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So rand time yay! Tbh this agpl was enjoyable for me personally even after the bullshit that happened in my team. And for that i quickly want to thank pichus. You pretty much made my experience alot more enjoyable, always showing support towards us and always tried to do ur best helping us. Every week u came to help Which really motivated me to keep trying. And yeah u picked this rando up with only like two somewhat solid results in ssnls. So again thanks for that, i hope i showed somewhat potential and ended up 4-2 this tour with help from u and another person i want to say thank u to.

That person will be a fren mine being uwumaster523. U helped me out, Supported me and just came every week i needed u to. I personally cant think of words to thank u except saying thanks alot! We were on opposite teams but u still didn't give a fack and helped me out.

The rest are alot quicker tbh dont want to make a 100000 words rand.

Nora just a chad weeks 1 till 3 loved seeing how open u were towards ur team and really hyped me up.

Hunter tnx for being Also open towards this rando and coming during finals even tho after everything that happened.

Peeps not on my agpl team and isn't ice that helped me alot are tnm,ax,Joey,jake and gambit always showingm support always coming when i was nerves/wanted to get my head into natdex ag. So again tnx.

And yeah Just wanted to post this more so for myself just to feel a little bit better ig. And yeah i am prob teamdumping next week depending on when i feel like it.

Tnx for reading this rand and grats to sabs
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Galar AG was quite the meta to roll into this AGPL. At the beginning, I found it to be very difficult and often frustrating to build for a tier that doesn't exist, and I think my teammates will attest to that. However, I eventually got into the rhythm, and with some help, I was able to build for the meta. The Sabs didn't have the greatest showing for AGPL in Galar, going 1-4 over the regular season, but I think we still made some solid teams that'll be a decent start in beefing up the meta since it's popping up in other tours, like OM snake.

(Click on teams for the paste)

Week 1 vs Crucify
This week was perhaps the most difficult to build for. I believe it wasn't even a week since the DLC came out so what little meta there was, was completely shaken up. This team was based on an ubers squad I had used in the days leading up to the DLC's release. The team was full of broken threats like Exca, Lunala, Zacian, and DD Dusk. Add Dmax into the mix, especially for necrozma, and this team became very threatening. TTar is there for hazards, sand setting, paralysis, and as a check to etern. Quag was put in there for improofing vs ditto and a check to Zacian. With that defensive core to back them up, the 4 sweepers can do their thing, with specs Luna softening up the opposing team for Dusk Mane, Zacian, and Exca to sweep. Specs Luna is a standard set, although I wish I used Moonblast > Focus Blast to hit mandibuzz. Excadrill is the standard LO set with shadow claw to lower defenses of checks like rotom-w and quagsire. Dmax Dusk Mane is the main attraction to this team, and I made this set a quag killer with photon geyser as well as having heat wave to bust through corvi and skarm. Overall, I accomplished one of these techs in my game, I was able to take out Crucify's skarm with max flare.
Overall, the downfall of this team was haze quagsire, so Dusk mane wasn't necessarily a quag killer in this instance. Overall, this team was a safe choice full of threats in a completely undeveloped post-DLC meta.

Week 2 vs Alkione
Shivam took the reigns week 2 with this hazardless screens HO. I still figured that HO would be the way to go in this volatile meta, and screens had been a favorite of mine for a while. Grimmsnarl is the best screens setter rn, with its immunity to prankster taunt, stellar typing, and access to prankster taunt and t-wave. The spread enables it to live adamant Zacian behemoth blade behind reflect (s/o Fc04) while having some SpDef investment. Lunala is there to help improof alongside prankster T wave from Grimm, and also for momentum. Ditto is necessary as a check to sand and other HO teams. The other 3 mons are main sweepers and screens abusers. The Dusk Mane set is similar to the one from last week, but I opted for knock off over heat wave in order to hit lunala, since the other members can take care of and pressure dusk mane's checks. It still can act as a quag killer with photon geyser. The zekrom set is my true quag killer, since Dmax outrage kills standard quag from full at +1. Zekrom was my single most annoying mon to deal with this tour, so I thought it would be interesting to use it myself. Finally, I stepped out of my comfort zone and used SD zac over my usual agility on this team since I have screens to avoid getting destroyed by exca and dugtrio (which is non existent in AG, but I just wanted to be safe week 1).
Overall, this team had a fantastic showing. Shivam got haxed really badly using it at the worst possible time. Alkione crit his Zekrom through -1 attack, dmax, and reflect, which prevented it from doing anything significant. Shivam also brought it back, only to miss a heat wave from ditto at the last chance to win. I think the team is very solid, although a bit outdated, and was subjected to unfortunate hax during the game.

Week 3 vs Geysers
This week did not go very well for me. I decided to bring rain because it was wildly underprepped for by a lot of players. The core of Peli, Drednaw, and Seismitoad was very powerful as a rain core. Ditto was there to beat HO and copy misc threatening mons. Primarina was put on the team after much discussion as a check to etern, to improof the team, and for momentum. Lunala was originally specs but was changing to safety goggles since Geysers had a venu sun team he liked in Galar Cup that I wanted to prep for.
However, Geysers did not bring that team, so overall the team did not have the power needed to break his mandibuzz. Furthermore, the combination of specs lunala and ferrothorn of Geysers' team was very bad for this team, as Shivam3299 told me "just hope he doesn't bring specs lunala or ferro". Well, he brought both. Overall, I overprepped for something specific and it really hurt the team this week.

