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(most of this is stolen from Nayrz, dream and Kink)

(gorgeous art by Albinson)

Welcome to the Anything Goes Subforum!

This is an introductory thread for players willing to participate in the tier. This thread should help you gather information about the rules and resources in this subforum.

Forum Moderators:

cromagnet (Forum Mod)
Seldanna (Forum Mod)

Rules and Guidelines:
  • The Global Forum Rules are expected to be followed.
  • Do NOT make a thread without the permission of an AG Forum Moderator. If you feel the need to make one, then feel free to PM a moderator asking for approval in this format:
    • Requester (Smogon AND PS name):
    • Thread Title:
    • Explanation or Details:
  • Please make sure that an already existing thread does not fulfill the purpose of the thread you're proposing. For example, simple AG related questions can be asked in the Simple Question and Simple Answers thread. If you wish to discuss the metagame, Pokemon ideas, or innovative sets, this is the thread you're looking for. This guideline must be taken seriously because repeated offenders will be punished.
  • Stick to AG. Posts not related to the Anything Goes metagame will be removed.
  • Be respectful to other users. If you disagree with someone's opinions, or think that the team they posted in the Team Bazaar is unviable, dont be rude about it. You're free to ignore their post. If you really want to help, do it in a polite manner or simply wait for a roomauth or a council member to reply to them.
  • This forum is not the place to ask for help with a team. This should be done in the Rate My Team forum or the #rmt Discord channel . Please make sure to read the rules of the RMT forum before posting there if you choose to do so.
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Navigating the Subforum


SS AG Metagame Discussion - led by pichus [click]
A thread dedicated to discussing the new information and developments obtained with the release of the SS AG metagame.​
Simple Questions, Simple Answers - led by Icemaster [click]
A more informal thread used to ask simple questions that do not require a thread of their own to answer.​

SS AG Viability Rankings - led by Cromagnet [click]
A discussion thread which aims to rank the viable pokemon in tiers. Since its still early meta, we have a viability list, a thread which lists all the potentially viable Pokemon.​
SS AG Sample Teams - led by Icemaster [click]
An invaluable resource where successful SS AG teams are posted for everyone to try out.​

SS AG Council Minutes - led by Fc [click]
A resource thread that serves as an outlet for the AG council to keep in touch with the community with regards to recent metagame developments.​
SS AG Set Compendium - led by Guard [click]
A resource thread that aims to capture every viable set from the metagame's most viable Pokemon.​
SS AG Teambuilding Compendium - led by Fc [click]
A visual thread that provides a list of the key roles performed by specific Pokemon within the AG metagame.​
SS AG Speed Tiers - led by Catalystic [click]
A thread outlining the speeds of most common sets used in AG.​
AG Old Gens Hub - led by Chloe [click]
A general resource and discussion thread for everything related to the Older Generations of Anything Goes (ORAS and USUM). This includes anything from viability rankings to sample teams to other aspects such as each generations' particular game mechanics.​
National Dex AG Mega Thread - led by pichus [click]
Discussion and Resources Thread for National Dex AG.​


2021 AG Tournament Schedule [click]
An announcement thread where the plans for the 2021 AG Tournament Circuit are outlined, including the dates and the points system.​


Player of the Week - led by cromagnet [click]
A project where each week an established AG player is interviewed. People are allowed to ask questions to the interviewed player by commenting in the posts.​
Victim of the Week - led by Bread Sandwich [click]
A project in which we strive to define counterplay for some of the metagame's most influential Pokemon every week.​

Core Laddering Challenge - led by Geysers [click]
A fun project where players have to reach a definite Elo using a designated 2 pokemon core and earn themselves a place in the Hall of Fame!​
Community Create-A-Team - led by Kaitlyn [click]
Join the community in an attempt to build a viable and fun team for all of us!​
What're their lasts? - led by Geysers [click]
A project in which participants try to guess the last two Pokemon of a team based on missing components and overall synergy.​
Break this Team - led by Kaitlyn [click]
A project in which we find ways to defeat some of the most popular teams across all generations.​
Anything Goes Frontier - led by pichus [click]
Do you have what it takes to beat Anything Goes' Elite 4? Sign up and give it a try!​

Team Dumps

SS AG Team Bazaar and Showcase - led by Zayele [click]
A simple thread where players can share their teams and teambuilding ideas.​
Other Resources
*if something is striked off, we simply do not have the resources ready for it. be patient while we work on that :)
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