Tournament AG Snake Draft II - Commencement Thread


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massive shoutouts to the amazing Lauriane for the art!

This thread is for all non-signup posts. Post appropriately!

The managers and teams for this year are:

:joltik: The Juicy Joltiks - Managed by WSun1 and Trade

:crobat: The Crooked Crobats - Managed by cromagnet and Typhlosion4

:lucario: The Lethal Lucarios - Managed by Kate and Avery

:hydreigon: The Headstrong Hydreigons - Managed by baconeatinassassin and Catalystic

:regirock: The Redacted Regirocks - Managed by Fc and Aberforth

:mandibuzz: The Malding Mandibuzzes - Managed by Jordy and Jho
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fly high
did a mocc auction for fun, here's the results



my team:
SS: Icemaster
SS: Inder
NDAG: Nevelle
USUM: Unicorns
ORAS: Tic-Tac-Toe-Guru
Bo3: Skarph

ss: royal/fardin/bacon
ss: situm/staxi
nd: ainzcrad/staxi
sm: the strap/situm
oras: fardin/situm
bo3: bacon/fardin

SS: jerryl309
SS: Frito
USUM: Satanic Beast
ORAS: chlo
National Dex: Farce of the Death
Bo3: WSun1
Subs: Lauriane, temp

bo3: fc
ss: Ballfire
ss: basedwhat
nd: pdt
sm: andy
oras: agl
subs: adem bdov

SS: Lotiasite
SS: Swastik
Natdex: Geysers
ORAS: Ransei
Bo3: crying
Subs: Lunala, Dugza
mock 5 (we did another auction for fun)



Malding Mandibuzzes (drafted by Nevelle)
SS: BasedWhat?
SS: lotiasite
ND: Staxi
USUM: Andyboy
Bo3: Skarph
Subs: Tic-Tac-Toe Guru, mistermath

Redacted Regirocks (drafted by lotiasite)
SS: Frito
SS: jerryl309
ND: Nevelle
USUM: Unicorns
ORAS: Zayele
Bo3: Fc
Subs: Mbouchon, cy

Crooked Crobats (drafted by Zayele)
SS: Rotten
SS: Royal1604
ND: Geysers
ORAS: chlo
Bo3: Icemaster
Subs: Lauriane, Satanic Beast

Headstrong Hydreigons (drafted by me)
SS: crying
SS: 80 yrs
ND: Ainzcrad
USUM: Farce of the Death
ORAS: Fardin
Bo3: baconeatinassassin
Subs: DugZa, temp

kate and rotten didn't provide a lineup
mock 6


Lethal Lucarios (drafted by jerryl309)
SS: Royal1604
SS: Ballfire
NatDex: Staxi
USUM: Satanic Beast
ORAS: chlo
Bo3: Kate
Subs: Unicorns, Crunchman

Malding Mandibuzzes (drafted by lotiasite)
SS: lotiasite
SS: Rotten
NatDex: default0
USUM: Bread Sandwich
ORAS: Zayele
Bo3: Icemaster
Subs: cy, perfect minun

Redacted Regirocks (drafted by Rotten)
SS: Frito135
SS: Swastik
NatDex: Fardin
USUM: velvet
Bo3: Fc
Subs: Bag of Trixx, temp

Crooked Crobats (drafted by Frito135)
SS: crying
SS: Mbouchon
NatDex: Ainzcrad
USUM: jerryl309
ORAS: mc56556
Bo3: Nevelle
Subs: Skarph, rahul_3301

Juicy Joltiks (drafted by Trade)
SS: Lunala
SS: Rhmsitb
USUM: The Strap
ORAS: Mr.378
DPP: Lauriane
GSC: Nalorium
Subs: WSun1, Andyboy

Headstrong Hydreigons (drafted by me)
SS: pdt
SS: Shivam3299
NatDex: 80 yrs
ORAS: GRNBLN (sorry)
Bo3: Geysers
Subs: Farce of the Death, baconeatinassassin
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