Week 4 vs Pichus
Zesty took the reigns of playing Galar from here on out, while I took the sidelines and built. This week I wanted to roll with balance for the first time. I took an idea of Zac + Goth with knock off Dusk Mane to remove any shed shells from Quagsire and built around it. It's a very standard balance with Dusk Mane as the Zac check, Chansey for hazards and to check etern, Corvi with defog and to check Excadrill, very standard. Etern was scarf to revenge that pesky Zekrom since most balances without excadrill have issues with that. The general way this team was to be played was trap the zac check with goth and go crazy with SD zacian.
Unfortunately, the team was met with a rough rain TR matchup, rather than the standard balance it was meant to beat.

Week 5 vs Mysterious M
The final week of the regular season we finally picked up our first win in Galar Dex AG. Funny enough, this team started out as half meme half serious team I threw together after Week 1. I found it frustrating that there were so few defog options available so I decided to roll with an unorthodox fogger in Conkeldurr. Conk offers immunity from status, the ability to 2hko common walls like pex and corvi, strong priority, knock off, and defog all in one slot. I threw on Lunala to lure in mons like Chansey so that it can pivot into conk and pick up a strong hit. Defensive Lunala works very well as a utility mon too, with wisp to stop setup from stuff like Zekrom. Tyranitar and Quag are there for the defensive utility they provide. I really like Yawn on quag to prevent setup and spread sleep, very nice set. Zacian and Zekrom are there as the offensive mons to sweep once Conk softens up the team. Is conk the optimal defogger? Probably not, but this picked up the Sabs one victory in Galar AG. In my opinion, all those losses were all good as long as Conk pulled the win.


I don't know where you would use these teams, so this is more of a record of this great AGPL. These teams could for sure use some upgrading in sets and adding boots to mons like quagsire. Overall, we didn't have too good of a showing in Galar Dex AG, but I'm grateful for the AGPL experience, and I'm hoping to pick up a couple wins next time!

Overall, as a closing word, I want to recognize all the OM goons, xavgb Andyboy highlighter perfect minun aesf Highlord Leru GL Volkner Birds30 & last but not least Jrdn. You guys all fought the good fight and made us champions, couldn't have asked for a nicer team.
A special shoutout to the galar AG squad Fardin Zesty43 WSun1 Fc04, thanks for all your ideas and feedback throughout all these weeks. It was very difficult for me to build for that lone galar slot without any other slots to test with in this unplayed and undeveloped metagame, but you guys helped tremendously. An even special-er shoutout to Shivam3299 for the excessive testing, invaluable help, and prep for the teams and really helping to get these teams done and optimized, even though we never did use dual zekrom or butterfree webs. Thanks for everything goons, this was an unforgettable experience and I hope to see you all next time!

Edit: also s/o to pichus Pigeons Icemaster and anyone else involved in the planning of AGPL, you all put on a hell of a tour and thanks for including Galar AG, even if it made me want to rip my hair out at times.


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Ok first off, huge s/os to Fardin for just about everything that happened this tour. Way before this tour even started, me and the other om "goons" were trying to figure out a way for us to team together just once for the experience, knowing it probably wasn't going to be possible in ompl. We kinda badgered you and other managers in sometimes not-so-indirect ways to try and put the team together. I talked to some others and agreed that going into the tour, if you made the om goons possible, we were going to tryhard the tour and make sure to win. For you to use your first managing experience to forgo drafting longtime friends and ag goats and instead take a risk going all in on om players many of whom had never touched ag was something we couldn't be anything but grateful for. But putting the team together is far from where it stops. You learned natdex ag in a day and pumped out multiple well-prepped teams for us to choose from each week. You personally made resources to help us learn the meta, you were incredibly active and supportive throughout the tour, and the amount of effort you poured into just about every slot was not something I've seen from any player or manager in a pl. The storyline of om guys dominating their way to an agpl championship doesn't happen without the guy in the back playing an enormous role in just about every win. Ok w that out of the way im gonna go ahead and post fardins teams w/o permission


I said I'd build, and did build quite a bit throughout agpl, but towards the later weeks I gradually realized that fardin's teams were just way better. That being said here's all the teams I built this tour (most are fardin-inspired since that was my reference point for builds but I also came up with a lot of cool techs that i dont want to just go to waste):


Week 2 vs Staxi (W)
:Ho-oh: :Arceus-Water: :Marshadow: :Zacian-Crowned: :Necrozma-Ultra: :Groudon-Primal:
Probably my favorite team to use in ag (made by the one and only fardaddy). The main breakers, Zac-C and NDM don't require dmax so you can save it for marsh or waterceus which are really scary with it too. Ho-oh Pdon waterceus is a solid af defensive core, and scarf marshadow is just about the best anti-cheese mon you're gonna get. Theres a few problem mus but its a great team overall especially offensively.

In the actual game, I got a really good mu where ZacC removed ndm for free and then unecro pretty much won after dmax was out of the picture. Ogre was a little scary but I managed to get the right sequence vs it and came out on top.

