Tournament AGPL III - Semifinals

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Amazing Art by sleepyzen!

AGPL 3 Sheet
Replays Thread
Basic Rules to Follow​
  • Remember that you must follow all rules found here.​
  • You must schedule using Smogon VMs, as it is the easiest way for me to determine scheduling and activity for activity calls. If you are not able to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so that they communicate that to me or the other manager for potential substitutes.​
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag me, the opposing team manager, and all players involved to make sure that everyone is aware. Players that have already played in a given week, or were already subbed out, cannot be subbed in the same week.​
  • Any incomplete matches at the end of the week will be subject to an activity decision.​
  • Replays MUST BE posted here so that we can keep track of usage stats (and all get to watch some awesome AG games of course!)​
  • Managers: Please send your lineups in the order that has been posted below in the following weeks as it will just make it easier for me going forward.​

:crobat: Crooked Crobats vs Limitless Lycanrocs :Lycanroc:

SS: Geysers vs pdt
SS: Frito135 vs Crunchman
SS: Fc vs lotiasite
NatDex: Ainzcrad vs Kate
SM: GRNBLN vs Unicorns
SM: SiTuM vs Satanic Beast
ORAS: mc56556 vs chlo
BO3: PurpleGatorade vs WSun1

Reminder that Laprases gets a bye in semifinals for having the best RR record and advance to finals directly.
Deadline is one week, August 8th 11.59 PM GMT -4​
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SS: Geysers vs pdt - depending on who supports pdt, not sure what to think of the match ups on preview. Knowing geysers, he always backs down from a fight vs someone he considers to be better so there is a high chance of a cheese that wins him the game on preview or losses it. Kinda hard to call but if the mu is remotely even, I'm 100% giving this to pdt (stop clicking tho bro smfh)

SS: Frito135 vs Crunchman - interesting mu but im going with the ag main here.

SS: Fc vs lotiasite - I think fc is the better player so he should win, but the lack of effort he been putting into this tour makes me think loti has the better chances.

NatDex: Ainzcrad vs Kate - heat mu but Kate is arguably a top 2 Natdex player rn

SM: GRNBLN vs Unicorns - gonna go with grn here, he just brings the better teams and has more sound plays to me personally

SM: SiTuM vs Satanic Beast - SiTuM is kinda goated at usum

ORAS: mc56556 vs chlo - this isn't even a debate, unless no espeed on Mray ::

BO3: PurpleGatorade vs WSun1- kinda close mu but as long as purple gets a solid support from his ss, he has a 50/50 chance winning there and I think he has the edge in Usum and Oras. Could go either way tho

They are total shit but don't ban me I have stopped drinking now.

:crobat: Crooked Crobats (6) vs. :lycanroc: Limitless Lycanrocs (2)

SS: Geysers vs pdt - Imo Geysers is a really, really experienced player, and so is PDT, but imo Geysers has the upper hand here because they were drafted by the SusBats. Even though Geysers is having a not-so-good season rn, I expect them to bring something good and fresh and win this. As Fardin said, this is more or less gonna be gg team preview, so Geysers show 'em the goated teams (and plays) mate.

SS: Frito135 vs Crunchman - Uhhhhh I don't play AG so I am a total noob so I looked up Crunchman on Replays, and found this.
Wait nvm that is some fake Crunchman, anyways, Frito is the real goat here imo, teams are always nice and the plays are also extremely good, so rooting with Frito here.
E: LOL that's no fake Crunchman, that's the dark past of Crunchman. But yeah they have improved a lot since then x]x]x].

SS: Fc vs lotiasite - Fc reacted to two of my posts with a Love react so lfgi Fc. But in all seriousness, this is close and I’m rooting with Fc because they’re the goat here.

NatDex: Ainzcrad vs Kate - Iirc didn’t Kate hit a fucking Fissure that also from a fucking Groudon? That’s some signs of being a goat so rooting with Kate here.

SM: GRNBLN vs Unicorns - gonna go with Uni here, they just brings the fancier teams and has more sound plays to me personally

SM: SiTuM vs Satanic Beast - SiTuM the real GOAT after the God’s Skarph and pichus.

ORAS: mc56556 vs chlo - I expect another non-Extreme Speed Rayquaza-Mega, so I’m rooting with MC here. Anyways MC is nice overall, gonna be interesting but let’s see.

BO3: PurpleGatorade vs WSun1- I think that PG has the better hand in ORAS especially, and ngl Will is a goat in likewhoring (and USUM too, but that’s gonna be a like-for-like matchup), so I’m rooting with the person who’s got a cooler name? Idk this is gonna be extremely close.

In the end y’all are so goated man, whosoever wins wins but coming to the Semi’s is also a big big feat, give your best and get this!!

Thanks for reading no hopes here I know you enjoyed and draft me next AGPL <3
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it must be the answer
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Cromagnet is posting dummy thicc Omni-Man with "AGPL playoffs" written on his ass in what is CLEARLY Microsoft Paint and big muscular furries cooking with some dumbshit caption stolen from r/SigmaMale idk how any team can compete with the Crobats.



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Predictions -
SS: Frito135 vs Crunchman
SS: Fc vs lotiasite
NatDex: Ainzcrad vs Kate (sorry Ainz but you might get bodied)
SM: GRNBLN vs Unicorns
SM: SiTuM vs Satanic Beast
ORAS: mc56556 vs chlo
BO3: PurpleGatorade vs WSun1

Tiebreak Predictions:
SS: Fc vs lotiasite (decider game)
SM: SiTuM vs anyone else
BO3: PurpleGatorade vs WSun1
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