Tournament AGPL II - Manager Signups

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by HanSoloIndie
There will be 6 teams and the tournament will have 5 weeks of round robin and 2 weeks of playoffs (not counting any potential tiebreakers). That places the end of the tournament sometime in early-mid August. All teams must have one manager available from early June through early August. If you know you won't have access to the internet at any point during that time, you will be able to pick out an assistant manager from the players you draft to act as an assistant manager.

Note: Assistant Managers can only come from the player pool.

If you want to manage a team in AGPL II, make a post below to apply. Managers will be decided by the tournament host, Me, as well as the AG ROs. This thread will be open for one week.
Team Name:
List of Accomplishments:
Why would you make a Good Manager?:
Sign ups will close on Sunday 7th June at 11:59 GMT, at which point managers will be decided!

The number of players per team has yet to be decided and will depend on turnout, you can refer to this post for a rundown of how the formats will shape up depending on player signups.
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Few will truly understand.
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Manager: ice-master-523
Team Name: Menacing Marshadows
List of Accomplishments: Won AG kickoff, made semis of AGLT and I'm in the winners finals of the current SSNL. I've been pretty active on ladder peaking with 95.3 GXE/2034 Elo and had a decent performance in USUM too.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I've been active since USUM and have a good amount of knowledge about the USUM, Galar and National Dex AG and their players and so hopefully should be able to draft a strong lineup and be good at helping them.
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Manager: Bread Sandwich
Team Name: Spectral-Thieving Smeargles
List of Accomplishments: Made semifinals of the ag kickoff tour, Peaked gen 7 ladder with an elo of 2130, made semifinals of gen 7 aglt only losing to the eventual winner of the tour. I have peaked natdex ag, gen 7 ag, and gen 4 ag ladders. I had the highest gxe in galar dex ag before the ladder closed.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I have been a very active user for the past 2 years in the ag community. I know most of the members of the community very well and I am confident I can create a strong lineup.
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are you bored yet?
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Manager: pichus
Team Name: Precious Pichus
List of Accomplishments: won a gen8 ssnl, made semis of multiple gen7 seasonals and have played in other big ag tours like ompl (played in finals!) & omwc. I've also peaked ladder with 95.4 GXE/2035 Elo. and ive performed well consistently in both generations of anything goes.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I've been playing AG for almost 4 years, I'm very knowledgeable about the metagame and playerbase. I also happen to lead this tier, pretty sure ill do an okay job at managing 10 people ^_^


Banned deucer.
Manager: Unicorns / Unicorn ❤Heart❤

Team Name: Dazzling Diancies

List of Accomplishments: Long-time AG community member. Perpetual ladder + tournament resident. Member of the Shimmering Skarmories in AGPL I. Hit 1974 Elo with a Togedemaru and 2004 Elo with a Tapu Koko. One of the most knowledgeable general metagame resources, including building teams for and with AGLT semifinalists and AG Seasonals - Winner's bracket finalists, in addition to facilitating team-building for numerous AG tournament upsets. Furthermore, has the best and cutest username on Smogon dot com slash forums, Pichus notwithstanding.

Why would you make a Good Manager?: Excellent community-builder, having launched multiple successful Discord servers, and knows how to build thriving team environments. Has access to some of the best resources available in team-building for ORAS, USUM, Galar Dex, and Nat Dex Anything Goes formats. Very well-connected within the AG community and has an excellent understanding of the capabilities of each individual AG community member. More than willing to commit to, guide, and collaborate with teammates in team-building and game-planning efforts for each week. While without the most extensive direct experience with team tournaments, has accrued as much available information regarding draft strategies and team management as possible from long-time team tournament AG residents. Has solid draft strategies already prepared and is more than ready to assume a managerial position for AGPL II.



is a defending SCL Champion
Manager: MDB, Kate, what have you
List of Accomplishments: Reached quarters of every single AGLT, peaked gen 7 ladder over 50 times, peaked natdex ladder 6 times. I possess extensive knowledge on USUM, Galar, and Natdex, know the entire playerbase plus have connections outside of it. I do not associate with doxers so that automatically puts me ahead of half of the manager signups. Was a part of the most well known and fun AGPL team of last year, went 3-1.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: Y'all know all the reasons, I'm active, experienced, knowledgable, have a draft plan, and can connect with people to create a fun and winning atmosphere. I understand that I will continue to be gatekeeped at every opportunity, so I will leave off with this fire:

Beat that, Bitches


formerly mc56556
Manager: mc56556

Team Name: Melodious Milotics

List of Accomplishments: Placed prominently on Gen 7 AG ladder multiple times before stopping competitive laddering in AG. Also went on a 50-0 run on Gen 7 AG ladder before the end of the Gen. Returned to AG laddering to make AGLT playoffs this year and top 5 on the Gen 4 AG RoA Spotlight ladder. I have collaborated with numerous other top players on teambuilding and testing to assist them to victories in various tours. Perhaps the accomplishment I'm most proud of, however, is tutoring many aspiring competitive and beginner AG players to better understand the metagame, teambuilding, and overall competitive strategies.