Week 3 vs Felucia (W)
:Arceus-Grass: :Arceus-Water: :Ho-oh: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: :Rayquaza-Mega: :Zacian:
The one team I used that I actually built myself! This team has a lot of cool techs I didn't get to showcase in my actual game. SD Arceus-Grass is the main one - It works the same way as SD groundceus, but it sets up easier on defensive don, actually forces out waterceus, and compounds as a passable zyg/pogre check, which are exceedingly rare. One huge appeal of this set is that it destroys broken ladder teams like smeargle smashpass spam -- it's immune to spore and breaks sashes with bullet seed. Groundium regular zac was a tech I think highlord came up with? that I thought was really cool and built with it before realizing its a known set. Idea was to lure ndm for band ray to click. Either way it has a niche in getting past all ndm and pdon while being much much easier to improof than zacc (jk it sucks). Heat wave on dm seems weird but I was expecting ferro based on prep and that wouldve been alot more annoying otherwise.

I was a little confused early on when playing my game but gradually got a hang of my opponents playstyle and barely scraped out a w. I had seen my opponents exact team in replays so I knew what to expect most turns, although they changed a couple things that threw me off hard, like LO ray to sash ray.

Week 4 vs Ainzcrad (L)
:Zacian-Crowned: :Zacian-Crowned: :Yveltal: :Rayquaza-Mega: :Ho-oh: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane:
This teams very powerful it has 4 extremely busted mons and a hooh + dm core. The yveltal set I brought to the game was super wack but its been changed to be a better set. The idea of double zacc + ray is you waste their dynamax and then they're helpless vs dd ray or sd zac. The improof is good enough that you can get away with this, and the fact that yveltal pretty mcuh always gets to dmax on this team is great.

This was the one full om goons loss :'( Basically my idea was that I was never fogging vs webs, so I could pick off 2 mons w ray early on and let yvel handle the rest as the zacs were useless vs webs. Draco miss sucked early on then he makes a good play and hards xern knowing I dont wanna lose my ray for nothing. Turn 8 if im +Atk i definitely go for the roll (naive doesnt kill), plus espeed kills after. Also thinking moonblast gets him guaranteed reward, whereas anything else lets me back in the game. Losing ray likely loses on the spot for me so I try harding hooh to whirlwind, and he gets me once again and geos and wins. Looking back I shouldve went to the other zac on shuckle and CCd the don to secure the pdon kill. Also couldve just ascented but if he moonblasted I think I still wouldve lost after without insane luck anyway.

Week 5 G1 vs Bacon (W)
:Arceus-Water: :Ditto: :Eternatus: :Groudon-Primal: :Rayquaza-Mega: :Zacian-Crowned:
This week fardin had gone into overdrive prepping like 10 to 15 teams that he said were all good vs bacon squads so I trusted him and picked out basically the 3 teams I liked the most and this was the first. We'd played aorund with tspikes + refresh arcwater builds but the problem with those is that you never really get to actually poison pdon and toxic etern does that v well while handling random other stuff too. Ray zac ditto don rounds it out idk theyre all broken good.

My etern looks insane this game as only his hooh checks and thats not really a check. I think I manage the early game fairly well but pretty soon he gets in ray on my arc water and things get interesting. From my scout ive been told to expect +spe rays so i recover to scout the set but it's band and after going zac suddenly i pick kthe next time it comes in. I get a nice string of plays, bluffing band vcreate and getting waterceus. He goes groundy and I just want either dmax out of the way or chip on it (which sets up for etern later) but he doesnt dmax and I get a lucky crit and then he cant win.

Week 5 G2 vs Bacon (L)
:Arceus-Dark: :Arceus-Ground: :Arceus-Poison: :Kyogre: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: :Rayquaza-Mega:
Another sick team with a bunch of broken setup sweepers that also fulfill defensive roles, this time with LO ogre for the first( ?) time. I wanted to run boots twave dm to catch a potentially assurance zacc on this time but ye yet another sick build from fardin the man does not miss.

Probably the biggest choke ive made in a tour ever lmao. After seeing groundceus turn 3 im thinking i only need my groundceus and poisonceus to win. I gladly take the ray groundy trade cause its the only thing stopping either of them (besides ditto ig) and from there i pick off mons 1 by 1 with groundceus. He sd's at one point with ditto and claims 3 but i still get to keep the two mons i need. Slowly the game becomes groundceus + poisonceus vs ditto + hooh. The dumb thing was I had played this exact scenario with fardin just before this set and i easily won that by randomly clicking buttons. All i needed to do was cm less than twice and click appropriate coverage move (or recover) whenever hoohs in and attack whenever dittos in and its a free win. Wont call this one hax cause he def deserved the win.

Week 5 G3 vs Bacon (W)
:Ho-oh: :Arceus-Water: :Marshadow: :Zacian-Crowned: :Necrozma-Ultra: :Groudon-Primal:
The team I planned for g3 had some glaring flaws so I just decided to recycle a tried and true team. Ray zac beats down my team real fast so I made sure to play aggro early on and got a lot of turns right. He played well but the way the sets worked out I didnt have to make any too risky plays past a certain point and got the bounce back.

Finals vs Monsareeasy (W)
:Zacian-Crowned: :Rayquaza-Mega: :Zygarde: :Lunala: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: :Arceus-Fairy:
Fardin was saying throughout that WP zygarde was the move, and built several teams with it. Made some very last minute changes before my match that ended up completely saving my ass in the actual game. The zac was originally sub sd, the ndm was toxic, and the arc fairy was cm thunder in the version I pasted an hour before the game. We ended up deciding that sub sd is bad so sd wild charge was the move, knock ndm would be better to beat hooh, and after +2 max lightning did 80 to a hooh I decided to switch fairyceus to fire move to be more consistent vs ferro/ndm/zacc.

