Tournament AG Snake Draft I - Information and Administrative Decisions

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shoutouts to Albinson for the fantastic art!

Official decisions regarding Anything Goes Snake Draft I will be posted here as they happen. The schedule and draft results will also be posted here. If you're participating in this tournament, you should watch this thread to keep yourself updated.

Galar AG
Galar AG
National Dex AG
National Dex AG

Teams (in their draft order):
:pidgey: The Pudgy Pidgeys - managed by Pigeons
:eternatus: The Eternal Eternatus - managed by velvet
:giratina: The Griseous Giratinas - managed by Ainzcrad and Links
:darmanitan-galar: The DC Darmanitans - managed by Bread Sandwich and Zayele
:calyrex-shadow: The Sinister Shadow Riders - managed by Nevelle
:mandibuzz: The Malding Mandibuzzes - managed by Jho and Jordy
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:pidgey: Pudgy Pidgeys:
Catalystic, PurpleGatorade, Jrdn, Staxi, GRNBLN, iLlama, Maple, frogger1387

:eternatus: Eternal Eternatus:
Fc, Skysolo, WSun1, Pannuracotta, Sevelon, King Leo V, Some Bob, Sputnik

:giratina: Griseous Giratinas:
Icemaster, Zenithial, Fardin, pichus, Shivam3299, lotiasite, Royal1604, Miraage

:darmanitan-galar: DC Darmanitans:
Guard, TrueNora, Andyboy, Leru, Kaitlyn, vivalospride, ShionShadows, Tic-Tac-Toe Guru

:calyrex-shadow: Sinister Shadow Riders:
Skarph, cromagnet, Geysers, dream, RaJ.Shoot, MZ, DNNP, orch

:mandibuzz: Malding Mandibuzzes:
Chloe, xavgb, PinkDragonTamer, aesf, Monsareeasy, Dockiva~~, jerryl309, Rabia


orch of the Malding Mandibuzzes has been traded to the Sinister Shadow Riders for jerryl309.
Catalystic of the Griseous Giratinas has been traded to the Pudgy Pidgeys for Icemaster.
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Week 1

Pudgy Pidgeys vs DC Darmanitans
Eternal Eternatus vs Sinister Shadow Riders
Griseous Giratinas vs Malding Mandibuzzes

Week 2

Pudgy Pidgeys vs Eternal Eternatus
Griseous Giratinas vs DC Darmanitans
Malding Mandibuzzes vs Sinister Shadow Riders

Week 3

Pudgy Pidgeys vs Griseous Giratinas
Malding Mandibuzzes vs Eternal Eternatus
Sinister Shadow Riders vs DC Darmanitans

Week 4

Pudgy Pidgeys vs Malding Mandibuzzes
Sinister Shadow Riders vs Griseous Giratinas
DC Darmanitans vs Eternal Eternatus

Week 5

Pudgy Pidgeys vs Sinister Shadow Riders
DC Darminatans vs Malding Mandibuzzes
Eternal Eternatus vs Griseous Giratinas
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1st: Malding Mandibuzzes - 9 pts - (4-0-1) - [19-10]​
2nd: Sinister Shadow Riders - 7 pts - (3-1-1) - [20-10]​
3rd: Griseous Giratinas - 6 pts - (2-2-0) - [15-15]​
4th (tied): DC Darmanitans - 3 pts - (1-3-1) - [12-17]​
4th (tied): Eternal Eternatus - 3 pts - (0-2-3) - [13-17]​
6th: Pudgy Pidgeys - 2 pts - (0-3-2) - [10-20]​
records in (win-loss-tie) [W-L]
last updated: 8 February 2021​
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