Multi-gen 2v2 Doubles Pool League Finals (Won by Girlboss Garganacls)


Banned deucer.
Welcome to the Semifinals of 2v2 Pool League II! Here are this week's matchups:


On Deadline & Match Completion

All players must complete their matches by Monday 6th of March 23:59 PM GMT-4. Any incomplete matches by that time will be subject to activity decision (MAKE SURE YOU POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S VM WALL); otherwise, the game will be dead. NO Extensions will be granted.

On Substitutions & Lineups
Managers, if you wish to make any substitutions, you must post here tagging both the player you're subbing out, the player you're subbing in, the manager and assistant manager of the opposing team, the substitute's opponent, and myself. This is to assure that everyone is in-the-loop and that the OP is updated accordingly to reflect the new match-up.

Managers, when you send in lineups, please send it in with the tier and Smogon username of each player fully written out for ease of transcription.


Smogtours is generally preferred for tournament games, but Pokémon Showdown is fine as well.

Gen 8: /challenge gen8doublesou @ maxteamsize=4, pickedteamsize=2, +kartana, -cottonee, -whimsicott, -urshifu-rapid-strike, -tornadus, -focus sash, -ally switch, -final gambit, -perish song

Gen 7: /challenge gen7doublesou @@@ Accuracy Moves Clause, Z Move Clause, -Focus Sash, -Tapu Lele, +Snorlax, -Perish Song, -Ally Switch, Team Preview, Picked Team Size=2, Max Team Size = 4

Gen 6: /challenge gen6doublesou @@@ Accuracy Moves Clause, -Focus Sash, -Perish Song, -Final Gambit, -Kangaskhan-Mega, Team Preview, -Ally Switch, Picked Team Size=2, Max Team Size = 4

Gen 5: /challenge gen5doublesou @@@ Accuracy Moves Clause, -Focus Sash, -Kingdra, -Final Gambit, -Perish Song, Team Preview, Picked Team Size=2, Max Team Size = 4

:mudbray: team mule 2.0 (3) vs (5) :garganacl: Girlboss Garganacls
SV Bo7: chessguru101 vs tyo
SV Bo5: Krytocon vs gorex
SV Bo5: eu vs Mom Lover
SV Bo5: Scholar vs Orangex733
SS: Arcanine1929 vs Nick
SM: Morgan vs ong realaccountami?
ORAS: yuki vs Urfgurgle
BW: Leru vs D2TheW

The deadline to play all games will be one week, or until Monday, March 6th, at 11:59 PM EST (GMT-4). Extensions will not be given, teams must instead substitute out players should they and their opponent not be able to find suitable times to play. Activity wins and losses will be given based on host discretion. Also, replays are required for the development of the metagame.
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won ggs, lets gooooooooo girlbosses!!!!

s/o Blanched D2TheW for believing in me (and having my tour debut in finals lmao), doc1203 gorex Urfgurgle and the rest of the girlbosses for having a great discord, my irl friends who dont have a smogon acc for cheering me on this morning, that bus i took on the way home that had me kinda calm on the way home. hope to see yall next year!
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Huh? Me? Not this time...
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Before I take my extended break from this game, I wanted to release the builder that helped Leru and Arcanine go undefeated. I had a really poor performance this tour, and made a bunch of mistakes I think that I shouldn't really be making. Truth of it is my head hasn't really been in the game for a little bit now, and I think this, amongst other things, is a clear sign to move on for a little bit. Maybe see you lot in PL4, next time let's actually use the administrative decisions thread when it's required.

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