The day before the game I asked birds30 for a friendly and the man brought hard stall. Ended up learning a thing or two and I'm pretty happy with how I played the actual game vs arctic. Was able to gradually condition him to stay in with shed vs fairyceus, and kept chans low enough at many points so that a random switch to it wasn't likely to happen, and got the shed. Got a few other good reads that slowly swayed the game in my favor. Twave chans on stall caught me by surprise but it ended up not mattering too much. Idk I've played arctic in other formats and he didnt seem to be the most comfortable w stall as opposed to other stuff, especially ag stall so I definitely capitalized on mistakes here and there.
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whew, dont really know wat to say imma just start giving out some shoutouts to my team and to everyone who helped us in random order. its long tho sorry

Jrdn - hands down one of the best player in the entire tour. fact that you went for so low is a huge shame and i regret not just straight up buying u instead of trading. I think you're like 9-1 accros both agpl and had one of the tuffest match ups in our team facing icemaster, skarph in a bo3 and etc. if you go for less than 1xk next agpl, shame on the community ;;;;

aesf - another really underrated player. you've figured out natdex extremely quick and almost all of your inputs were extremely helpful when picking teams and fixing them up. you've been really helpful testing and just an amazing presence overall. also did i forget to say ur extremely underrated by a lot of people fsr? ur another easy 1xk+ player that i would buy again without a heartbeat lol

Leru - from winning ompl the first time we were on the same team to winning agpl now, it has always been a pleasure teaming up with you, tho you should've at least let me know how big of a web u are, not cool bro. since u are one of the best player in the whole tour, i decided to give u probably the hardest task of jumping from usum to the mess oras has been this tour and you have delivered really well. you only went for 6k which is still the biggest mystery for me but that shit bound to at least double by next year if ur still around. you got us some very key wins and been a huge part of the good team presence. hope to be teammates with you again in the future.

Highlord - as a certified old gen goat, you had along with leru one of the harder tasks this pl by going into oras. without really playing much of oras at all, you've managed to build two really really consistent teams and it had really nice mu in both games u played. due to having 16 players, i didn't get to play you much sadly but you would be an amazing oras pick for any team in the future. defo another steal this draft.

Birds30 - i feel really guilty for not having the chance to put in some weeks despite drafting you, but you've been really cool in our team. but you need stop flaming with the replay of me losing to 6 marsh ._.

perfect minun - another teammate i didn't get to play much against. i know you haven't been around natdex that much but still picked shit up really fast and built some really cool teams which got a comfortable win for us. just as the rest, you were yet another steal this draft

GL Volkner - mr.voltdarkrai who picked up oras in the spam of 3-4 days and decided to fuck around and win a game for us in a really dominating manner. once again another player who i really wanted to play, i feel guilty because u are easily starter material. uve also been an extremely huge boost in team presence and a super nice user/player in general making everyone feel really comfy in the team. 100% steal

Zesty43 - early week you had one of the toughest match ups in the whole tour playing pg in bo3 and zen in usum. both came really close and ur record overall does not reflect at all how good of a player you are in general, but i think everyone knows this. i would 100% pick u up again any time.

cromagnet - u are one of the mvp in the team. galar might not have been going the way u wanted it to, but every single game was really close. i gave you the hardest task in the team to build for an essentially theorymon meta, and i feel bad for not really be able to help u a lot in it due to my lack of knowledge in the tier. thankfully fc04 and shivam were there to help you, but you have been doing an amazing job every single week trying to come up with something heat and i really appreciate that. your record does not reflect how good of a player u are and i would once again pick u up easily.

Shivam3299 - u've been huge help in usum and especially in galar with cro. I only got to play you once in week 2 for galar, in a tier u have not had any experience prior to this tour. despite that, you made a really huge effort that week to learn it asap and come up with something solid with cro. Unfortunately, due to a late-game heatwave miss, you lost from a guaranteed W in a really well-played game. any team that picks u up in the future would be really lucky.

xavgb - i hate you for choosing me this shitty pfp, but i also love u for being such a goat and natdex and picking shit up mad quick. by week 3, you were able to build a really solid team, but it wasn't good enough against the threat of timer ;;;;;;;;; i don't know why the fuck let the managers let me get a player of ur caliber for a mere 5.5k. arguebly one of the biggest steals this tour and i would be very very surprised if u don't go for at least double or triple next agpl if ur still around.

Andyboy - did i call stresh one of the biggest steals this tour? i seem to have forgot that this beast of a player went for THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED..................what in the actual fuck. same with stresh and the other goats, you picked up natdex mad quick, already peaking ladder in a couple days of laddering? your inputs and tips for the teams were key in a lot of games, especially in finals because you were really adamant towards taunt yve, and it has been the mvp of that game. overall amazing player and easily the biggest steal this draft.

WSun1 - one of the fucking mvps for usum. I will admit i did not know that you were actually a top tier fucking usum player coming into the tour. uve been the biggest help in usum hands down every single week. giving straight up page long guides in usum for our players to look over who might not be too familiar with the current meta. even i learned a couple things i did not know about. I genuinely think ur a top tier usum builder/player and i really regret not giving you more playtime this tour so people can actually see how solid you are even vs the best ag has to offer. hopefully i get to see you in more ag tours in the future

highlighter - oh boy. after losing to u twice in ag open and omgs, i knew i had to cop ur ass. you have probably went thru most of my bs cause some weeks we changed teams like 3-4 times cause I didn't really know what would work best but thankfully with our tests every week, we managed to always pick the right one and went undefeated ><. ur a super easy going dude and you were down to use w/e i gave you without question, which boosted my confidence a bit since u trusted so much. fact that you went for 4.5k despite being so established in ag tours is just not something ill ever be able to understand. huge steal.

