbit
ORAS: keys vs QWILY
Bo3: Icemaster vs Fc

Crooked Crobats (5) vs (3) Limitless Lycanrocs

SS: Farce Of The Death vs Junaa
SS: Geysers vs Aberforth
SS: astralydia vs Rotten
NatDex: pdt vs Kate
USUM: SiTuM vs Paycard
USUM: cromagnet vs Satanic Beast
ORAS: Iguana vs chlo
Bo3: PurpleGatorade vs crying

Lion's Den (3) vs (5) Salt Mining Sableyes

SS: Swas vs Guard
SS: Skarph vs 80 yrs
SS: tier vs Lunala
NatDex: Ballfire vs zioziotrip
USUM: MZ vs Dockiva~~
USUM: Zenithial vs GRNBLN
ORAS: Lauriane vs Quantum Tesseract
Bo3: polt vs Highlord

The deadline for this round is Sunday, June 26th at 11:59 PM GMT -4.​
Week 3 predictions

Streaming Sky Serpents (3) vs (5) Spheal Ordeal

SS: baconeatinassassin vs lotiasite - welcome to the main event. two players that worked together to dominate agsd II now face off as opposing managers in their strongest gen. despite both getting upsetted week 2, I think this will be the most anticipated SS matchup of AGPL IV

SS: Trade vs Crunchman - the spheals said “it is time, we can not wait any longer” and played their ace in the hole: 2-0 lifetime AGPL record, The Crunchman. Trade had a rough start after facing 2 difficult opponents w1/w2 and will be hungry for the win here. this is not an easy first task for crunch and most people would favor Redat, but i’m crazy just like frankenstein (#432)

SS: kythr vs Dr. Phd. BJ - dual xern w1, expert belt etern w2, baconeatinassassin must be building for kythr! Dr. BJ won in very interesting fashion last week with the power of loading ferrothorn into a team that hates ferrothorn, getting crit on the exact turn they didn’t recover, and scraping by with their only hope left living at 1%. Whether they calculated this end game before they dynamaxed early or not is irrelevant, i will believe in their celestial power to win despite the jank

NatDex: FatFighter2 vs Nevelle - ff2 is like a dang eagle diving from the sky about to snatch its prey right off the ground (I don’t think a mouthful of kartana would be very tasty though). it feels like nev and fatfighter are on a similar level but i’m going to give it to ff2 because they brought all of the brokens and played perfectly last week / nevelle also has a life (O M L) = less prep time

USUM: The Strap vs Andyboy - this matchup will entirely depend on if ice plugs the strap my goth ray marsh x3 arc RMT. andy plays well and will probably have a good team though, which is why I won't hesitate bolding them here. This is one of the better usm matches that should be a good watch, just please no hyper offense

USUM: Alkione vs Alpha Rabbit - it feels like alkione played fine for their w2 usm game & just will-o-missed at the worst moment -> lose. Pain. meanwhile, alpha rabbit loaded the cheap pogre into dockivas mgar team which must have had a 97-3 MU… friendly reminder that toxic is so broken that kyogre runs it here. this match should be a good/competitive one. i’m bolding rabbit because they executed their last game well and are probably receiving better teams

ORAS: keys vs QWILY - it would be boring if i didn’t predict an upset, so, you’re going DOWN keys. qwily has been playing good imo. it was surprising they lost last week to QT after gaining so much momentum in the first few turns. in gen 6 your team could have 3 lum ekillers then 3 mons that lose to darkrai and if the wrong 3 are alive then you lose haha #ORAS. as for keys vs chloe last week, was the fire punch burn on lugia + toxic miss deserved for getting dragon tailed into ekiller? who knows… most would say it was way lucky for keys, but the game basically ends if xerneas gets rolled there because rocks will never go away. I thought that turn pretty much decides the game if there was no luck involved & it could have gone either way, but yeah, funny pokemon stuff. i hope keys vs qwily will be half as good

Bo3: Icemaster vs Fc - if you are thinking this matchup is going to be hype then think again! ice vs fc is the logan paul vs floyd mayweather jr. equivalent of AGPL. I don’t mean it as in either resembles these people, i am just stating that it will be lame but people will watch anyway out of curiosity. I hope it’s a trainwreck rotfl. i’ll bold ice because my predicts are 2-5 and i don't think it’ll be 2-6 by the end of the day

Crooked Crobats (3) vs (5) Limitless Lycanrocs

SS: Farce Of The Death vs Junaa - junaa won against baconator last week so i’d think their motivation is pretty high and they’ll likely do well for the remainder of the tour. farce has had some tough opponents and I get the feeling that things aren’t going to go well for them this week either. fun fact: dual xern was brought 2/3 SS games in the crobats vs lions series last week

