Tournament AG Ghosting Tour [won by paimon fan club]

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The trenches dug within our hearts
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Free Agent Team 3 vs The Guardsweepers
TicTacToe Guru Lysandre-Pyroar2020 ||||||| Guard Catalystic pichus Zayele

The Guardsweepers vs paimon fan club
Guard Catalystic pichus Zayele ||||||| BaconEatinAssassin luucus Yugon

Free Agent Team 3 vs paimon fan club
TicTacToe Guru Lysandre-Pyroar2020 ||||||| BaconEatinAssassin luucus Yugon

The deadline for your matches is midnight GMT on Sunday, May 2.

Obligatory reminder that replays are mandatory and that ghosting logs are highly encouraged, although if you ghost in a voice call, that's alright too.

Good luck and have fun all!
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