Racool - one of the usum goats. really regret not having the chance to play you, but you were also pretty busy with university too which always should come first. we played a lot of usum games prior to the draft together, and u still got it lmao. easy pick up for any time in the future if ur still around.

for people outside sabs

BaconEatinAssassin Icemaster - prior to agpl, only teams i used for tours was u 2's. arguably top 2 builders in natdex. when i came into first week of agpl, i did not really know how to build at all for natdex so the first thing i did was to go the ssnl finals thread and analyze all 6 games you two played carefully. i would be lying if i said most of my early week teams i built were not hugely influenced by you two. hands down one of the bigger pioners for natdex and hope to see you guys have more success in tours. also thank you for all the tests. i played easily at least 50-60 games with two of u.

Catalystic - starting from week 4 up to finals, you supported jrdn in usum which has got rid of a lot of weight on my shoulder. you have been really helpful in other slots as well with ur inputs and i really appreciate u helping us this tour. unfortunate that ur team couldn't make playoffs but hopefully that will change in the future if ur still here

Thimo HunterStorm - idc what people say, still 2 of the greatest ag players who ever touched this meta. this agpl did not show one bit how good u guys are and people quickly forget the success u two had in the past, especially that ag open finals in 2017 when you two faced each other. biggest pioners of ag and you guys been huge huge help early weeks of oras for us.

Pigeons Geysers pichus Zayele DonnotheFirst Tack :] TheCoastsOfToast Gmansour20 (>.<) Fc04 Velvet Blood PinkDragonTamer and a bunch more who i cant remember rn, srry >< ty all for helping
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I wrote a really long post but then my ipad browser completely crapped out and reset it, so I’m sorry if this is shorter than it should be. Huge thanks to Bread Sandwich, PinkDragonTamer, Sitonai, Velvet Blood, mc56556, and the rest of my teammates for a great AGPL.
Special thanks to Bread Sandwich for helping a bunch with my teambuilding program.

E: woops didn’t realize I was on a stab suspect alt looool
E: bonus points to anyone who can figure out where / whether those teams were used
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Here's my team dump for AGPL if anyone is interested:

(click on the sprites and titles for the team and replay.)
WEEK 1 vs skysolo

This team is an edit that skarph made to a team that i used against pichus in the usum cup, i thought about recycling teams. I didn't really know what to expect from skysolo since my last match against him in AGPL 1. I thought he would bring a team with Mgar, so I used this one, as I said, skarph made him a little edit of the original team. This is a solid team , m-ray + ultra necro are the main wall/stallbreakers of the team. then Pdon as a check for Xerneas, Pogre, Poisonceus, Rockceus etc. Darkceus CM to try to sweep as well, but it can also be checked for ultra necro. Fairyceus standard set, defog, toxic for check zyg, darkceus, marsh, tytar, etc. and finally Tyranitar chop berry since the team is some weak to Mgar focus blats.

WEEK 3 vs thimo

This team is recycled from my match vs skarph in usum cup. I expected stall or baton pass. so I decided to recycle this team. the main idea is to sweep with m-ray or zyg and with goth I remove arceus support. the arceus support of the team, Fairyceus standard set for check marsh (especially if it's scarf, as it can be annoying) zyg, tytar, etc. Poisonceus for fairy types like xerneas, fairyceus, also is the stealth rocker of the team. and finally darkceus for ultra-necro, necrodusk, etc. the team is some weak to Pogre waterspout.

WEEK 4 vs Kaitlen (BO3)

I wanted to build around Pdon mix with eruption. I wanted to bring something that was not expected of me. Pdon could be a good wall/stallbreaker for his special attack + desolate land + BP 150 eruption. so ferro was necessary for waterceus, groundceus and Pogre, since Pdon is not defensive, it is very vulnerable to these poke. the next poke is m-ray dd standard set to try to sweep. Add poisonceus because the team was somewhat weak to xerneas geo, also with whirlpool p song it could help vs waterceus, ferro, dusk mane (without z move), and other arceus support. after darkceus to check ultra necro, he is also the team's deffoger. and fairyceus standard set but now it's also stealth rocker of the team, check marsh, zyg, etc.

well, another team shot with dd ray, not much to explain. dd ray as wall/stallbreaker, also lunala specs and xerneas geo with hp rock. dusk mane for check xerneas, fairyceus. also is the stealth rocker, darkceus and waterceus as support.

WEEK 5 vs highlighter

I won't share the paste since it's not my team. i felt bad, so I didn't build any team.

Shoutouts to everyone on rais, was a real pleasure to play, I had fun, and I'm sorry for losing. i suck at mons. anyways thanks for reading.

And here teams that i used in usum cup and some teams to build for fun.

