2022 Spring Scramble! Top Cut Round 1


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Welcome to top cut of the Fall Scramble! The top 7 players from each flight will now face off in a Double Elimination bracket, with the top seed from each flight earning a bye. You can see the bracket in its entirety AND view open teamlist on the tournament spreadsheet, located here. Here's the pairings for round 1.

vs Bye
WheretheWest vs mattiemoomoo
Hervalt vs Sole Survivor
Yourwelcomethanku vs radical.fruit
vs Bye
DomarpVGC vs Arekusabi
vs Helios of Sun
Snorlaxsmash vs YoshiandLugia
Clipperz vs Bye
KarthikVGC vs darkmaster491
Mr.GX vs Finabas
vs TemporalVGC
ToastNoButter vs Bye
TyphoeusVGC vs TechnoZ
DarkJorch vs Maxijuegas
Spurrific vs Yale_

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welcome to Aldrich Predictions, where I predict and banter to maybe make u guys mad which in this case , dont care at all because getting smogon likes is better than your feelings!! Anyways first and foremost, goodluck to everyone and congrats for making it here. May the best wins!!

WheretheWest vs mattiemoomoo - wherethewest? well Mattiemoomoo is the west
Hervalt vs Sole Survivor - SoleSurvivor got picked in smogonPL so he is the bigger name than Hervalt
Yourwelcomethanku vs radical.fruit - your welcome wally, honestly idk much about both competitors but ywt has this hot smogon form in seasonal and now scramble.
DomarpVGC vs Arekusabi - both guys think my prediction is misstic so lets see if this miss
Crunchman vs Helios of Sun - Interesting matchup, but i think helios takes this one
Snorlaxsmash vs YoshiandLugia - No idea on who snorlaxsmash is but have an idea of who yoshiandlugia is which is Fiona Szymkiewicz (read: shim-kev-itch) my PGL boss in this writing i also dont wanna get benched /s
KarthikVGC vs darkmaster491 - I think darkmaster is better but Karthik can win here
Mr.GX vs Finabas - Finabas is an up and coming ladder hero , but GX IS THE ladder hero also this is GX IN SCRAMBLE but this is a hard one as i dont really see gx being as active before but again its gx in scramble
raisedintyo vs TemporalVGC - brain says tyo heart says alyssa , gonna be spicy in my predictions so this is for the sake of being spicy
TyphoeusVGC vs TechnoZ - TechnoZ is an oldhead that is in the goated group with ashton and serapis and typho is a newhead that grinded the hell out but since I never talked to technoz im going for typho!!
DarkJorch vs Maxijuegas - Maxijuegas has proven me time and time again that whenever i picked against him I was wrong but I cannot not pick DarkJorch, who beat me in previous scramble (went finals btw) and smog ssnl.
Spurrific vs Yale_ - both top cutted their respective regionals (Yale in Lille, going undefeated in swiss and Spurrific in Seacaucus top 8) but I favor spurrific more because he has a bigger name

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