Tournament AG Snake Draft I - Replays

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Welcome to the replay thread for the first iteration of AG Snake Draft! Without further ado, the team tags and matchups are listed below.

Team Tags
DC Darmanitans (DD)
Eternal Eternatus (EE)
Griseous Giratinas (GG)
Malding Mandibuzzes (MM)
Pudgey Pidgeys (PP)
Sinister Shadow Riders (SS)
Week 1:

:zacian-crowned: Galar AG :zacian-crowned:
[PP] Catalystic vs TrueNora [DD]
[PP] Maple vs Guard [DD]
[EE] Pannuracotta vs cromagnet [SS]
[EE] Fc vs orch [SS]
[GG] lotiasite vs Monsareeasy [MM]
[GG] Royal1604 vs aesf [MM]

:yveltal: National Dex AG :yveltal:
[PP] Staxi vs Andyboy [DD]
[PP] GRNBLN vs Kaitlyn [DD]
[EE] Sevelon vs Skarph [SS]
[EE] Sputnik vs Geysers [SS]
[GG] pichus vs PinkDragonTamer [MM]
[GG] Icemaster vs xavgb [MM]

:arceus: USUM AG :arceus:
[PP] Jrdn vs vivalospride [DD]
[EE] King Leo V vs MZ [SS]
[GG] Zenithial vs Dockiva~~ [MM]

:RAYQUaza-mega: ORAS AG :rayquaza-mega:
[PP] PurpleGatorade vs Leru [DD]
[EE] Some Bob vs dream [SS]
[GG] Shivam3299 vs Chloe [MM]
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