Hasta luego~~
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so unfortunately i wasn't as active as i would've liked to be this agpl because of my final year high school exams (HSC in sydney) being a thing, and so i didn't really get much time to build or help. i also had a really poor record (attributed to hax a lot but also bad playing on my part). nonetheless, i'll share a few teams i built/played with. i built a few of them on my own until i realised that bacon is a 9000x better builder than me and i could actually win with his builds, so some of them are his (i'll say which ones)

Week 1 vs Staxi (L)
:zygarde: :ferrothorn: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :gengar: :arceus-water: :arceus-dark:
this team was built by me. it was initially built around the idea of dd zygarde + tspikes eternatus, which i really liked the idea of. unfortunately, eternatus didn't really work out so ferrothorn was put over it for spikes and not losing to kyogre. the rest of the team just falls in with encore gengar being something i really wanted to try out, but in this game honestly it just felt so weak to dynamax that it wasn't as good as i had hoped. as you can see in the game, there's a glaring weakness to whirl perish arceus that can be fixed by putting changing perish darkceus to whirlpool. my way of winning this game was to waste dynamax with encore gengar and then trap the perish waterceus with gengar afterwards, but my foresight is unfortunately not 20/20 and i lost this game.

Week 2 vs Bread Sandwich (W) (built by bacon)
:ditto: :eternatus: :ho-oh: :arceus-dark: :ferrothorn: :necrozma-dusk-mane:
Bacon just posted this among like 10 builds one day in the chat and i rolled up vs bread sandwich with no team prepped and no team in mind. thank god bacon is a god builder so i just jacked this team and 6-0ed on the spot. this team is really fun, between meteor beam eternatus and a really solid defensive core it's solid in the meta. this game went about as well as i could've wanted; meteor beam eternatus had a 100:0 matchup and i had perish darkceus in the back to deal with any of his sweepers. particularly, this was the week when our team realised that perish darkceus is the answer to all problems in the universe, so it's something you'll be seeing quite commonly from this point forward.

Week 3 vs Zayele (L) (built by bacon)
:kyogre: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :zacian-crowned: :arceus-dark: :groudon-primal: :ho-oh:
this team was built by bacon. i had really wanted to use calm mind life orb regular kyogre after witnessing chloe destroy everyone in her path with it like 10 times over, and in general zayele's builds looked really weak to it. i was absolutely correct, and this game is part 1 of hax-contingent depression. kyogre had a fantastic matchup and just needed a setup opportunity, so twave ndm was used to try and generate some free turns. unfortunately, the gods did not smile upon me that day, or any other day really, and a double twave missed sealed this game. if twave hit, i am quite sure kyogre set up right there and ended the game, but we hax was quite rife that week so what can i say about the series as a whole

Week 4 vs Chloe (L)
:necrozma-dusk-mane: :ho-oh: :eternatus: :zacian-crowned: :zygarde: :arceus-water:
i was quite scared to go up against chloe because every time i go up against her in friendlies she brings some genesect omastar steelix shit vs me and 6-0es me every time. regardless, i had a pretty good idea of what i wanted to bring because i thought i could take advantage of her generally passive building style. i actually built this team myself and it's pretty bad in general, extremely weak to kyogre, etc, but it worked specifically for chloe. i particularly wanted to use subcm waterceus because it really took advantage of chloe's general tendency to use cores like ndm / hooh / ferro, setting up on all three and really delivering a hard hit to her defense. the rest of the team is pretty basic and is trying to go for a 3 offense / 3 defense core. from preview i identified that the zac/xern core could really overwhelm my ndm and that i needed to be careful with that. i also identified that my waterceus would go absolutely crazy if i played it right and got rid of ray first. unfortunately, twave ndm struck again (or i guess it didn't strike...) and missed vs the zacian on the sd. this screwed up my entire gameplan, because i had to dynamax after that to get rid of zac. if i had dynamax while setting up with waterceus, the game probably ended after ray died because it could set up against hooh / ndm / arceus-ground. xern living on 1% and then the double thunder hits were a bit gut wrenching tbh, because if any of those didn't happen waterceus still probably won. i definitely didn't play around xern to the best of my ability (spdef hooh couldve taken more hits) but unfort sometimes the game doesnt go your way, and chloe is a g so sometimes i'm ok with that.

Week 5 vs Andyboy (L)
:magearna: :yveltal: :groudon-primal: :arceus-ground: :arceus-dark: :necrozma-dusk-mane:
so im pretty sure by the time i played in week 5 we had already lost the week, so i wanted to boss up with some nice and juicy baton pass. unfortunately, zacian-c is pretty much the biggest offensive threat to mag bp, and this man had two of them. cm ancient power groundceus is a meme, but i wanted a ditto-proof sweeper that could also beat ho-oh. the ancient power would've worked if i had pulled the trigger properly but i'm bad and didn't. also had to hail mary the non-whirlwind ho-oh, which worked against chloe, but not against andyboy apparently. bad team, built by me. i knocked andyboy out of 2k on ladder like 3 days before this game so that's what matters yes

overall, agpl was a really fun time, but i am sorry to my team for having a bad record and i blame myself for us not making playoffs when we definitely should have. getting haxed a lot was definitely pretty sucky to have to sit through, but nevertheless i'm glad to have been part of a great team environment again. not a coincidence that the only time i won was with a bacon team.


