Tournament AG Snake Draft I - Manager Signups

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AG Snake Draft I

ag snake i art.jpg

shoutouts to Albinson for the fantastic art!
  • There will be 6 teams and the tournament will have about 2 weeks of signups, 5 weeks of round robin and 2 weeks of playoffs (not counting any potential tiebreakers). That places the end of the tournament sometime in mid to late February, managers (or their assistant manager) are expected to be active throughout the tournament until that point. You may pick an assistant manager from the pool of players you draft or optionally signup with an assistant manager - if you signup with one they will not be allowed to play.
  • Managers may "self-buy". This means that they draft themselves during round 1 of the snake draft.​
  • The tournament format is as follows:​
    Galar AG
    Galar AG
    National Dex AG
    National Dex AG
    With the number of players per team being 8 (6 slots + 2 subs)​
  • If you want to manage a team in AG Snake Draft, make a post using the below format. People who haven't managed in AGPL before are strongly encouraged to signup! Managers will be decided by the tournament host as well as the AG ROs. This thread will be open for a week whereupon managers will be decided!
    Assistant Manager (optional):
    Team Name:
    List of Accomplishments:
    Why would you make a Good Manager?:
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Manager: Ainzcrad
Assistant Manager (optional): Links
Team Name: Griseous Giratinas
List of Accomplishments: Agpl finalist on precious pichus (4-2 record), ndpl manager, nd playoffs circuit, omfl winner
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I think i am a good supporter of my players aswell ik every meta of ag (besides usum if i am being honest) and yeah i will do everything for my players if i have to. I have experience in official tournaments like agpl omsnake ndpl etc. I will support my team and will do everything if i have to.
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Manager: velvet
Assistant Manager: N/A
Team Name: Eternal Eternatus
List of Accomplishments: AGLT winner, AGPL manager (made semis), NDPL manager, and winning other team tours such as nfepl + om snake draft.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I would be a good manager as I’m very familiar with the playerbase and like to keep track of newer players up in the rise in the current gen. Able to help with team composition for any gen needed and overall just having a good time with my teammates. I’ll be there for them to help however I need to do so and I’ll lead them to victory. Go Team.


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Manager: Sevelon
Assistant Manager (optional): Saladae
Team Name: Dreaded Dusk-Manes
List of Accomplishments: I am a NDPL Semifinalist, Saladae won NDPL, and I managed the Chicago Krookodile in NDPL
Why would you make a Good Manager?: My co-manager and I are very hardworking and dedicated when it comes to managing a team. I am also familiar with a large portion of the players in the AG community, which will aid in picking the perfect lineup. Finally, I had quite a bit of fun managing NDPL, and I'm looking to hopefully find the same experience here. Let's get it team!


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Manager: Geysers
Assistant Manager (optional): idk might not have one pre-draft
Team Name: Vicious Volcanions
List of Accomplishments: I made AG Grand Prix Finals, reached the losers’ finals of the spring seasonal, qualified for AGLT, I went 3-1 in AGPL, and I qualified for the AG circuit playoffs. I’ve peaked natdex AG ladder numerous times, and I went 2-0 in AGTT II in the USUM slot, beating notable players like MZ and Tic-Tac-Toe Guru.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I’ve observed the strategies of successful managers Micaiah and Velvet in NDPL and AGPL, respectively, and lurked a ton in assorted PLs. I can create a positive team culture* and will try my best to connect with my players*. I’m really excited to potentially get my first shot at managing a team. Thanks for considering me!
*unless they’re reffrey alts
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Manager: Bread Sandwich
Assistant Manager (optional): Zayele
Team Name: DC Darmanitans
List of Accomplishments: made semifinals of the the galar kickoff tour and the natdex kickoff tour, Helped get my team to finals of the natdex team tour. Peaked the USUM ag ladder, The Natdex Ladder, And the Galar Dex Ladder. Galar Dex Council Member, My webs team got cromagnet to winners finals of fall ssnl.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I know the community very well and I am very confident I can make a solid team with a positive team environment.
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Manager: Kaitlyn
Assistant Manager (optional): Satan
Team Name: The Blacklisted Blazikens
List of Accomplishments: Oh yknow nothing much *cracks knuckles* I'm just married to Pokevana and am the last person to have beaten Default Dan. Yeah it's no big deal aha, some people just schmove different. :pimp:
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I'm funnee and also I created this beautiful image for y'all!

battlestations-rain-men-silver-white-setup (1).jpg


pidge pidge
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Manager: Pigeons
Assistant Manager (optional): none
Team Name: Pudgy Pidgeys
List of Accomplishments: 2018 circuit champion, Grand Prix winner, former AGTL, getting drafted for a high price every year despite consistently mediocre team tour performances
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I've co-managed twice before in OMPL including a second place finish. I have bird pics, I have bird facts, and I have enough bird puns to tilt opposing teams through the whole tour.

