Tournament AGPL III - Finals [Won by the Lottery Laprases]


Few will truly understand.
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Really glad to win this tour esp after failing to reach playoffs multiple times, couldn't be prouder of my teammates, all of you proved ur worth many times over.

Skarph Your play in usum is insane, and you're definitely underestimated in the other two metas especially given how much you helped the rest of us in those metas. I'm glad you were adamant on bo3ing in the tiebreaker since you showed up big time. Watching your games is a treat, hopefully see you next ag team tour.
Trade from a 4.5k none ag player to 7-1 and featuring in the finals tiebreaker, youre definitely MVP of the tournament to me. I already knew you were good at mons in general, but damn lol. Thanks for carrying me alongside skarph in the final TB, and hopefully someone predicts in your favour next ag tour xd
keys thankfully I didn't trade you away this time. ORAS is definitely one of my weak points so going into the draft you were one of the people I definitely wanted to get and it paid off. Grats on your record.
Staxi you had a really impressive start, sorry for slotting you into a tier you dislike lol. I still maintain that you're one of the best natdex agers and I hope you keep signing up for ag tours. Good luck with SCL fdp
FatFighter2 Alongside trade one of the two people I really wanted for galar and knew would be cheap, given how great you were in UPL and your randbats skill. You played really well, I hope you get into SCL, you deserve to. I also hope you get therapy for your obsession with a certain pokemon.
64 Squares You're very skilled in general and after seeing your ag classic run I knew you'd make a formidable usum core with Skarph. Good luck with SCL, hopefully we have a great match when we play.
Rotten I'm surprised I got you for so cheap, you have a lot of AG knowledge and enthusiasm. Hope you're not disheartened by your record, you had a few unfortunate things happen but I still think you're great at AG. Hope to see you in future ag tours.
Maple you're pretty underrated and I'm gl I could pick you up as a Sub option. Going 1-1 against Jerryl with limited ag experience is pretty impressive, my b for not slotting you in more though.
RaJ.Shoot I know you were pretty disappointed with the result of your game but I know you're a great player regardless. Thanks for being a great chat presence and my bad for not being able to slot you in again to allow you to come back from the loss.
Tony thanks for agreeing to manage with me, your drafting advice and help with regards to act calls etc was super useful. Good luck with SCL

Finally thanks to all the helpers in our discord baconeatinassassin Fc Fardin especially and also saba Zayele. With how close the finals were no doubt any extra help went a long way

Ggs lycans, you guys were strong and kept it close all the way through

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