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this agpl has been an absolute blast of an experience. it was my first team tournament in any meta, and i truly enjoyed it. although we lost our strong early momentum and missed playoffs, i could not be more grateful for being on a team with some of the greatest players in ag and such nice people overall. before i post my team dump, some shoutouts:

Skarph - thx for being a superb manager and for drafting me, despite my relative lack of tour experience. i know that this agpl did not go the way you wanted it to, but i really enjoyed talking to you and getting to know you better
BaconEatinAssassin - having you on our team was nothing short of a blessing and i can confidently say that your building support was the reason why I was able to go 3-1. i was so impressed by your willingness to go into the nitty gritty of every single team—analyzing every possible weakness and ensuring that there is counter play for any conceivable threat. i've learned so much about the meta and mons in general from you. keep on killing it bro, thx for being such a g
default0 ADF Test l'habitat - thx for always being down to test. coming into agpl, playing test games outside of ladder was a relatively new concept to me, but i'm glad i learned how helpful it is. between you three and bacon, i've played at least 30 test games and they've been nothing but fun and helpful
lotiasite Dockiva~~ GRNBLN YaBoiJD Mysterious M - to the rest of the rais, thank you for being such supportive teammates. it's been a blast playing alongside all of you and i look forward to seeing how you do in future tours

Week 1 vs. byronthewellwell (W) replay
:zacian-crowned: :groudon-primal: :arceus-dark: :arceus-fairy: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :kyogre:
coming in to this, we were not quite sure how to prep as byron is an ubers main and was new to natdex ag. i was pretty adamant on using life orb dynamax kyogre, having witnessed its raw destructive power and how difficult it is to check it. i ended up testing a primitive verision of my final team with bacon, and he made some edits and touched it up to be more solid overall vs ygod and dd zyg. the matchup ended up working out heavily in my favor - byrons only counterplay to my ogre was his ferro, which ended up getting one shot by +1 max geyser after some chip. his lugia also posed a threat, but i was able to capitalize on byron's missplay in whirlwinding my dynamaxed ogre, and continue my sweep from there

Week 2 vs. Geysers (L) replay
:zacian-crowned: :yveltal: :arceus-ground: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :diancie-mega: :arceus-water:
in hindsight, not exactly sure what we were doing w this team. we knew that geysers liked bulky balances and mmy, so we built w timid zacian and whirlpool perish waterceus. also for some reason we thought diancie would be cool?—bad idea. we ended up being outprepped by velvet blood, who advised geysers to bring lunala, despite our team's heavy darkceus usage. of course, this ended up being the one week i didn't bring darkceus. despite this, the game was pretty even until a key turn where i sacked groundceus against specs lunala, depite it being the mon i needed the most. this turn ended up costing me the game, but kudos to geysers and vb for their prep

Week 3 vs. Ainzcrad (W) replay
:rayquaza-mega: :xerneas: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :arceus-water: :arceus-dark: :kyogre-primal:
i based this team off of the very strong offensive core of dd ray, primal ogre, and xerneas. i was able to make some key plays early on with darkceus, which allowed me to eliminate mmy, the biggest threat to my team. i then proceeded to have a field day with primal ogre, taking down half of ainzcrad's team and sealing the deal. interestingly, i did not use xern or ray the entire game, but i think that's a testament to how strong primal ogre is against bulky balance cores

Week 4 vs. Arifgoku (W) replay
:rayquaza-mega: :arceus-water: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :arceus-dark: :kyogre: :arceus-ghost:
at this point, the ag community was starting to realize just how busted lo kyogre was. despite this, i decided to bring it again anyways, seeing as the only solid defensive counterplay at that point was calm mind waterceus. took my wk 3 team and tweaked it slightly, thinking "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". this strategy ended up paying off as my ogre took out 3 of arifs mons. a key pblades miss ended up helping me alot—even thought it was likely a roll to kill my ogre, the buildup of life orb recoil would've took out my ogre and allowed arif to keep his ray alive. after that key miss, it was gg at that point, and i played safe for the win

so thankful for the great experience i had in this agpl. learned so much about mons and got to know many great people. i look forward to seeing all of you around!
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Kind of late cos i'm lazy but here are the Galar AG teams I used this AGPL:
(Click sprites for team, click the headings for the replays).
Week 1 vs Frogger (W)
For week 1, I wanted a solid, flexible fat team because I was not too sure what Frogger would bring. This is an edit of Fogbound Lake's old SS Ubers pre-DynaBan team with a Blissey on there. Mandibuzz + Blissey is a very good core for covering the majority of special attackers, and phys def Mandi checks Marshadow, Necro after it has used up its Dyna, and gives me an immunity to sleep powder. Zekrom is shuca because I saw that Frogger had some Duggy usage previously. Ditto rounds out the team by giving me an option vs HO and helps act as a band aid check.

Week 2 vs crucify (W)
Pretty basic sand fat but with Hydreigon >Skarm/Corvi. I picked this because I wanted a ground immunity that was not too passive and didn't let Zekrom set up for free. Since he brought Bliss the week before, I teched on taunt to prevent Bliss from recovering vs me, forcing it to take sand and rocks chip if it wasn't boots. Hydrei also gave me a secondary specs Lunala check, since it can easily kill ttar with one prediction. TTar had foul play to prevent stuff like Zekrom from setting up on it for free. Tanga was just for last ditch Twave vs Volcs. Since I was not running a steel bird, I decided to run Balloon Excadril to ease MU vs opposing sand driller. The Etern spread is weird but it let's me always OHKO Zekrom from full, speed is to creep base 100s, and rest was dumped into bulk.

Week 3 vs L'habitat (W)
Reshiram was picked because I noticed that L'habitat was mainly bringing fat with Mandibuzz as his spdef mon, a structure which Reshiram easily pressures. The speed is enough to creep ada Necro and the rest is dumped into defense to make body press a bit stronger. Hippo was brought as the Zekrom check and Fling was teched on Blissey because I noticed he liked scarf defensive Lunala.