Why would you make a Good Manager? Having been a very active AG community member and contributor since joining Showdown, I have a thorough knowledge of the playerbase, metagames, player tendencies, and teams. I have participated as an assistant or player in several team tours, so I am familiar with team environments, and I have many ideas grounded in my experiences on critical aspects of team management, such as how to create a positive team atmosphere, how to select and draft players whose chemistries meld well, and how to maximize players' strengths in order to bring out their best performances. I'm close friends with many of the best tournament players and team managers from around Smogon, and from them I've learned various drafting strategies and overall good team tour management practices. Also, it's not a stretch whatsoever to say I've been preparing for this since last summer.

Team artwork is forthcoming! :)
Manager: PurpleGatorade

Team Name: Horrendous Houndooms
List of Accomplishments: peaked sm/oras ladders multiple times, made it to late rounds of basically every sm tour, extensive team tour experience including UPL, OMPL, POCL, and last year's AGPL (which I also managed), been a pretty active presence in AG for the last 4 years (excluding the last 6 months) and have a good amount of knowledge of nearly every meta. I know a lot of the playerbase and even though I'm not super familiar with natdex ag myself, I've identified players who are good at the tier, and I will also be acquainting myself with the tier in the coming weeks.

Why would you make a Good Manager?: My team won last year :)


Banned deucer.
Manager: fardin

Team Name: The Salt Mining Sableyes

List of Accomplishments: I think I've joined just about 95% of ag tours the past 4 years. someone said to just list a few tour results so here i go. In my first ever ag tour back in gen 6, i've managed to reach semi-finals before losing. Ever since then, I've actively joined every relevant tour, got to a fair amount of semis in ssnl, one time into losers finals(my teams won a couple ssnls tho, idk if that counts). I've reached finals of AG open in 2018 and semis in 2019. Was part of AG council in gen 7. Played OMPL as the main AG slot in 2017(won the whole tour) and 2018, qualified for all the AGLTs and etc. I don't think anyone really played more ladder games in all of AG if we combine all gens, and have peeked ladder more than I can count due to it. ops, also won agtt with a pretty broken core of me hunter and thimo.

Why would you make a Good Manager?:
Been an active part of the community for almost 4 years, know everyone in it pretty well, was part of every team tour where ag was included, except AGPL last year cause I was busy. I never managed a team yet, but I've been part of a lot of them in OM community starting from wcop, ompl, snake etc, and I would like to think I'm up for the task to manage my own this time, especially since it's the tier I consider my main. My knowledge in all the tiers included this AGPL is probably one of my key points. I would also tryhard the hell out of this and be there to assist my teammates whenever they got a problem or just need help in general.
arceus final plus.png

Manager: velvet blood / asamiii
Team Name: The Abyssal Arceus
List of Accomplishments: Won Gen 7 AGLT, performed well in seasonal tours and got the privilege to participate in OMPL for AG and along with other team tour formats such as CAPTT, NFEPL, Snake Draft, etc. These tours helped me gain experience in terms of being proactive and a good teammate when it comes to being on a team alongside other competent players. Topped ladder a number of times in each gen which helped me overall in performance when testing teams or doing regular matches.
Why would you be a good Manager?: Alongside the others, I've also been a part of this community for about 4 years and for the most part am up to date with the meta and as well as the playerbase. I have very few experience in managing forum tours since I've only managed in discord tours, but I feel I can pull this off in terms of dedicating myself for the team by being there for them when it comes to building, learning new strategies, or overall be a good chat presence towards them alongside with being ready to set weekly lineups. I will dedicate myself to this community and its players for this tour and as well as the room overall. Let us all have a good AGPL experience.
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The Jank Queen
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Manager: Felucia
Team Name: Snuggling Swadloons
List of Accomplishments: I floated atop the gen 7 ladder for a period of time, and recently very successfully got back into gen 8.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I've managed 3 1v1 PL teams, and ghosted another manager, and we almost won 2 times (we don't talk about the other two). Also, I have connections within AG and feel like I could really help bring some of the community closer together and have fun together. My experience in primarily metagames other than AG would also help bring a fresh perspective into the team. Also, some guy said it'd be funny if I signed up so I don't see where this could go wrong
Manager: Tic-Tac-Toe Guwu
Team Name: Bazooka Bob's Blasters
Accomplishments: Phenomenal 0-4 record in AGPL I (looking to tie Quaseem's record of 0-5 this season), record-holder of the most times quitting and returning to the game (too many to count), successfully been haxed in approximately 95% of ladder games (rough estimate), co-director of the upcoming documentary "It's A Dam Shame" coming October 2020 get your tickets now, and was roombanned from the Anything Goes chatroom for saying 3 lines in Spanish.
Why would I make a good manager?: Well I figured if AGL was signing up to be a manager, I'd at least be ahead of somebody in getting picked. Also I would draft Pokevana for 30k because Celesteela too fly.

