Tournament AGPL IV: Finals [Won by Lion's Den]

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Basic Rules to Follow
  • Remember that you must follow all rules found here.
  • You must schedule using Smogon VMs, as it is the easiest way for me to determine scheduling and activity for activity calls. If you are not able to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so that they communicate that to me or the other manager for potential substitutes.
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag me, the opposing team manager, and all players involved to make sure that everyone is aware. Players that have already played in a given week, or were already subbed out, cannot be subbed in the same week.
  • Any incomplete matches at the end of the week will be subject to an activity decision.
  • Replays MUST BE posted here so that we can keep track of usage stats (and all get to watch some awesome AG games of course!)

Spheal Ordeal (4) vs (4) Lion's Den

SS: lotiasite vs polt
SS: Dr. Phd. BJ vs Ballfire
SS: Holy Ghost vs tier
NatDex: Nevelle vs Royal1604
USUM: Andyboy vs MZ
USUM: Alpha Rabbit vs Zenithial
ORAS: QWILY vs Lauriane
Bo3: Fc vs Skarph

The deadline for this round is Sunday, July 24th at 11:59 PM GMT -4.​

swag god

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Spheal Ordeal (3.5) vs (2.5) Lion's Den

SS: lotiasite vs Swas loti being the upstanding citizen they are shouldn't take a loss to someone whose name expands to make a religious symbol, appropriated by nazis
SS: Dr. Phd. BJ vs Ballfire dr blowjob should have this even though he lost to inder
SS: Holy Ghost vs tier both are probably frauds cba to predict
NatDex: Nevelle vs Royal1604 royal won last time but nevelle is better and prob wins
USUM: Andyboy vs MZ i'd smoke both but this is pretty 50-50 i give edge here to mz
USUM: Alpha Rabbit vs Zenithial should be a close match might actually watch this one
ORAS: QWILY vs Lauriane qwily needs to rmbr to win, if they do they've got this fasho
Bo3: Fc vs Skarph Fc is having a decent tour but who would i be to go against skarph
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2 teams that didnt accept my special SKOOMA offer for support so im going ham on both and be brutally honest.

Spheal Ordeal (5) v (1) s (2) Lion's Den

SS: lotiasite vs Swas l- both good players. i believe swas had better feats this agpl than loti, but when push comes to shove, loti always steps his game up for finals, im going with him here
SS: Dr. Phd. BJ vs Ballfire - both good players, but phd had an insane run this agpl, he will probably close strong
SS: Holy Ghost vs tier - both are good players but hg has more experience in ubers and i think is just a little but better overall as a player so i favor him.
NatDex: Nevelle vs Royal1604 - nev will once again establish himself to be > kate, and will take the crown.
USUM: Andyboy vs MZ - genuinely a 50/50, both are super similar piloting wise and both can pilot a lot of different teams. the mu im hyped for the most
USUM: Alpha Rabbit vs Zenithial - i think both are equally good pilots but the support for zen is insane with skarpy
ORAS: QWILY vs Lauriane - i think qwily is the better player here but a bit less experiences with some of the dumb rai sequences and shit that can be taken adventage, if they chose an ho with enuf lum that also deals with giratina, i think its an easy dub unless zay just builds an insane mu
Bo3: Fc vs Skarph - the skill difference here is a lot, i genuinely think this will be a wash in all 3 gens, but ss is like a 60/40 and oras is oras so the chances are there for an upset
Love post!
starting off w my goat, Skarph ! It was an honor to meet u, wholesome asf and defo the goat of AG, good lord did u carry. Ty for giving me the oppertunity to play for you and hopefully we play again in the future! :)

My second manager pichus !! Another wholesome goat, it was fun to meet u and have some cool conversations, pls learn time zones tho… Another goat id love to meet again

Now to my fellow German. Ballfire u suck. That’s all I have to say. Love u tho! Ty for not making me feel crazy talking about BS always

I’m starting to realize we have way too many people..

polt ur cat avatar is cute! Ik u r the best and holy duck the secure during finals was fire

Nineveh sorry for starting random beef that one week LOL, ur a goat for holding down ORAS all tour. The competitive energy was fire

clean Cam Jordy cheer leader squad was flames!!

Swas god damn you held down SS all tour like a goat, lowkey wish you coulda been there to have ur finals carry moment but I’m honored to have played w u!

MZ Zenithial Royal1604 Rhmsitb while we didnt trade the most words y’all are fire for securing ur wins and me and MZ shining in the Tb!!!

WSun1 Seldanna ty for the weeks u provided me teams. The week 1 double xern and the finals team were both fire

some out of team shoutouts FU SHUN HA my biggest hater and my biggest supporter, much love my brother. Ewin for who the fuck plays AG ( fr ) and my bro QWILY free W bro

also this airfare kid wanted to be added, stay free much love
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