Semis vs Martha (W)
I did not have much to go off for this week, so I decided to build around Mewtwo as it shreds a lot of balance builds. Psystrike and Fire Blast alone already destroys fat balances reliant on Blissey + Necro + Steel Bird/Ferro cores, and Nasty Plot helps Mewtwo to break through Mandibuzz. Hurricane allows Mewtwo to gain a speed boost, notably outspeeding even + speed Kingdra in rain after a boost. Agi Zac gave me an out vs more offensive team, as did scarf defensive Luna.

Massive s/os to Fogbound Lake for helping me test and giving me input throughout the tour, DNNP for helping me prep for semis, crucify and Icemaster for helping me prep for finals, 64 Squares for getting me to sign up, pichus for drafting me, Ainzcrad for being a chad, and the rest of the pichus for the experience. I know our team kind of fell apart due to drama and people just disappearing, but we still managed to get to finals, so I think we had a really good run all things considered.
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kinda long overdue but here is a team dump. i don't think I've ever really preped and built for a tour before to this extent. prolly built more squads in this spam of 7 weeks than the past 4 years combined. idk if that's a good or bad thing ;;;;;

i will just be posting pastes that i gave to my team and give a quick summary of my thoughts on them and how i went into prepping vs the opponent's builder.

Week 1

this was arguably my hardest week out of all. I've had a decent run in ag ssnl prior to this but i was using 1 sample from ice the entire tour and a stall thimo built back in January lol. I knew ice would build for at least 2 of the natdex slots and kaitlen would round it out as the last one. i was doing some hardcore learning from the recent ssnl final between ice and bacon just to get a good grasp of natdex and what would might work vs ice. i quickly noticed that ice was very bulky oriented when it came to his teams. apart from the occasional deo ho which he rarely uses, especially in a bo1 scenario, i had a good idea of what he might bring. my goal was to just build overall solid balances with a solid offensive core that would just hammer thru generic def cores along with some tiny techs with sub xern and physical poger and etc. vs kaitlen, i knew she loves her fat but i also know she can be a versa builder if she trusts her teams. stresh did a great job at scouting her and decided to go goth which had a really good mu in that game. not much to say here. andy decided to go with the mage pass and it worked out well there too.

Week 2

didn't know much about guard before this week but after scouting his previous games and other tour games, the stuff I built last week had pretty good matchups. i decided to build around a bit different def and offensive cores, and this week is when i developed a fetish for ditto. i kinda went overboard with trying to be versa. i personally like all the squads i built for this week but looking back at them now, they could've been improved, but it really gave me a good starting point for future week's builds.

Week 3

this week, all my natdex players built for themselves so ill just be talking about the team i brought for vb. multiple pdon has always been a core that usually has a really good mu vs most teams used, but its rarely ever seen. i noticed how awfully weak geysers and vb's team are to mixed pdon with like any generic def core. scarf mray just nicely rounded out the team as a zac revenge that also beats pdon while remaining strong af. Im really sad about this because moment i killed gengar t1 and saw the mu pdon had, i got way too complacent and made some dumb blunders in this really good mu. my fairy ceus still could've won end game but the toxic yve tech ended that plan too. really sad about this game but shit happens ;;

Week 4

due to some stuff, i didn't really do much this week apart from a double zac build which me and aesf built.
for my game, it was a pretty dumb series with like 10 50/50s deciding the g3. i was preped for thimo teams and assumed pichus got no subs cause nora wasn't in line up, so when the sub happened, i just had pulled up with some consistent teams. messy series but thankfully my team carried me.

Week 5

i was looking forward to this mu because i was really confident in out prepping bacon. he loved his multiple arc balances with a kind of generic yet really consistent offensive core. early in my scouting, i found out how weak he was to LO toxic/dyna/flamethrower/recover ete so i knew i wanted to build a couple teams around that. didn't try to be too outlandish with the teams cause i believed if i just gave an even mu to om goons, they will take the W. main idea behind teams were to just force dyna with mray or zac and then let the dedicated post dyna cleaner to win pretty comfortably. sounds really simple but it worked really well

one team i want to give a more in-depth explanation would be the gengar one jrdn used. team is pretty self explantory. with no dedicated zac check, it makes people more comfy with bringing in zac which lets ur own ditto thrive. having a water arc with ho-oh seemed plenty to me since it makes the opponent hesitate when clicking behemoth. gar simply traps dm or any other mon that might be annoying with destiny bond. cm water arc rounds out the offensive core really well and chansey is one of the best baits with teleport + ditto vs offensive mons. this team heavily relies on plays and jrdn played absolutely perfect to get the w.


i was expecting some really generic balances this round with mray/zac/dyna user with a basic def core just due to what they have been bringing past weeks. got to give credit to pichus cause the stall monsa brought was 100% out of my expectation. it seemed extremely cteamish, but it had a nice mu in the game vs aesf. my builds have been working well thruout the tour so i did not decide to really switch up but promised myself to use dd zyg cause it has been an annoying mon to our builds and wanted to give it a try. andy was really adamant on taunt yve for his game so i built a squad around that and as it turned out, taunt was absolute clutch there so huge s/o to him

er i dont want to get into the other slots i built for because it would be too long and I'm too lazy ;; ggs everyone and hope to see u next year if we haven't quit this game yet oo
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