Tournament AGPL II - Week 5

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Alright last week of the regular season and boyyyyyyyyyyyy do I have some anticlimactic news:

byronthewellwell vs TrueNora
This game will be deadgamed due to a variety of factors that ultimately lead to this game not being done. The cliffnotes are that TrueNora scheduled with Alkione to play but Alkione was not online for the scheduled time. However, Alkione missing the scheduled time was not communicated to the opposing managers until roughly 30minutes later, by a 3rd party at that, at which point they made a substitute (almost an hour after the scheduled time), but TrueNora had already gone offline and could not play after the fact. Failure to effectively communicate between the managers and the Pichus inability to play a substitute coupled with Alkione missing the scheduled time mean that the game couldn't get done. As this was the fault of both teams, an activity win awarded to either side would not be justified and this game will instead be deadgamed.

Skysolo vs DonnotheFirst
This game will also be deadgamed since neither player tried at all to schedule with each other; no substitutes were attempted from either side, and I was not contacted at all by either teams managers about players not being able to play. This should not be happening in a team tour period.

This absolutely sucks to have playoffs placements decided by people not playing their games so I cannot stress this enough but PLEASE GET YOUR GAMES DONE AND SCHEDULE PROPERLY GOING FORWARD, USING SMOGON VMS IS THE EASIEST WAY FOR ME TO SEE CONVERSATIONS AND MAKE CALLS.

This means that the Teams going into Playoffs are:
1 - :sableye: Salt Mining Sableyes
2 - :arceus: Abyssal Arceus
3 - :pichu: Precious Pichus
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