SS: Geysers vs Aberforth - a word from our sponsor coors light:

The rocky mountains go down this country like a BACKBONE. We make our beer the way the fuck we want to and that’s what having a backbone is all about. You gotta have a backbone to make a light beer that looks and tastes like pee (idk what I just said either)

aberforth is the backbone of the lycanrocs

SS: astralydia vs Rotten - week 3 of how many non ag mains can stay undefeated… this should be an interesting game but i’m predicting astralydia because the OM main potential is limitless (or whatever fardin would say). rotten also came off a loss and changed from nd -> ss this week so they’ll be switching gears.. or something. i am mostly bolding because they can play BH though, built different

NatDex: pdt vs Kate - incoming mald. I don’t think the crobats expected kate to switch to nd here. i’ve heard pdt can play natdex, but changing to a crazier geo xern format than SS probably wasn’t the way to go. this is a good opportunity for one of these players to bounce back, it’s just hard to not see kate winning this

USUM: SiTuM vs Paycard - luck issue, glpc

USUM: cromagnet vs Satanic Beast - this would be a good time to remember the list of nicknames satanic beast once told me to refer to them as, but i unfortunately forgot. I expect a shameless offense from at least one party and a team w/ some nonsense arc from the other. cro hasn’t impressed w1/w2 so i’m going with EAC

Bo3: PurpleGatorade vs crying - you would think crying ss > pg ss and pg usm/oras > crying usm/oras but it might not be this straightforward. pg will probably recycle old gen teams which crying won’t recognize, crying will get passed stuff by will, and we’ll get to see if the lycanrocs bo3 change will work out or not

Best for last

ORAS: Iguana vs chlo - this is straight out of the final arc of an anime where the protagonist fights the big boss and everything is on the line in that moment. best of 1 ORAS AG, we might not see this matchup ever again but i’m glad to be alive to witness it. I am backing chlo because i love me a good grudge match. this will be FIRE
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Streaming Sky Serpents (0) vs (0) Spheal Ordeal
SS: baconeatinassassin vs lotiasite - hm i dont see this as a contest, i think bacon will sweep in all 3 sorry loti
SS: Trade vs Crunchman - er, trade is just far above crunch
SS: kythr vs Dr. Phd. BJ - kythr is just a far better player than bj imo and he been putting in a lot of work to improve in ss ag which is dope to see, as long as no unwinable mu, easy dub
NatDex: FatFighter2 vs Nevelle - hmmmmmmmmm, kind of an equal mu in terms of plays, but the strap has better support so going with him
USUM: The Strap vs Andyboy - same rason as above ^
USUM: Alkione vs Alpha Rabbit - same reason as above ^
ORAS: keys vs QWILY - same reason as above ^
Bo3: Icemaster vs Fc - same reason as above ^ but only for ss since ice is just a better pilot in usum and oras

Crooked Crobats (0) vs (0) Limitless Lycanrocs
SS: Farce Of The Death vs Junaa - hm i thought farce was a nd player. gonna go with junaa
SS: Geysers vs Aberforth - aber is just the better player here
SS: astralydia vs Rotten - lydia been on fire lately
NatDex: pdt vs Kate - hm they both pilot really well in nd but kate is one of the best builders in nd so gonna give her the edge here
USUM: SiTuM vs Paycard - both solid players but i feel paycard will use some crack head team and get a win from a surprise factor
USUM: cromagnet vs Satanic Beast - got to give it cro
ORAS: Iguana vs chlo - they both pilot around the same level but chloe will pull up with the better team
Bo3: PurpleGatorade vs crying - hmm i think this will be a sweep for pg

Lion's Den (0) vs (0) Salt Mining Sableyes
SS: Swas vs Guard - guard
SS: Skarph vs 80 yrs - why is skarph is ss what the fuck
SS: tier vs Lunala - i think luna is just the better player here + more experience in ubers/ag
NatDex: Ballfire vs zioziotrip - ziozio who, ballfire will win
USUM: MZ vs Dockiva~~ - hmmm pretty even mu. i would say this is the first 50/50 mu of this week, honestly cant pick between the 2, both are super good at usum
USUM: Zenithial vs GRNBLN - this will be a sweep soz grn
ORAS: Lauriane vs Quantum Tesseract - hmm, if lauri is motivated and focuses on the game, she should play better and get the win
Bo3: polt vs Highlord - ik polt just won the money tour but highlord should have a relatively easy time to take this series, just be prepped for cheese
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