pudge pudge


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Manager: Nevelle
Assistant Manager: TBD
Team Name: Sinister Shadow Riders
List of Accomplishments: Went 3-1 in AGPL II, made round 10 in the Fall Seasonal, qualified for AGLT, AG Room %
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I'm very active on PS and I know the playerbase very well—both established ones and up and comers. I know who is strong in each meta and will draft accordingly. I'm also generally friendly and easy-going, which will contribute to a positive and fun team culture. LGI Riders

Manager: Tic-Tac-Toe Guru
Assistant Manager: pawnstar
Team Name: Ass-troll Barragers
List of Accomplishments: Extended record for most times quitting and returning to the game, named worst user in AG history by Chloe, flamed AG chat so hard and asked for a mute but got no remote form of punishment, predicted Default Dan’s fall SSNL finals appearance before the tournament started, assistant manager pawnstar runs this devision, and I’ve somehow never been blacklisted from this god forsaken community.
Why would I make a good manager? I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole. Diggy Diggy hole. Diggy Diggy hole. I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole. Diggy Diggy hole. I’m digging a hole. Also I beat skarph in agtt cuz I brought pheromosa and scarf lele so you know I’m quality.


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Manager: Yami
Assistant Manager (optional): Aurodian
Team Name: Cold Hearted Kyurems
List of Accomplishments: I have played in a lot of team tours over the years and did p good in ndag in ndpl in bo3 slot. I also had a pretty far run in ag open 2018, and been enjoying galar ag and such been laddering a lot, getting to know the community, and been writing analyses and spotlights for ag. Outside of AG, I won team tours such as ompl, mpl, and omfl.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I would be a good manager because of my experience in team tours allowing me to see what good managing and bad managing can affect the teams performence. I would also put my team over irl shit to make sure they are prepped and give them test games. I did won my first team tour I managed on smogon in OMFL and been wanting another chance to manage since.


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Manager: Jho
Assistant Manager (optional): Jordy
Team Name: Royal Roserades
List of Accomplishments: My teams have won every team tour when I have managed (CAPPL 5, CAPPL6, NDPL 1).
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I like to think I have a really good grasp on the AG community after lurking around for a while and hosting AGPL II. This paired with the fact that I have a lot of experience managing winning teams and cultivating positive team environments is what I think would make me a good manager.

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Manager: Yugon.exe
Assistant Manager: devin
Team Name: Phantom Troupe
List of Accomplishments: I've managed in JamPL, APL and CosmicPL. I've played in ND Fall Seasonals reaching Round 6 and carrying on my legacy to the finals with the use of my teams. As far as AG goes, I know the community fairly well and I have done a solid amount of laddering and practice with AG mains. I'm also a team rater on the Smogon Discord server rating NDOU and ORAS OU as well as the occasional OU.
As for the Assistant Manager Devin, he has a vast amount of achievements such as playing for Asia in the World Cup, managing many side pl's such as finishing first in JamPL, played in SSD and ROAPL (in short, 2 officials and 1 old gen smogon pl). Devin also is a team rater on the Smogon Discord server rating OU teams and an OU B101 tutor.
Why would you make a good manager: I know the AG community fairly well as well as my experience in playing and managing in PLs. I make sure that I do what is best for the team, even if it means subbing myself out for the week, or helping them test teams or reviewing their teams.
Manager: Shivam3299
Assistant Manager (optional): LaBalladeDesCieux
Team Name: The Devastating Deoxys
List of Accomplishments: I made SSNL losers finals last yr,qualified for aglt last yr, was in a winning agpl team this yr, participated in several discord team tours like Hindi PL and many other PL conducted by french community.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I was a pretty active user till last yr but I still know the community very well. I have been a player for all of these various team tours and now want to take on a larger manager role

and words of LBDC are as follows-:
"I have a large experience with tours; on top of playing in OMPL, AGPL (two times), 1v1 WCoP & PL, and various other, with good results, I have also experience with the managing role, being manager for the recent WCoOMs (two times), as well in some french tours. I'm ready to help Shivam to take the AG snake :') - LaBalladeDesCieux"
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Hi all, the following will be your managers for AG Snake Draft I:

:giratina: The Griseous Giratinas - managed by Ainzcrad and Links
:eternatus: The Eternal Eternatus - managed by velvet
:darmanitan-galar: The DC Darmanitans - managed by Bread Sandwich and Zayele
:pidgey: The Pudgy Pidgeys - managed by Pigeons
:calyrex-shadow: The Sinister Shadow Riders - managed by Nevelle
:roserade: The Royal Roserades - managed by Jho and Jordy

Congratulations to the selected managers and thanks to everyone that signed up!
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