magmortar 2.jpg
Manager: KindaFreshDoe
Team Name: The Freshest Feebas
Accomplishments: Not a Ton for this section Hit top 3 of Gen 7 ladder twice Uhhh played a lot of the game for a long time. About 4 hours every day for a year and a half. Other than that not much but I beat lorgone once
Why would I make a good manager?: I would make a good manager because I know the community very well and am very well liked throughout the community. I know way too much about the game and have played it a good while. An overall general knowledge of the game and some pretty ok people skills would make me a great manager.


Banned deucer.
Manager: Aquarius Ghost
Team name: Surprising Ghosts
Accomplishments: I have peaked the gen 7 ladder 12 times, my highest elo in gen 7 was 2K+. I also have peaked the Natadex ag tier 2 times, I always make it far in ssnls, but I barely played them.
Why would I make a good manager?: I would make a good manager because i have known this community very well. I am very liked throughout the this community. People know me, I know peoples skills and how far they can go, I am very goated at this metagame. Plus I make shit teams.
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Banned deucer.
Manager: JD || YaBoiJD
Team Name: Menacing Moonraze Mewtwos
Accomplishments: insert one good thing here for me please cause I don't know of one.
Why would I make a good manager?: idt i would actually, other than the fact that I am a decent player, am well known (at least I think I am). I have a good strategic mindset 6/10 times. I think of doing these things fun, so I wouldn't pressure my teammates.
Manager: Frogger1387
Team Name: Yveltal Yeet Squad
List of Accomplishments: Managed AGPL last year and didnt come in last, Managed to be the most memeable team of the tournament, had a decent standing in gen 7 ag
Why would you make a Good Manager?: Learned from the mistake of years past, im fairly knowledgeable in the ag metagame and playerbase, who else are yall supposed to meme on , YEET
Team Name:Creative Chandelure
List of Accomplishments: Proven the impossible can be achieved.
Why would you make a Good Manager?:
I would be a good manager because I have been told that the way i hold onto chandelure being a good pokemon is a great idea for a team here. So i figured i would give it a try and see how things go. I may not be the best but im hoping i can be up there with the elite
Manager: Skarph
Team Name: The Dream-Shattering Darkrais
List of Accomplishments: Managed in agpl last year, was drafted in 2 ompls, won an aglt, won a ssnl, blah blah peaked gen 7 ag ladder peaked natdex ag ladder who cares, esteemed room @ at one point, I as well have defeated lorgone before
Why would you make a Good Manager? Nidokings made it to the semis last year so I can't be that bad

darkrai pic #2.jpg
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Manager: Staxi
Team Name: Handsome Ho-Oh
List of Accomplishments: Quart of the last AGLT, good run in the two 2020 seasonals, peaked on ladder.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I managed on some french tours so i'm already experienced, i'm really motivated in managing, I know well the playerbase and I have a lot of time until september.
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Manager: mistermath
Team Name: Stalling Skarmories
List of Accomplishments: Peaked Natdex AG Ladder... and, uh, I guess I play a lot of roomtours and won quite a few?
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I'm always more than willing to help other players, whether it be for designing teams or improving gameplay. I've been in the AG community for many years and know everyone relatively well. Also, I'd do my best to introduce fun, interesting gameplay with niche mons (looking at you, umbreon) and stall teams.
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Banned deucer.
Team Name: Sexy Swellows
List of accomplishments: Well so as we all know there’s this ladder god named Lorgone. He p much never loses. 98.9 gxe u guys know how I’m talking about.
So obviously I didn’t win but barring that crit I might have beat the god so yh.
Why would u make a good manager? Well as u can see the skill demonstrated in the game above by both sides and I sign up not for myself but for the players that could be drafted by me and learn from someone who almost beat lorgone. Thank u
I also wanna thank uwumaster for linking me this thread cause I never would’ve found it
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Yo party people, I'm here with the Manager Announcement Post. Your managers for this AGPL will be:
:marshadow: ice-master-523 with the Menacing Marshadows
:pichu: pichus with the Precious Pichus
:houndoom: PurpleGatorade with the Horrendous Houndooms
:sableye: Fardin with the Salt Mining Sableyes
:arceus: Velvet Blood with the Abyssal Arceus
:darkrai: Skarph with the Dream-Shattering Darkrais

Congrats to all of our managers and thank you everyone for signing up to manage. If you didn't get in this time don't be disheartened as you will still have a change to participate by signing up in the player signups thread which will be posted shortly!
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